Etheric body

Everyone knows what a human body is, but not everyone knows that, besides the visible (main) body, there are several more. They are invisible to the majority, and only a few can clearly distinguish them.

Etheric body

There are seven of them: keteric, heavenly, intuitive, karmic, mental, astral and etheric. Each of them is vulnerable in its own way and can have so-called holes comparable to wounds on the physical body.

The etheric body of a person (energetic) is especially sensitive and vulnerable . Its contours clearly repeat the slightest bends of the silhouette. The invisibility of this body is explained by its composition. Ethereal matter envelops the physical body. This shell has a certain thickness (about five centimeters) and weight (about seven grams). American scientists have established this experimentally, fixing the mass of a dying person and the body weight of the same person immediately after his death. Weight was reduced by five grams (on average).

There is an assumption that entities referred to by us only as "house" or "ghosts" have just such an etheric body. Whether they are a reflection of the world closed to us, or are they the fruits of exuberant imagination, no one can say for sure. However, some pundits still agree that such matter really exists and is able to live separately, without being connected with the physical body.

Human etheric body

In principle, any sighted person can see the etheric body. To do this, you just need to focus and look carefully at your fingers. The subtle bluish haze around them is your own etheric body.

The color scheme of the etheric body directly depends on the characteristics of the person himself and can vary from gray to pale blue. For a strong, athletically built person, gray will prevail, but for vulnerable and sensitive people, it will be blue.

Those few people who can see the aura are able to determine from it the state of both general human health and an individual organ (approximately, like on an x-ray). Energy attacks lead to distortions of the energy field, which affects health. Psychics claim that they are able to sense and correct these distortions (if necessary) by running their hands along the body. Following the recovery of the energy envelope, the physical organ is also healed. In response, skeptics smile and call them charlatans. We will not argue with either one or the other.

After death, all of these subtle bodies leave the physical body. There is an opinion that along with the physical body the ethereal dies, but this happens only after 9 days. That is why we sometimes have to hear stories about what someone saw at night at the grave of a β€œghost”. In fact, it is nothing but etheric bodies.

Human body energy

Some people have learned to separate the etheric and physical bodies, while remaining conscious and retaining the ability to remember both sensations and events (etheric projection). In the book β€œThe Ghost of the Living,” written by G. Durville and well-known in narrow circles, experiments are described in detail, aimed at getting out of the physical theory. The etheric bodies performed various actions (previously agreed upon), while the physical bodies, meanwhile, remained completely motionless, and for the time the etheric bodies were disconnected from them, they completely lost their sensitivity (including pain).

The energy of the human body has been of interest to mankind since time immemorial. But we will probably never succeed in fully opening this secret veil.


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