VTB 24, refinancing of loans of other banks: conditions and reviews

Before buying goods and services, a person analyzes price offers in the market, trying to find the best option. Consumer loans are no exception. Only the search for alternatives is caused by other reasons, for example, problems with debt repayment or the desire to reduce maintenance costs. This can be done by reissuing the debt in another institution. Let us consider in more detail how to arrange refinancing of loans of other banks at VTB 24 Bank.

For whom

For a bank, refinancing is a way to attract new customers. According to statistics, for every second Russian there is one consumer loan. Among them there are definitely those who want to improve the conditions of service. Just for such clients the refinancing service was developed. In fact, we are talking about issuing a new loan to repay an existing loan. In practice, the design procedure is the same as in standard cases. Only in addition, the client needs to provide a certificate from the bank in which the loan has already been taken, indicating the loan conditions and current debt.

VTB 24 refinancing of loans of other banks

Loan requirements

VBT 24 Bank is engaged in the re-lending of consumer, mortgage, car loans and card debts. But old loans must meet certain requirements:

  • remainder of validity - more than 3 months;
  • monthly debt repayment;
  • credit card currency - rubles;
  • regular debt repayment for the last 6 months;
  • lack of fresh loan delinquencies.

Borrower Requirements

Regardless of the service program, the bank puts forward uniform requirements for all borrowers:

  • Russian citizenship;
  • availability of permanent registration;
  • official employment for more than 1 year;
  • minimum regular income of 20 thousand rubles. (for residents of the capital - 30 thousand rubles);
  • good credit history.

credit refinancing in another bank vtb 24


In order to arrange refinancing of loans of other banks at VTB 24, you must provide:

  • internal passport;
  • certificate 2-personal income tax;
  • SNILS certificate;
  • a package of documents for the first mortgage loan.

It is enough for holders of salary cards to provide a passport and SNILS.


VTB 24 Bank does not directly refinance consumer loans from other banks. In the product line there are only programs for financing mortgage loans. In all other cases, VTB 24 can refinance cash loans from other banks. But the name "refinancing" will not appear in the name of the program itself. Interest rates, terms and the size of the loan for such programs are overstated. Customers can choose from one of three products. No guarantee, guarantee or security is required.

VTB 24 refinancing loans from other banks reviews

Mortgage loan terms

Let us consider in more detail how refinancing of loans of other banks is carried out in the financial institution VTB 24. Terms of service are not much different from standard mortgages. But there are some peculiarities.

In addition to VTB 24, VTB Group also includes such institutions: Summer Bank, Bank of Moscow, and Transcreditbank. Therefore, loans received from these banks are not refinanced.

All citizens of the Russian Federation who have a stable source of income and official employment can get a loan. Age restrictions are standard. To get a new loan can people aged 21 to 70 years.

VTB 24 refinancing of loans of other banks conditions

A mortgage is refinanced provided that the client's currency of the loan changes in rubles or the rate changes from floating (combined) to fixed. The object of the transaction may be an apartment in both new buildings and the secondary market.

Past irregularities in debt repayment schedules are not welcome. Although one-time delays that took place more than 6 months prior to the application are allowed.

You can reissue a mortgage at VTB 24 on the following conditions:

  • interest rate - 15.95%, subject to the signing of a property, life and health insurance contract;
  • interest rate - 16.95%, provided that only property insurance is issued.


VTB 24 accepts applications for refinancing a loan in another bank electronically. To do this, you need to specify in a special form on the bank's website the data for the initial scoring: name, employer information, income level, contact details and passport information.

An application can also be submitted by calling the hotline. The employee will help you choose a loan product, tell you about all the conditions of cooperation and ask the client for all the information for the application. After processing the data, a preliminary decision is made. Next, you need to provide the originals of all documents to any branch of the bank and wait for the final decision. You can reduce the time and immediately visit the bank branch by providing a full package of documents.

VTB 24 refinancing of cash loans from other banks


VTB 24 financial institution refinances loans from other banks according to the following tariff plans:

  • โ€œLargeโ€ - designed for customers who need a large amount for a long time. The loan is provided for 36-60 months at 18.5% per annum. The maximum amount is limited to three million rubles.
  • โ€œFastโ€ - the lower threshold of the rate is limited to 18.5% per annum. The loan amount varies from 100 thousand rubles. up to 3 million rubles. The loan term is from six months to 3 years.
  • A โ€œconvenientโ€ loan is provided for a period of six months to 3 years in the amount of 100-600 thousand rubles. The loan is serviced at 22% per annum.

Under these conditions, VTB 24 refinances loans from other banks. User reviews confirm that the terms of the third program are the most attractive for re-issuing consumer loans. The client can independently choose the amount of payment.

If applications for renewal of consumer loans are considered on an individual basis, then all the rest are serviced under general conditions. The bank will not check the intended use of funds. The client can receive cash from the bank and spend it for personal purposes.

VTB 24 refinancing of consumer loans of other banks


Let us consider in more detail how refinancing of loans of other banks is carried out in the financial institution VTB 24. If we are talking about a mortgage, then the transfer of debt to VTB 24 and the re-signing of property pledge agreements are first executed. Only after that the bank transfers the funds to the first creditor. The maximum loan amount will not exceed the market value of the property, adjusted for current ratios. Moreover, the bank has its own limit. It is 30 million rubles. A mortgage refinancing agreement can be drawn up for a maximum period of 30 years.

You can pay off the debt:

  • cash at the box office;
  • transfer of funds to the specified details;
  • in terminals with cash-in function;
  • at the post offices of the Russian Post.


The procedure for refinancing loans at VTB 24 is characterized by a minimum package of documents and an attractive interest rate. At the same time, the institution does not indicate clear requirements for re-issuing consumer loans. In order not to lose time, it is better to first submit an application online, and after obtaining the preliminary consent to collect documents. In this case, the transaction object must meet certain requirements. It is not possible to reissue an overdue loan at VTB 24.

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