Do-it-yourself gas column cleaning. Geyser device

The geyser is relatively affordable and simple structurally. It promotes independence from central water supply. Indeed, quite often central networks sin outages and planned outages for a long time. In order for the column to last as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain it from time to time, periodically cleaning it.

Reasons to Clean the Column

gas column cleaning

Cleaning the gas column is required due to the fact that some important structural components of the equipment are scaled. The task of the column is to heat the water by burning gas. The device can be attributed immediately to two varieties of household appliances - plumbing and gas.

If we are talking about the gas part of the device, soot accumulates there, carbon deposits are formed, from which the unit must be periodically released. The nozzles, which are the holes of the igniter and burner, also need to be cleaned. But scale is salts that are insoluble in hard water. They precipitate as water evaporates and end up on the walls of the column pipes.

A quite important problem is scale, which interferes with the heating of water. If elements of insoluble salt are in the channels of thin tubes, this will reduce the efficiency of the equipment, sometimes making this function impossible.

Signs indicating that the column needs to be cleaned

how to clean the gas column

The gas column must be cleaned if:

  • the equipment does not turn on or off;
  • the thermal protection sensor is constantly triggered;
  • decreased device performance;
  • the outlet pressure is rather weak.

The need for cleaning is also indicated if the column is turned off some time after the start of work. In doing so, you must ensure that water and gas enter. If you notice that the thermal protection sensor is constantly triggering, then you can be sure that a thick layer of scale has accumulated inside, which has a porous structure and differs in heat-insulating characteristics, this circumstance interferes with normal cooling.

Cleaning the geyser is required when the efficiency of the device has decreased. At the same time, the water began to heat less. This is true for the case when the water pressure at the outlet has become weak enough, which indicates that the water simply can not break through the channels blocked by scale. Before starting any operations with the equipment, the gas and water supply taps should be closed.

Cleaning the water intake

geyser device

The gas column must be cleaned in the area of ​​the water intake unit. It is located at the inlet, has a strainer to prevent clogging of the heat exchanger tubes with coarse sediment and rust elements. Before cleaning the gas column, it is necessary to remove the water intake unit from the housing, and then unscrew the connecting screws, which will open the housing.

It is necessary to clean the filter, and then rinse it well under strong pressure of water. The membrane should be checked, it should be flat. If this is not so, but the element has concavities, this indicates that the node has developed its resource and is subject to replacement. To do this, you can use a modern silicone model, which has a much longer life. After the gas column was cleaned, close the cover of the water intake unit, tighten the screws and tighten them one by one.

Cleaning the gas burner


Cleaning the gas column burner can only be carried out in the area of ​​the nozzles. If you compare the burner with the water supply, then you can disassemble the latter yourself, but the first should be entrusted to gas service specialists. To remove soot from the burner nozzle, clean it with copper wire.

You can remove the soot with a metal brush. The column is checked for gas leakage, for which a soap solution is prepared, applied to the junction of the pipes and the unit. If bubbles began to form at the junction, this indicates a leak. The crane should be closed and 104 service specialists should be called. Cleaning the gas column from scale will not be necessary if timely preventive measures are taken. To do this, during operation, you need to use filters and try to reduce the hardness of the water used.

Possible reasons for the ignition in the column to go out

do-it-yourself gas column cleaning

If you notice that the gas column igniter goes out, then a possible cause should be identified, this may be due to the fact that:

  • clogged with debris and dust;
  • there is no draft in the chimney;
  • a thermocouple is burnt or worn out;
  • smoking occurs due to lack of air;
  • external air flows prevail;
  • a malfunction in the traction control sensor;
  • the solenoid valve is out of order.

One of the most common causes of the above problem is a thermocouple malfunction. It has the form of a safety device element, which is used to shut off the fuel flow during unstable equipment operation.

If the igniter goes out, the thermocouple detects a lack of heat and turns off the gas. But if the tip of a thermocouple burned and turned out to be loose from the effects of fire, then this can also cause the problem described above. Sometimes it happens that the holes of the gas nozzle on the igniter have a small diameter, which is why they are clogged with dust and debris, preventing normal combustion.

Geyser device

the gas column ignitor goes out

If you want to clean the equipment, then you must know the design of the gas column. Usually it consists of a metal case, which looks like a kitchen cabinet. Pipes for water supply and fuel supply are brought to the column. The design assumes the presence of:

  • heat exchanger;
  • pilot burner;
  • main burner.

Depending on what kind of ignition method is used, after opening the water tap , the column valve starts to work, which lets the fuel flow into the ignition burner, it ignites the main one. A sufficiently large amount of heat is released during the combustion of gas.

Heat passes through a spiral shaped heat exchanger. As soon as the water is heated to the desired temperature, it is fed through the outlet pipe and goes to the open tap. Studying the device of the gas column, you will understand that it also has a chimney, which is necessary to remove the products of gas combustion from the room.

More about the device

gas burner cleaning

Depending on which igniter is used, the column may have electronic, manual or piezo ignition. The second option is obsolete, because it involves the use of matches for ignition of the igniter. The main column in this case is used only after you manage to turn the special knob. Models of modern gas water heaters almost always have electronic ignition, because it is characterized by ease of use, practicality and safety. Such systems are able to work in automatic mode and do not imply the need for human intervention.


Do-it-yourself gas column cleaning can also be carried out in the heat exchanger area. To do this, disconnect the outlet and water inlet pipes to the heat exchanger. If the cleaning was not carried out so regularly, then the nuts may be clogged with scale. In this case, you should use a special liquid, which you can purchase in an automobile store.

The grease gun is buried in the joints of the fasteners. After 30 minutes, the nut can be easily turned off. As soon as the heat exchanger is disconnected, a descaling agent must be poured into it using a funnel. Sometimes cleaning is carried out with stem 9% vinegar, which is pre-diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 3.


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