The advantages of online advertising over other types of advertising

Every day, people spend several hours on the Internet, solving their work and life issues. The audience is constantly growing, both quantitatively and qualitatively: adolescents, young people, mature people with high incomes are ready to buy goods without leaving home. Most companies have long understood the importance of the Internet and are actively selling products through their website and use such promotion as online advertising. Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on television, radio, the Internet and print media. The article will talk more about online advertising.

Advertising and its variety on the web

Today, on the Internet, you can see a large amount of advertising, which differs in appearance, placement technique, method of influence on users. Each owner of the resource, after he finds out his audience, must decide how to declare himself and understand how advertising on the Internet will be selected. Advantages and disadvantages, of course, each species has, but the effectiveness may be different.

The most effective areas of advertising include the following types:

  1. Placing in catalogs and reference books is an easy way to tell about yourself, most often free and not requiring special knowledge.
  2. E-mail marketing - with a good, unobtrusive mailing of letters to real and potential customers, this method can be very effective and profitable.
  3. Link exchange is a simple but good way to advertise a company at the expense of others when a site similar in topic is recommended in the useful information section or in the contacts.
  4. Banner advertising is one of the popular types that you should talk about in more detail, it can be seen on almost all sites that want to earn extra money.
  5. Contextual advertising - every year it is gaining more and more momentum and sometimes small companies start their business with it, since these advantages of online advertising are higher than other types.

One advertisement imperceptibly attracts attention and increases sales, another causes a negative when it obsessively opens up to the whole screen, the third presents not only its goods, but also is a means of promotion. You can choose one or several types, interact with one partner or with several, and ultimately understand what kind of advertising will be most effective.

advantages of online advertising

Main advantages

For companies that have not yet decided where to create ads, itโ€™s worth talking about the main advantages of posting on the Internet:

  • Advertising on the Internet is cheaper than, for example, on television. Especially the difference in price is felt by regional companies that are just starting their business.
  • Creating an ad on the web is easier, and its transmission speed is higher
  • It is easier to analyze and consider efficiency after launch, which allows you to immediately make adjustments if the result is unsatisfactory.
  • Adjusting ads to your target audience, geographical location and time is easier and cheaper than on radio and television.
  • Not only for large companies, but also for small ones, an opportunity opens up for access to the world market.

online advertising advantages and disadvantages


Undoubtedly, the advantages of online advertising over other types of advertising are higher, but it also has disadvantages that you need to know about in order to be prepared for everything and understand how to fix mistakes and disseminate information about the company in the best light:

  • Before talking about your company, you need to study the target audience and understand where it receives information about the products for itself. Not every potential customer is willing to buy through the Internet, because it does not inspire confidence. These clients most often include the older generation, which is used to buying from people and getting a check in their hands.
  • The competition in the network is great, and before you place an ad, you should figure out what is the uniqueness of the product, and why people should come to you.

Banner advertising

A popular online advertising is a banner that is placed on a variety of resources. Often, large companies place several banners in accordance with user requests. On the information portal, a banner can talk about the company itself, on sites where people ask what is best to buy - this product or that, you can place a banner on a particular product at a discount, and on the third site - a banner informing about the competition.

This is an expensive form of advertising, but popular and effective, with independent selection of resources for placement. The main thing is to create a good, bright, inviting banner, place it in the right place to achieve the goal.

Internet advertising has advantages

The advantages of advertising on the Internet on thematic resources

The article has repeatedly mentioned the target audience, how important it is to study it and understand what is interesting to it. Knowing about it will help you find those sites where you need to advertise.

Example. If the target audience is mothers on maternity leave, then itโ€™s clear that they are interested in goods and services related to children. But at the same time, mothers want to look good, even going for a walk with their children. If you sell womenโ€™s beautiful and practical clothes, you can advertise on children's sites or forums, where appropriate.

Finding a connection between the target audience and thematic sites is an important step, as most people spend most of their time on their favorite sites, forums, blogs that interest them and meet their needs.

contextual advertising

Type of advertising in the form of an ad, which is displayed with a similar topic of the request through a search engine. Example: a user asks where to go in winter. The search engine offers answers such as an advertisement for a travel agency or a travel site where he can find the answers.

Contextual advertising has three main components: the advertiser himself, networks in the form of large search engines and a site for placement. These three components do not always work together; the option of interaction between the advertiser and the network or the advertiser with the site is possible. The advantages of this type of online advertising are that you do not need to spend time looking for good sites, as the system will do this, and advertising will be shown only to interested users.

advantages of advertising on the Internet

How online advertising interacts with the audience

Before you place an ad, you need to perform several actions:

  • study the target audience;
  • decide on the type of advertisement or opt for several types;
  • create an advertisement for CA that will attract and call to action;
  • find resources to post.

When choosing several types of advertising will be placed in different places and here it is worth knowing several important points. Firstly, the user spends a little time on mail, weather sites and a news resource, and rarely pays attention to advertising, its effectiveness will be low, but it will make a certain contribution. To increase efficiency, you need to choose sites with useful and interesting information.

An unobtrusive but noticeable advertisement that is constantly in sight will lead to many more users. This is the main advantage of online advertising - to lure the customer when he himself is not aware of it, but needs a product / service and makes a purchase.

Marketing Research Using Online Advertising

Advertising can be not only a way to sell goods, but also be a method of promotion and research. The Internet allows you to conduct marketing research, having the ability to collect and reach more respondents than the classic way. Anyone can participate in the study, regardless of where the user is located.

The company that released the test version of the product can immediately conduct a survey and collect data instantly on trial use. Such research is simpler, cheaper, faster and more accurate, which helps the company understand better its customers. There are also advantages of online advertising for the company that launched the video about the new model of manufactured goods. You can find out the opinions of consumers, how much you liked the product, and what is better to change and correct.

Internet advertising advantages and disadvantages

Is online advertising the main or addition to other types?

Are there any advantages of online advertising in comparison with radio, television, outdoor advertising, and how much better and more effective will they increase sales? Every businessman asks himself such a question when he opens his own business and thinks where to start the promotion, because advertising is the engine of trade.

The best option is to use several types of advertising that future customers can see and hear in different places: on TV in the morning, on the way to work, in the office at lunch time. But at the first steps of development it is difficult to allocate a large budget for this area and you have to choose one thing. Do not be afraid of online advertising, you just need to correctly place the emphasis so that it is noticed by the target audience.

advantages of online advertising over other types of advertising

How can it hurt

Internet advertising has advantages, there are many of them, and all of them positively affect the reputation of the company. But, like everything else, this species has a downside, which can do harm when it becomes obsessive, inappropriate and pushes the consumer to make a purchase.

An advertising message that arrives at the wrong time and out of place is called spam, and when there is a lot of such advertising, then, as a rule, the company loses the client. It is better to use the newsletter in cases where the client agrees to it after the purchase of goods. For example, a girl ordered cosmetics for the first time and can order again. The store must ask a question, you can send it messages by mail in order to familiarize yourself with the goods and possible promotions and discounts. If the girl agrees, then the newsletter should be no more than once a day, and no more than twice a week.

advantage of online advertising in comparison with radio TV outdoor advertising

Every day, millions of people go online to find useful information, chat with friends, buy goods, and every time an eye catches an ad. Itโ€™s catchy, simple and inviting, which tells about the company and helps to increase sales. Qualitatively created advertising and placed on the right resources will be the key to success and recognition of the company.


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