Do-it-yourself fridge for moonshine. Manufacturing tips

Making moonshine for some nations has become a real tradition. This drink can be attributed to the cultural values ​​of specific ethnic groups. In addition, he reflected on the political situation in the country. At the same time, it must be said that the refrigerator for the moonshine still, which plays a leading role in the manufacturing process, has undergone many changes and modifications throughout its time that have affected the final quality of the product.

refrigerator for moonshine


This device is necessary in order to cool the mash vapors, which turn into a liquid state. This is exactly how they get the finished product. Given this, a refrigerator for a moonshine should be made in such a way as to increase the productivity of the entire device and at the same time not to spoil the quality of the liquid. It is worth noting that there are a lot of designs of such products, and when choosing them, you should focus on personal preferences and the availability of available materials.

Design Features

It makes no sense to describe all the manufacturing options for such units of the moonshine still. The fact is that there are so many of them that it is sometimes very difficult to decide on a specific model. Therefore, when creating a refrigerator for a moonshine still with your own hands, you should pay attention to the most common designs that are not only effective, but also easy to manufacture. The easiest way to use a conventional coil, which is placed in a special container with a supply of cold water. It is these products that are used by professionals in this field, and it is they who have proven themselves not only in our country, but also abroad.

do-it-yourself fridge for moonshine

The advantages of this design

First of all, it is worth mentioning that when creating a refrigerator for a moonshine with their own hands, people try to get the most efficient device that will last for many years. This is what this product will provide.

  • Such a cooling system is the most effective and makes it possible to increase the yield of the finished product.
  • A similar design can be used both horizontally and vertically. This allows you to make changes to the process right at the time of cooking, using both vertical gravity of the liquid, and the flow under pressure in a horizontal position.
  • The small dimensions of such coolers make the device compact and convenient for both storage and transportation.

how to make a moonshine do-it-yourself

Materials of manufacture

It is believed that it is best to make a refrigerator for a moonshine made of copper. This material has the best thermal conductivity and practically does not affect the quality of the finished product. Some experts claim that copper coolers can change the taste of the final product due to the oxidation process. However, it is this material that will make it possible to obtain environmentally friendly moonshine, since it does not enter into chemical reactions and behaves perfectly in this environment.

You can also make a refrigerator for a moonshine made of stainless steel. However, then the product may have a specific aftertaste and heat transfer will decrease significantly.

Some experts recommend the use of glass coils. They do not oxidize, they dissipate heat well, but are rather fragile and impractical. However, it is precisely such devices that are used in production.

glass refrigerator for moonshine


Typical drawings of the moonshine still usually are designed for a certain volume of product. This is important to consider when choosing a particular model. You should not take sketches of different nodes from other projects, combining them. Each specific device is a fully balanced device that has optimal parameters and is ready to work.

Creating drawings of the moonshine still, the refrigerator needs to be given special attention. It is important to correctly calculate the diameter and length of the coil, so as not only to avoid the excessive release of valuable fumes, but also to prevent the waste from entering the finished product. Specialists in such cases recommend using standard calculations, according to which the length of the coil pipe should be about two meters, and its diameter should be six millimeters.

Necessary materials

  • First of all, you need a copper pipe 2 meters long. Its diameter should not exceed 6 mm, and the wall thickness - 1 mm. Some craftsmen advise you to purchase a product from a special metal, which is designed for working with food products. If you make a glass refrigerator for a moonshine still, then the necessary material can be bought in a special store.
  • It will also require trimming a stainless pipe with a length of 200 mm and a diameter of 17 mm. The refrigerator case will be made from it.
  • Two threaded connections to be mounted on a copper coil. The device itself needs to be connected to them.
  • Two threaded connections for mounting on a stainless steel housing. Through them, water will be supplied.
  • Two metal circles made of stainless steel, which are needed to create covers for the refrigerator. Therefore, their diameter should be at least 75 mm.

how to make a refrigerator for a moonshine


When deciding how to make a moonshine still with your own hands, you need to understand that for work you may need a special tool and handling skills. It is usually not customary to wear details to specialists, since such work can cause a lot of questions. To make it, you need the following:

  • welding machine;
  • drilling machine or drill;
  • a drill with a diameter of eight millimeters;
  • a device for bending pipes or a template of the required diameter.

Coil design

First of all, it is necessary to twist the copper pipe into a coil. In many instructions that describe how to make a refrigerator for a moonshine still, it is recommended to use special devices for these purposes that greatly facilitate the work. It is necessary to create a spiral of such a diameter so that it fits into the pipe for the cover, and there is space between the product and the walls.

Regardless of whether a direct-flow refrigerator is made for a moonshine still or a device of a different design, it is necessary to create so many turns so that the spiral fits into the case. Considering that in our case its length is 200 mm, the number of turns should be such that the finished coil does not exceed 180 mm.

Cooler Production

When making a refrigerator for a moonshine made of stainless steel, it is very important to choose the right electrodes for the welding machine. The fact is that you need to insert the coil into the body, which involves fixing it with copper.

  • In the case itself, it is important to make two holes from different sides. This is necessary to ensure that the water is supplied and discharged evenly. Threaded joints are welded to them , on which hoses with coolant are subsequently put on.
  • When the coil is inserted into the housing, it is fixed with the end caps. They pre-make holes along the diameter of the spiral pipe. It is best if they are not located in the center, but slightly shifted to the side.
  • Lids are welded around the perimeter to the body, and the coil itself is soldered using a welding machine or a soldering iron. The result should be a sealed design with a copper coil inside.
  • At the final stage, threaded connections are attached to the copper pipe, one of which will be connected to the moonshine still, and the finished product will come out through the second.
  • Before using the cooler for cooking, it should be checked in advance using hot water. At the same time, it is not worth creating a lot of pressure, since this is not required for work.

steamers and refrigerators for moonshines

Expert Advice

  • It’s best to use steamers and refrigerators for paired moonshines. This improves the quality of the finished product, and when using additional ingredients, you can give the finished product its own special taste or aroma.
  • Do not make a coil from materials that were already in use. Typically, copper pipes are used to work with harmful chemical elements, and a specific precipitate may remain on them. It is believed that new water pipes, which are recently sold in almost all construction stores, are perfect.
  • When making a cooler, you should immediately think about the model of a dry tank. This product allows you to clean the product, and in many alcoholic beverages it is simply irreplaceable.
  • Some craftsmen prefer to make a metal cooler body with lids on the thread, which have special seals for tightly fixing the coil pipe. This approach allows you to get a beautiful and complex product in its design, which, however, does not justify the costs invested in it. In vertical flow refrigerators there is no top cover at all, and they cope with their task one hundred percent, not inferior to more modernized units.
  • In some countries, the production of moonshine is considered a violation of the law and threatens both a fine and imprisonment. Therefore, before starting work, it is worth clarifying this moment and assessing the risk.
  • Typically, a refrigerator with a coil is considered the most important part of a moonshine. Moreover, it may be the most expensive unit in terms of manufacturing cost. It is his hardest to find in free sale. In some families, such devices are passed from parents to children and have already become a real relic.
  • It is important to mention that, if desired, the proposed design can be greatly simplified. However, copper should be used for the coil, although the material used to manufacture the case is practically irrelevant.

stainless steel moonshine refrigerator


Having studied the material on how to make a moonshine still with your own hands, we can conclude that such products do not differ in great complexity and intricate design. However, this process must be approached very responsibly, becoming familiar with the different models and cooking methods in detail. A poorly prepared product will not only not meet all the necessary requirements, but can also greatly harm human health.


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