Legal Services in the Tyumen Region

One of the serious problems in the legal practice of Russia is the significant difference in the level and quality of legal services provided by region. Moreover, this difference is already firmly rooted in public opinion. The general opinion is that legal services in Tyumen a priori worse quality than in Moscow. Unfortunately, the practice of legal services to corporate and private clients often confirms this opinion.

To overcome this problem and improve the quality of customer service throughout the Russian Federation, law firms use merger and association methods. For example, the Lex group of law firms was created by combining several law firms and firms from Tyumen, Moscow and Khanty-Mansiysk. Now, when solving complex legal cases, colleagues from Tyumen get quick and free advice from their employees from Moscow, and Moscow colleagues do not need to go to Tyumen to resolve the issue on the spot and spend a lot of money on transportation services and hotel accommodation.

Thanks to the high professionalism and quality of legal services among grateful clients company "Lex" we can find such well-known enterprises throughout the country as Vneshtorgbank OJSC, Centerhlebsoyuz CJSC, Shell Oil CJSC, Tinkoff Private Breweries LLC, Argumenty i Fakty OJSC, Bamstroyput CJSC.

An objective opinion can also be given here. According to estimates of agencies publishing ratings of law firms in Russia, Lex is included in the top ten best law firms in Russia from 2000 to today (such ratings as Kommersant Publishing House, Expert RA, Univeravex) .

One of the common legal services for our clients is the resolution of corporate disputes between the founders of limited liability companies. Such services are provided both directly to business owners, and to their heirs, or to customers of this business. Often, the role of customers of such services is played by the leaders of individual companies within business groups.

Most often, disputes within enterprises arise between the owners of the company (its participants or founders) and the management represented by the general director or director. Often the legal situation in such disputes is complicated by the fact that one of its participants acts as the General Director of such an enterprise. In such cases, there is often a threat of hostile takeover. Often, when disputes arise between participants in a commercial enterprise, it is necessary to resolve problems arising from the illegal withdrawal of company assets.


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