What to do if there is no signal on Tricolor?

Satellite television Tricolor has long been popular among a large number of viewers - all thanks to the large number of channels and broadcast quality. But even with the latest technology, such a nuisance as the lack of a signal can happen.

Tricolor no singal

What to do if the inscription on the Tricolor “No signal” appeared on only a few channels, while the rest show

In the event that the signal has disappeared on only a few channels, you will need to update their list. This will require:

- Disconnect the receiver from the power supply for about a minute, then connect it and wait for the receiver to return to working condition, and then switch it to the encoded channel.

- In the event that there is no signal on the Tricolor TV again, search for channels, which can be done using the remote control for the receiver. Enter the menu, then search for Tricolor-TV channels, then click OK, then the yellow “Finish” button and finally “Exit”. Next, the channel search begins. During the search, two buttons will be displayed on the screen - “All Radio” and “All TV”. At the end of the search, a window appears with the number of TV channels found.

Be sure to save the discovered TV channels. To do this, click the OK button. After that, the receiver should turn on to Tricolor-TV.

What to do if the inscription on the Tricolor “No Signal” is displayed on all television channels

If the signal has disappeared on all TV channels, this indicates a low level. Then you need to check the connection between the cable and the receiver, its reliability and integrity of the connections at the places of connection of the connectors.

If the connection is still correct and there is no damage on the cable, and there is no signal on the Tricolor, then the antenna must be tuned manually. To do this, it is best to contact your local dealer to call the master at home.

no signal tricolor tv
To configure the antenna yourself, you must very slowly, one centimeter, move the antenna, fixing it for 5 seconds in each position until an image appears on Tricolor TV. The strength and quality of the signal can be checked using the information banner located on this channel by double-clicking on the “i” button. In this case, the signal and quality scale will be displayed at the bottom of the screen (quality on the right and strength on the left). To watch Tricolor-TV channels, these two scales must be at least 70% full, only in this case the viewing will be stable.

What to do if the inscription on the Tricolor "No signal" is displayed further

In most cases, the procedure described above helps, but sometimes you have to resort to more radical measures that require resetting the receiver to factory settings. To do this, turn on the receiver. On the remote control after pressing the "Menu" button, all the receiver's menus will be displayed.

Using the “Down” and “Up” arrows located on the remote control, go to the “Installation” item. Next, to enter the submenu, press the OK button and enter the required PIN: 0000.

In the next submenu that opens, select “Factory settings” using the arrows and press “OK”. Then press the “F1” button and confirm the reset of existing settings, then wait a minute until the process ends.

tricolor tv no signal
The "Next" button will appear in the settings wizard. Click “OK” again, and repeat this in each window that appears, without changing the value, until “Search for Tricolor-TV channels” appears.

After the end of the automatic search, the number of detected Radio and TV channels will be displayed. And the “Finish” button will be available for pressing. Press the “F3” button, which will save you all the channels found. Enjoy watching high-quality television!

From this article, you learned what to do if the message “no signal” appears. Tricolor-TV will now give you only one pleasure, because you can watch interesting TV shows.

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