Red and pink manicure: nail design ideas

Red with pink manicure is most often chosen to create a romantic image. Such a tandem turns out to be bright, therefore it is not combined with an official business style. Best of all, if one of the listed shades is present in the outfit, then the design of the nails will be in harmony with the image.

Fashion ideas

The easiest option is to make a monophonic coating of different colors. But red and pink manicure will look more spectacular if it is supplemented with decor or performed in an interesting technique. For instance:

  1. Ombre is the most popular design option. Smooth transitions make manicure more feminine. If you want to make the nail plate visually longer, place pink at the base and red at the top.
  2. The image of the heart - this picture is chosen more often than others. You can make a pattern of several hearts or draw it on the entire surface of the plate. This decor is ideal for creating a romantic image.
  3. The geometric pattern is one of the fashion trends that looks stylish in any color scheme. It can be made as an alternative to drawings on a romantic theme.
  4. French and moon manicure - a classic that combines with any style.
  5. Lace pattern - also suitable for a romantic look. You will make it more effective by adding "velvet sand".
  6. Flowers occupy a leading position in the design of nails. Chinese painting is gaining popularity.
  7. Sequins and rhinestones will make the design more luxurious. Only they need to be used in moderation so as not to overload the manicure.
  8. Kamifubuki and confetti are a fashion trend that looks festive.

You can use several of the listed options in one manicure at once. Only they should harmoniously complement each other, creating a fashionable design, and not be piled on the surface of the nail plate.

Ombre manicure with pattern

Combination with other colors

Red and pink manicure complement with other shades. But they must be in harmony with the main colors so that the design looks spectacular:

  1. White is combined with any shade. Against its background, bright colors seem even more saturated, and light colors - more elegant.
  2. Gold and silver can be complemented by a red-pink combination to create a festive manicure.
  3. Black, like white, combines with all shades. But it is better not to choose it to create a romantic image. And if you complement them with a laconic design, red and pink manicure can be combined with an official business style.
  4. Pastel colors will make such a bright design more restrained and sophisticated.

When using complementary colors, be careful. The design may turn out to be overloaded, and with red it is not worth choosing a bright gamut, because it is dominant. It is better to select one nail in several shades, so that the design turns out stylish.

romantic manicure design


Manicure with red varnish always attracts attention. Therefore, it is better to complement it with feminine patterns and light shades. The ombre technique is an ideal choice for manicure on short nails. From pink to red, making the transition or vice versa is your business. The main thing in this technique is the creation of smooth transitions.

To do this, you need a piece of sponge, on which the desired shades are applied. Before that, a monophonic coating is made on the nail. Then a piece of sponge is gently pressed against the plate, and the result is a smooth transition between the shades.

The ombre technique will look beautiful on long nails. It can be supplemented with a glitter coating to make the design look festive. Some masters create smooth transitions with a brush - so they turn out even smoother.

ombre manicure

More sparkles

Sequins make the manicure festive, they decorate both the entire nail plate, and part of it. You can use friable material or a special coating with a shimmer. Spangles are applied both over colored varnish and on nails with a transparent base.

You can make an interesting pattern by applying a stencil. For the background, red varnish is used. When the layer dries, stick a stencil on top of which apply a coating with a shimmer. Such a red manicure with pink sparkles looks unusual, and a beautiful flicker appears on the nails.

Romantic geometry

This design combines two fashionable ideas - a geometric pattern and a heart pattern. Such romantic geometry is combined with feminine outfits, making the image even more charming.

  1. On one nail, make a monophonic coating of pink color, on the rest - red.
  2. Dots of small diameter with white varnish on a red background create a polka dot pattern.
  3. On a pink background, make the same pattern using white and red. With a thin brush, draw a small white heart. Circle the contour with red varnish.
  4. Apply a topcoat on top.

This is an example of a successful combination of red, pink and white colors in a design. Such a pattern is best done on oval-shaped long nails.

red with pink manicure


Ageless classics - French manicure. Pink and red in this case look not only original, but also elegant. You can use one of these colors as a background, and highlight the tip of the nail with the other. To make such a manicure, you will need special stencils.

It is fashionable to combine not only contrasting saturated colors, but also textures. For example, make a background with a haze effect, and highlight the β€œsmile” line with glossy varnish. Only on top of it you do not need to apply the finish coating to maintain the effect of "velvety". Matte red manicure with pink decor elements looks elegant, only the nail plate must first be sanded so that there are no roughness and the coating lay evenly.

Laconic geometry

The simplest version of a stylish design is a geometric pattern. For example, paint one half of the nail with red varnish and the other with pink. On the border between them, draw a not too wide strip with a nude shade.

An interesting version of this design is the addition of the Negative Space effect. To do this, glue the stencil in the middle of the nail so that this area remains unpainted. When choosing a pattern, take into account the length of the nails. Vertical stripes increase the length and make the plate narrower. The horizontal lines shorten it, and the nail seems wider. The most win-win option is a polka dot pattern.

Beautiful design

Beautiful painting

This technique is becoming more popular because the design is similar to a watercolor painting. But to make it is not so simple, and for this you need a few brushes. Most often, flowers are depicted on a bright background. On a red coating, you can draw not just a pink flower, but depict sakura.

Chinese painting can be done on one or a pair of marigolds, and on others you can make a French or moon manicure. This design is ideal for special occasions.

Red nail polish always draws attention to the hands. Therefore, they must be in tidy condition. Red color is not easy to combine with other shades, because it is too accentuated. Therefore, their choice must be approached carefully.

stylish manicure

A red-pink combination is most often chosen in addition to a romantic look. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most popular pattern is the image of hearts. You can draw them yourself or use special stickers. This combination of colors looks beautiful on nails of any length and shape.

Red and pink are suitable for girls who want to add femininity, sophistication to the image. Even a simple drawing in this design will look romantic and beautiful.


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