What is advent? How to make an advent calendar with your own hands?

Christmas is the most long-awaited and revered holiday on earth, especially among Christians. They prepare for it in advance, observing certain traditions and customs. What do you think Advent is? This is the name of the period in Western culture of Christians (Catholics and some Protestants) preceding Christmas.

what is advent

Advent translated from Latin means "coming", "coming". It lasts 3-4 weeks before Christmas. How to prepare for it, what symbols decorate the house and how to make an Advent calendar with their own hands, we will consider in this article.

How is the preparation for the holiday?

The waiting period for Christmas includes 4 Sundays. Accordingly, the first of four is the beginning of Advent. Every Sunday is of a certain thematic nature, to which the Gospel readings in churches and family circles are dedicated. What is Advent for the church? This is a period of repentance. During Advent, the congregation confesses, and the church attendants are dressed in purple clothes, which symbolizes repentance. Charity events are also held to help those in need.

Wreath and candles as symbols of Advent

In addition to visiting the church and waiting for the holiday, the Christmas period has its own symbols. Do you know what an advent wreath is and what it makes? This ornament is woven in a circle of fir branches, fastened together by a wire. Traditionally, 4 candles with symbolic significance are installed in it. Each is lit on its corresponding Sunday. Thus, on the first day one lights up, on the next Sunday two candles are already burning and so on.

do-it-yourself advent

The first, marking the beginning of the festival, is called the candle of Prophecy. During this period, tales of the birth of Jesus are heard in the homes of believers. Next Sunday, along with the first, a second is lit - the Bethlehem candle, which is dedicated to the coming of the Messiah to the people. It is believed that it was during this period that the Virgin Mary was born of Jesus. The candle of the shepherds, complementing the first two, is lit on the third Sunday. It symbolizes faith in the Lord and God's word, born in the hearts of people. Christians share it like shepherds who witnessed the appearance of angels and the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The last, Angelic candle, is lit before Christmas and is a symbol of the second coming to earth of Jesus, accompanied by the Holy Angels.

What is an advent calendar?

Children no less than their parents are waiting for Christmas, accompanied by fun and lots of sweets and gifts. As you know, kids are impatient people. To somehow brighten their expectation, an advent calendar was invented. A photo of him is given below. The traditional calendar dedicated to the pre-Christmas period contains 24 pockets with small gifts and surprises for the child. This thing introduces children to Christian traditions, they begin to understand what Advent is. It’s not difficult to make such a calendar with your own hands. A child can also be brought to work.

There are many options for implementing the Advent calendar. For its manufacture, you can use any material. The main thing is that it contains containers in which you can put a small gift. Containers can be hand-sewn bags or paper envelopes. Also various boxes, bags, baskets, cups or jars. You can knit mittens, socks, pockets, stockings. There are no restrictions on creating a calendar. It all depends on your imagination.

advent calendar master class

Advent Calendar: Workshop

Wonderful crafts are made from felt. It is convenient in that it does not crumble and is very durable. To create a calendar you need multi-colored felt, cardboard, floss, buttons, filler and ribbons. You will also need improvised tools, such as scissors, pencil, needles.

The main panel will be a green spruce made of felt. Before creating, you need to prepare a cardboard template. Then cut the pattern and transfer it to a piece of green felt. Sew the blanks in stages with a zigzag seam. Numbers can be created from the same felt of a different color and sewn onto prepared pockets or embroidered with thread. Suture the edges of the floss patterns and sew to the base, starting with the crown.

how to make advent calendar

Pockets can be located both on the tree and under it. If they are located at the bottom of the calendar, then the tree itself can be decorated with various animals made of felt of different colors. Large beads, mittens and stockings can also serve as decorations. After manufacturing in pockets, you can place small surprises for your children.

Garland of presents

Gifts can be packaged in a variety of ways. For example, you can prepare medium-sized boxes, pack them in brown paper and hang them in a garland in a convenient place. Instead of boxes, stitched bags are also used. You can hang them both in a chaotic manner, and sequentially. The main thing is not to forget to number them. As containers for gifts fit and sleeve from toilet paper or disposable cups. They can be decorated with colored paper, stickers and ribbons.

advent calendar photo

To create a paper garland calendar , take a few colored sheets and fold them into envelopes. Make it easy. To create an envelope, you need to cut out a square shape from paper and fold two opposite corners to the middle. Then raise the lower corner by ΒΎ so that its apex is higher than the folded side flaps. This is necessary in order to fix the side parts with the remaining corner, simulating an envelope. Thus, it is necessary to make 24 envelopes and hang them with clothespins to a stretched rope.

We use boxes

Let's look at how to make an advent calendar from matchboxes into which you can put not gifts, but notes with the location of the surprise or an exciting task for the child. For the product you need to prepare 24 boxes. They can be combined into one cube or pyramid - as you like. Then glue the blank with white paper and decorate. On each box with a felt-tip pen, put numbers in series and glue a bead that imitates the cabinet door handle. At the end, decorate the design with sparkles, paints and braid. It remains to put small notes in a box with an action plan.

Advent calendars have begun to be used relatively recently in Russia. Nevertheless, this product gained wide popularity and is used before the New Year, 31 days before its onset.

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