Bicycle chain cleaner: design, benefits, DIY tips

A bicycle chain cleaner is an extremely convenient device with which you can bring a functional part to a tidy state in a matter of minutes. It is about this practical device that will be discussed in this material.

Design features and principle of operation

bike chain cleaner
A bicycle chain cleaning machine is nothing more than a plastic case with a handle, inside which contains a set of gears with brushes. When fixing the device around the links, the gears come into rotation, actively litter the surfaces and eliminate any consequences of contamination.

In order for the machine to cope with the tasks, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly. Before proceeding to cleaning, the interior of the device is filled with soapy water. During washing, the contaminated liquid is periodically drained and replaced with a new one.

How important is it to clean the chain in a timely manner?

do-it-yourself bike chain cleaner
Regular cleaning of the bicycle chain is necessary not only from the aesthetic, but also from the practical side. Periodic disposal of links from accumulated grease, fine debris and sand ensures the proper functioning of this part of the bicycle mechanism.

How effective is the bike chain cleaner ? Feedback from the owners of two-wheeled vehicles shows that regular use of the device makes it possible to avoid premature wear of not only the chain itself, but also the stars of the cartridge. The cleaning of a functional element results in easier travel and reduced power consumption during pedaling.

DIY bike chain cleaner

Not every cyclist has access to a special machine for washing the chain. The way out of the situation may be the independent manufacture of the device. To accomplish the task, the following consumables will be required:

  • two paint brushes ;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • a segment of plexiglass;
  • acrylic.

To make the bicycle chain cleaner convenient to use, you need to cut off half of the pile on the brushes. Corresponding holes are made in the pieces of plexiglass and the brush bodies. Next, the brushes are nap to each other and clamped between the plates using self-tapping screws. Additionally, the details should be coated with acrylic, which will ensure a reliable joint of surfaces.

A ready-made bicycle chain cleaner is superimposed on the links. Before starting to pedal, the pile should be moistened with detergent. However, soapy water can be gradually added directly during operation.


bike chain cleaner reviews
Compared to cleaning the chain manually, using a specialized device gives the owner of the bike a number of advantages. First of all, flushing the links does not need to be removed from the bicycle. In addition, rotating brushes can quite quickly eliminate almost any dirt. Ultimately, the operation of the device provides an economical consumption of detergent, which is important for lovers of special, expensive liquids.

The only minus of the cleaning machines is the insufficient contact of the brushes with the inner surfaces of the links of the bicycle chain. By pouring a substantial amount of detergent into the container, the disadvantage can easily be eliminated.

As you can see, the machine acts as an indispensable tool for regular cleaning of the bicycle chain. However, if general maintenance is necessary, the structural element is still better to dismantle and rinse in the โ€œshakerโ€.


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