Cash withdrawal from Tinkoff credit card. Credit card features

Tinkoff is a Russian bank specializing in the provision of distance services. The credit institution offers debit and credit payment instruments. The problem is that you can use them mainly in cashless payments. The thing is the lack of a network of ATMs and cash registers at Tinkoff Bank OJSC. Withdrawing cash from a credit card causes a number of inconveniences.

Briefly about the map

With the advent of Tinkoff Bank in 2007, a new product became available to Russians - a credit card, for which you had to leave a completed application form on the website or send it by e-mail. And today, a lending institution offers a number of products with various benefits. The main one is the annual rate of 23.9% for cash withdrawals from ATMs. The commission is set for each client individually and depends on personal data.

Tinkoff credit card cash withdrawal

A grace period of 55 days is another advantage offered by Tinkoff (credit card). The cash withdrawal fee is deducted immediately from the account. This operation does not apply to the grace period. But if the client manages to return the entire amount spent on non-cash payment of goods within the specified time, then you will not have to pay an additional commission.

Platinum Card Features

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached 21 years of age, but under 70 years old, can apply for a credit card with a limit of up to 300 thousand rubles. All that needs to be done is to fill out an online form and wait for an answer in the form of SMS or email. Each plastic holder automatically becomes a member of the “Bravo” bonus program. 1% of the amount spent in the form of points with which you can pay for train tickets and trips to the restaurant is transferred to the client’s special account.

Fixed amounts

Due to the lack of its own service terminals, the fee for withdrawing cash from a Tinkoff credit card exceeds the average market. But under the condition: if you do not go beyond the established limits. In this case, the costs will be minimized. On a credit card with a fixed limit of 3 thousand rubles. A commission for withdrawing an amount greater than the specified amount is paid to the ATM owner. Card holders can part with money for free only on condition of non-cash payment for the goods.

Tinkoff credit card cash withdrawal percentage

The Bank set a double tariff for such operations: part of the commission is paid to the card issuer, and the second to a third-party institution through which ATM is withdrawn.

Bank Terms

The conditions for withdrawing cash from a Tinkoff credit card are different at every lending institution. In "Rosbank" for one approach, you can withdraw up to 29,999 thousand rubles without commission. The limit for one operation in VTB24 is 7.5 thousand rubles. In Sberbank, you can withdraw money from any card with virtually no commission. But in a day it will not work to cash out a large amount. This is a low interest fee. Cash withdrawals from Tinkoff credit cards at all other ATMs will cost the holder 2.9% + fixed 290 rubles.

Other options

For cash withdrawals from Tinkoff credit cards through ATMs with the MasterCard logo, no commission is provided at all subject to a one-time cashing of 3000 rubles. For the removal of a smaller amount, 90 rubles will be charged, and a larger amount - 2%. Cash withdrawal is possible at any ncr ATM. These are self-service terminals that are installed at crowded places: shops, cafes and restaurants.

tinkoff credit card cash withdrawal fee

Payment systems

In order not to lose the grace period, but at the same time cash out the funds from the card, you can use the services of WebMoney, Yandex.Money or Qiwi. To complete the operation, you will need a registered electronic wallet and a Tinkoff credit card. Cash withdrawal without commission is carried out in the following sequence:

  • It is necessary to link the bank card to the electronic wallet through the personal account of the payment system.
  • Send the necessary amount to the virtual account via Internet banking. It will take 5 minutes to complete the operation, and the charge for writing off funds will be 2%.
  • The last stage is the withdrawal of funds from the payment system to the card of any bank. For transferring money via WebMoney you will have to pay 0.8%, Qiwi - 1.5% of the amount

Transactions to transfer funds to an electronic wallet are regarded as payment for the goods. For such transactions, a grace period, a minimum commission and time are provided.

tinkoff bank credit card cash withdrawal

Operations with foreign currency

If during a trip abroad it became necessary to withdraw funds from a credit card, the ATM will issue USD or EUR, and the amount will be debited from the account at the exchange rate. You must first notify the bank through your personal account that you will need a Tinkoff Platinum credit card abroad. Cash withdrawals can be free of charge, provided that the amount is 100 dollars or euros or more at a time. If the transaction amount is less, then a commission of 5 dollars / euro is paid. Moreover, there are monthly limits of 10 thousand, for exceeding which an additional 2% of the amount is charged.

tinkoff credit card cash withdrawal without commission


As mentioned earlier, Tinkoff cards can be used anywhere in the world. You only need to make changes to the settings. To do this, log in to the Internet bank, select the "Operations" section in the "Settings", indicate the country of departure and the length of stay abroad. Withdraw funds abroad through any ATM.


The established limits for cash withdrawals from Tinkoff credit cards can be adjusted through your personal account. It is very comfortable. You can, of course, activate the SMS-Bank service for 39 rubles per month and receive reports on all card transactions. But you can ensure the safety of funds in another way - by setting a limit on cash withdrawals from Tinkoff credit cards. Restrictions apply to all operations, including cashless payment of goods during the day. Even if an attacker takes possession of a card and a PIN code for it, he will not be able to withdraw an amount greater than the established limit per day. And you don’t have to worry about operations via the Internet at all. To confirm any payment you need to enter an SMS password.

credit card tinkoff platinum cash withdrawal


A maximum of 100 thousand rubles can be withdrawn from one account per day. The maximum limit is not set immediately. First, the client submits an application to the bank. The security service processes it. And at the first stage it provides, for example, 50 thousand rubles. The bank must verify the solvency of the new customer. Active users who constantly use a credit card to pay for goods and services, repay debts in a timely manner, have a chance to quickly increase the limit to 300 thousand rubles. Promotion can be carried out several times a year, but only 4 months after signing the contract.

User secrets

Debt on the card must be repaid at the agreed time and in certain places. In order not to overpay the commission, you should cooperate with partners of Tinkoff Bank. There are only three of them: FSUE Russian Post, Contact system and Qiwi. Through the terminal of the last partner, it is not worth paying more than 15 thousand rubles per transaction, since the commission on such transactions doubles. Amounts of more than 600 thousand rubles. credited to the account within a week. If you transfer very small amounts (up to 500 rubles), then a commission of 3% is charged. Through the “Russian Post” you can send up to 500 thousand rubles. The transaction will be processed for three days. Contact payment system has not established restrictions on account replenishment. Funds are credited instantly.

tinkoff credit card cash withdrawal terms

What is the meaning of cashless payments?

After analyzing all the described limitations, we can conclude that using the card for cash payment does not make sense. And indeed it is. Any credit card is intended primarily for payment of purchases by bank transfer. To complete this action, just use the terminal. In order for customers to use the card for its intended purpose, these restrictions were introduced. Non-cash payment of goods saves time and money.


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