"Semyon Budyonny", motor ship: photos and reviews

Comfortable "Semyon Budyonny" - a ship on which you can make river cruises. And during the berths on various routes you can go on all kinds of excursions that will remind vacationers about significant moments in history and allow you to see for yourself the unique sights of Russian cities. While the ship is in the port, you can relax, swim and sunbathe, become a member of sports and other entertainment contests.

Semen Budyon ship

Name in honor of the hero of the Soviet Union

Semen Mikhailovich Budyonny was an outstanding Soviet military leader who took part in the Russian-Japanese and World War I, survived the revolution, taking the side of the red army. Semyon, due to his character and fighting skills, was a living legend and accomplished many feats during this time, for which he was awarded.

The name of Semyon Budyonny was well-known to everyone - both white and red. And now, in honor of this great man, a huge ship was named, impressive in size and quite justifying its name.

Semen Budyon ship cruise

Vodohod company: river cruises along the Volga on motor ships

Mother Volga cruise can be made on three motor ships that Vodokhod has at its disposal: the Semyon Budyonny motor ship, as well as the ships with the names Alexander Pushkin and Georgy Zhukov. On average, river trips last 3-26 days, go along different routes, which cover a large part of the country. The most popular trips are made in the direction of Moscow and have a duration of thirteen days. The steamer sailed to Uglich for ten days, and eight to Perm. To Nizhny Novgorod, a water trip is only 6 days.

water passage

The price of tickets is directly dependent on the season and duration of the cruise. About 3 options of excursions are daily made. The cheapest trip will cost to Kazan, which will last 3 days. Also, the cost of the permit varies depending on the class of the cabin and the ship itself. As you know, “Alexander Pushkin” has the class “comfort +”, “Semyon Budyonny” (motor ship) - “comfort”, and “Georgy Zhukov” - “standard”. Also included in the price are meals, entertainment, wellness and sightseeing services.

Discounts and benefits for cruises

With the onset of summer, Vodokhod offers to take advantage of great opportunities to spend unforgettable time on the decks of passenger ships. There are no free cabins on board ships during this period. On any of them provide delicious three meals a day. Moreover, the clients themselves choose the menu. Diet food is also provided.

Semen Budyon ship

The preferential category with the provision of discounts includes children, schoolchildren, pensioners, law enforcement officers. Regular customers, as well as groups of more than 25 people, can count on a 5% discount. Preschool children are entitled to free travel, however, with payment for meals and without providing a separate place in the cabin.

Semen Budyon ship

Motor ship "Semyon Budyonny": travel with comfort

"Semyon Budyonny" - a motor ship of the "Comfort" class was built in 1981 in Czechoslovakia and is a spacious motor ship with 4 decks and 307 seats. On board there are four Eurolux cabins, 10 luxury and 12 single rooms. The remaining premises for accommodation are double and triple cabins with one or two tiers, where there is everything necessary for comfortable living and recreation conditions.

Semen Budyon ship

Air conditioning, equipped bathroom, shower, toilet, hot and cold water, wide windows, a locker where you can hang clothes and put luggage are provided. And you can only use the fridge and watch TV in the suites.

Semen Budyon ship scheme

Tales of vacationers about the ship "Semyon Budyonny", reviews and comments indicate that people are mostly satisfied with the service and sightseeing, speak positively about the cleanliness in the cabins, and praise the kitchen. Isolated instances of inconvenient moments are immediately corrected.

Semen Budyon ship


A distinctive feature that has "Semyon Budyonny" (the ship, loved by many), is the organization of the so-called buffet, which includes the following advantages:

  • free and wide selection of dishes;
  • main dishes are served only hot;
  • unlimited fresh vegetables;
  • the ability to feed guests in a delicious and varied way as quickly as possible.

Semen Budyon ship

Entertainment program

Entertainment events for vacationers are organized at the highest level and thought out to the smallest detail. It is worth noting that concert programs are constantly changing and improving. Famous artists from Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and other cities of the country perform for the ship's guests. For example, the famous and popular show program “Battle of the Choirs” is planned for the summer season of 2015.

Semen Budyon ship

A restaurant and a bar will not let you get bored on board the motor ship, from where wonderful music is always heard. The cruise on the ship "Semyon Budyonny" is a fairy tale that is not forgotten. Impressions of contemplating the scenic area and sightseeing will remain only positive. Well-organized and children's leisure. Every day, the organizing teacher holds interesting games, contests and even small children's concerts for young travelers.

Semen Budyon ship

Wide selection of excursions

Among the excursions, one of the most unforgettable may be a visit to the Perm Kungur cave. Unusual ice formations of translucent stalactites and large luminous crystals adorn this frozen grotto and make it truly magical. It's great to be in a cave filled with icy air for a few minutes in a hot summer!

All fishing enthusiasts (and not only) will enjoy a pleasant surprise on the Samara-Astrakhan-Samara route. On the way there will be a landing in Saratov, where it is planned to visit Sokolovaya Mountain with a beautiful view of the whole city, and in Volgograd, where vacationers can see the Mamaev Kurgan memorial. Every year, millions of people come to this holy place to honor the memory of the heroes of the Second World War. And Astrakhan will please not only fishing, but also its hospitality and beautiful architecture.

"Semyon Budyonny": scheme of the ship

Semen Budyon ship

If you look from the design side, the scheme of the ship resembles a plan of a small town with well-developed infrastructure. This place can also be used for presentations, symposia, conferences and various celebrations and events.

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