Standard pillar size: types of designs

A pillar is a sliding portable product installed at the entrance to the room. The design serves to attract visitors. It is based on a metal frame of a rectangular or arched appearance and an advertising canvas with a waterproof pattern. A bright product will definitely be noticed by people. This is an effective way to attract customers.


Design parameters may vary by species. The standard size of the rectangular pillar is 1140 x 620 mm. On the edges of it there are roundings with a radius of 10 mm. The design is ideal for advertising purposes.

standard pillar size

The standard size of the arched pillar is 1120 x 620 mm. Its edges are rounded with a radius of 30 mm. This type of construction is also in demand for advertising purposes. The standard size of the bulky pillar is 1800 x 710 mm. You can order the design and individual parameters, but the production will take more time. The dimensions of the advertising pillar may vary.


Street pillars are created in several stages. First you need to develop the design of the future product, and then complete the advertising field and frame. The image is obtained by a cutting plotter or full color printing, and then everything is transferred to the design field. Now many companies are engaged in the manufacture of products. Usually it takes 1-2 days to create, if you order a standard pillar size.

street pillars

Before manufacturing, it is necessary to determine the amount of information posted and the place where the billboard or layout design will be located. The remote pillar and internal will have different materials. An important function of the design is to help people find a place with the right goods and services. Typically, products are placed on the sidewalks near various shops, salons, centers. This type of advertising is also used indoors.


After making the advertising structure, its registration is necessary. Only then can it be used, otherwise a fine may be imposed. Registration can be done independently, but it is not always easy. Keep in mind that sometimes registration of pillars is not carried out. A billboard will be not only an effective way of showing customers the assortment and location of the store, but also emphasizing style.

Advertising performance

Indoor and street pillars are created to attract the attention of passers-by. Structures should have as much information as people can see in one glance. Then the benefit of the product will be maximum. This type of outdoor advertising with an original look is a sign of respect for customers, and also emphasizes the status of the company.

pillar advertising sizes

The advantages of advertising include:

  • easy perception by passers-by;
  • designs are needed in those places where signs and signs will not be effective;
  • no additional approvals are needed for installation;
  • obtaining installation permits is easier compared to other types of outdoor advertising;
  • easy to transport and install;
  • compact;
  • quickly created;
  • have an affordable cost.

Pavement signs are ideal for owners of small shops, cafes, ateliers, pharmacies. They are convenient if the entrance is in the courtyard, under the arch or in the basement.


Image with advertising, text is applied based on. This type of advertising is needed when the necessary information should be placed in a different form. The design of the product should attract the attention of others, so it is made as noticeable as possible. Thanks to modern materials, it will be possible to quickly change information, for example, the exchange rate or the cafe menu. For this, replaceable plates are used.

The external design is created depending on the sphere of organization and advertising that needs to be applied. The design should match the design of neighboring buildings. This is done to make the product attractive.


In order for the product to serve for a long time, and the information was perceived easily, you need to use modern printing options and high-quality materials. Now for this there is a professional equipment that allows you to create a clear image. Reliable ink does not fade in the sun, does not deteriorate due to precipitation and mechanical stress. The image remains saturated for many years.

remote pillar

An advertising field can be created using the application of film. Letters and numbers are cut along the contour with plotters, and then laid on the surface. Any drawing will be clear, and the text is easy to read. Additional protection can be lamination. A pillar made according to modern requirements will serve as an effective and inexpensive advertisement.


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