National development companies. What is a development company?

The real estate market is transient, and the offers are so diverse that it will be very difficult for an unprepared person to navigate. To a greater extent, this applies to those residents who want to not only make a purchase, but also to transform it.

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Development company - what is it?

To help buyers, there are development companies. Their activity is to change the building, increase its area or carry out reconstruction work. As a result of such measures, not only the appearance of the building, but also the land will be changed.

Realization of development projects is by virtue of a specialist competent in his field. He must know the features of the real estate market and be well versed in the intricacies. The main task of the developer can be considered a good ratio of costs, quality of work performed and the ratio of terms.

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The popularity of land development is growing every day. Almost all people prefer to work with specialized companies that will take into account all the wishes of the customer and bring the work to the end, showing excellent results. Naturally, such services are not cheap, but you should not save on quality.

A development company is work with construction projects, which is impossible without the availability of certain knowledge, skills and experience. These components are the guarantor of high quality of all activities. Before deciding on a specific development company, you need to ask about its reputation and listen to customer reviews. A large number of successfully completed development projects also testifies to the high professionalism of the company's employees. This will help to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

How do professionals work?

Although the conditions under which development companies operate may vary, there are common points. They indicate professionalism.

  • development company is
    When selling real estate there is no commission for the work done.
  • All proposals that are presented to the attention of the customer are developed taking into account the wishes and requirements of the client, and are also related to financial solvency.
  • Problems in the process of solving the company's specialists.
  • Employees provide advice and assistance at every stage of the work.
  • Guaranteed high quality of all activities and compliance with the stated deadlines.

In recent years, the construction business has undergone significant changes. It was supplemented by various components: design, financing, real estate activities, marketing and others, thus transforming into a development business. It includes the coordination and management of real estate creation processes from start to completion.

The main development events include:

  • Acquisition of rights to assets whose development is planned. It can be land or real estate. As well as rights that give rise to actions with assets owned by third-party owners.
  • Identification of the target market segment, development of a marketing strategy.
  • Attraction of necessary resources.
  • Development of design documentation for facilities, obtaining a building permit.
  • Construction and commissioning.
  • Sale of an object or its lease.
  • Legal support at every stage of the project.

Structure of development companies

Investment and development company has its own structure. It can be based both on one legal entity, and on a group of legal entities that interact with each other.

Naturally, the structure may differ depending on the specifics of the activity, goals and objectives performed by development companies. But there are still basic points.

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Typical structure of a development company:

  • Production divisions: development department, construction department, commercial department.
  • Administrative divisions: legal management, finance department, accounting, regime service and personnel service.
  • Technical and administrative divisions.

Production units include those that are directly involved in projects.

Support units have an indirect effect on projects. It is carried out through interaction with production activities. The functions of auxiliary units are typical for development companies. The formed business environment should be as favorable as possible for the successful development of projects.

Features of development activities in Russia

development company what is it

Russian development companies are faced with an imperfect legal framework, especially in the field of commercial real estate. The imperfection of norms and laws leads to the fact that negotiations are quite lengthy, which delays the process of working on the project as a whole.

The problem of Russian development can be attributed to the limited offers and the long term of their implementation.

A development company is always a risk, so investors are wary of investing in development projects, and funding sources are quite limited. The structure of borrowed funds and financing features determine the specifics of each project.

In Russia, development is causing debate. Many companies substitute the true essence, calling construction activities as development activities.

Signs of development projects

  • The need for external financing.
  • High investment risks and a long payback period.
  • Dependence on external factors.
  • Coordination of project goals with the interests of the region and social programs.
  • The implementation of the object.

OJSC "National Palace of Culture"

OJSC "National Development Company" is engaged in the sale of land in the suburbs and the improvement of holiday villages. Many years of experience and qualified specialists ensure the successful implementation of projects. Clients can rely on advice and legal support at every stage of their work. Special offers that JSC National Development Company offers to the attention of customers are able to satisfy any needs and wishes.

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Constructor CJSC

The developer company "Constructor" carries out the construction of buildings, residential complexes and social and cultural facilities in the suburbs. All housing is of high quality and comfort. The fact that this company is a division of a large holding company โ€œThermoserviceโ€ enables developers to carry out the whole cycle of work - from design to commissioning.


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