DIY plastic mesh fence (photo)

Traditional fences made of wood and metal eventually lend themselves to corrosion and decay, thereby giving an unaesthetic appearance to any garden site. Such enclosing structures require constant maintenance, costs, repairs, but in the end it still does not give summer residents the guarantee that such fences will last for a long time.

Plastic is the best replacement

Plastic fence lattices today are a suitable replacement for protections from wood and various types of metal. Quickly assembled plastic hedges are produced from the net. In addition, these are not necessarily decorative fences and flower garden fences, but also durable fencing structures, which are not inferior in strength to wooden structures. The fence made of plastic mesh, the material for which all construction companies offer, is convenient and functional. It can simultaneously perform a protective and decorative function.

Plastic mesh fence

Which view to choose

On your site you can install a netting net, a garden grill or an emergency mesh made of plastic. The most versatile and attractive option is the garden grill. It is considered a popular, beautiful element of country decor. Although this lattice is not used to indicate the external boundaries of the site due to its low strength, it harmoniously frames the internal areas.

From a mesh netting, it is quite possible to build a strong protective structure with metal fasteners, it is resistant to weather conditions and is able to not bend under small weights.

A catchy-colored emergency plastic fence is placed to limit construction work or on sports courts. It serves to warn others about the possible danger in a limited area. When buying, you need to pay attention to the size and shape of the cells, the thickness and width of the canvas, the level of rigidity, which will certainly affect the complexity of the installation.

For open-air cages, cells with a smaller size are most suitable because they have less transmittance. The color depends on the overall design of the site and the purposes for which the fence will be installed. Typically, stores offer the following colors: khaki, green, brown, gray and red. In the garden, it is best to put a green fence . For the aviary, you can use a gray grid, and for framing bright plants - red.

DIY plastic mesh fence

Disadvantages and main advantages

What are the advantages of a mesh fence made of plastic? Consider the main advantages. First of all, it is highly reliable and does not require careful maintenance, does not corrode or decay, is resistant to precipitation (does not lose its properties from -50 to +80 degrees), is easily subjected to division. It’s easy to continue the fence - just fasten the next sheet with the previous one, and the junction will be inconspicuous.

If a separate part of the grate is damaged, it can be repaired without dismantling the entire fence, wicker rods made of rods are deprived of such an advantage. In addition, the fence grille looks very attractive, it is lightweight, it is produced in all kinds of colorful options. Thanks to this, you can create original fences to protect individual sections of your territory or a plastic fence to protect the site, corresponding to any taste preference.

Environmentally friendly raw materials are used to produce the material. The service life of structures is up to 40 years. The fence made of plastic mesh is easily cleaned with water, it is flexible, durable, transmits light and air. It is easy to transport and install. Making a fence from a plastic net with your own hands (you can see photos of some examples in the article) is quite realistic. Of the minuses, full visibility due to hollow cells and low protective ability can be distinguished. Compared to fencing from a netting net, a fence from a plastic net will cost more.

What you need for installation

To install a fence of plastic mesh, you must have wooden or metal poles. The plastic net is light enough, it does not require too hard and heavy support. A construction tape will be needed to measure the distance between the supports. You will also need a cable or metal wire to give rigidity to the structure, they are placed below and above. You can fix the grate with eraser clamps, which are sold in any hardware store. And, of course, you need a regular garden pruner. A plastic fence is being erected in the shortest possible time.

plastic mesh fence reviews

Installation process

To make a fence of plastic mesh with your own hands, you will first need to install the support posts at a distance of two to three meters from each other, and before that mark out the necessary places. Since the fence is very light, there is no need to drive the supports deep. Then you need to unwind and attach the grid to them with the help of plastic or metal clamps and, gradually pulling the grating, fix it with clamps on the supporting posts. It is important to pull evenly. The rest of the grid on the post must be cut off with a garden pruner, after which in the same way it is necessary to get rid of the tail of the clamps. To impart strength to the structure, the upper or lower edge of the grating can be fixed with a wire or metal cable, wrapping its end around the support column. Reinforcing frames, if desired, are installed 10-15 cm from the edges. Without much effort, time and energy, a plastic mesh fence with your own hands can be installed in half an hour.

Installing a fence made of plastic mesh

Some nuances of installation

During installation, you may encounter a problem of sagging mesh. Whatever the lattice - strong metal made of steel, more flexible aluminum or plastic - it will begin to sag over time in any case. It is also not necessary to pull the mesh too much so as not to deform its cells. In order to avoid this problem, the grid needs a frame made of reinforcement or a cable, which is installed at the top and bottom with small indents from the edges and welded to the supports. Such a fence is clearly stronger, heavier and smoother. After that, his service life increases by several years. In the photo of the fence made of plastic mesh, presented above, it can be seen that the fence can also stand without any upper and lower fasteners.

plastic green mesh for fence

The use of plastic fencing

The fence grid is also used for fencing sports and playgrounds, in agriculture for the construction of pens and aviaries for birds and small animals. The mesh can be purchased of any height, all kinds of colors, with various shapes of cells: square, diamond-shaped, etc. Fences, which serve to protect the site, usually from one to two meters high. To enclose sites and flowerbeds within a plot, they can be of completely different heights and shapes, for example, straight or wave-like. With the help of such a fence made of plastic mesh, you can decorate any landscape.

DIY plastic mesh fence photo

Fence net reviews

Summer residents and gardeners usually talk about the convenience of their use everywhere. You can decorate the walls of the verandas and loggias with plastic nets, use them as a distinction between the garden and the garden, and put them around the flower beds. The green plastic grille for the fence is combined with the general view of the garden. Such a fence harmonizes beautifully with any flowers - they stand in them, like in a vase, and the plastic mesh cells do not injure the stems. Strong backups are not required for it; weeds are easy to tear out from under it. Perfectly adorn the fence from a green plastic mesh climbing plants: climbing roses, ivies, creepers. A plastic grill in the garden has a ton of options for use - it would be a fantasy. Such a grid will successfully fit into the design of any summer cottage. Also, reviews of the plastic mesh for the fence often note its low cost and environmental friendliness of the material, ease and variety in use.

Plastic Mesh Fence Photo

How to decorate the design

Inside the garden or kitchen garden, on the outer border of the plot, a fence made of plastic grating can become an independent design element. But in order to make your site seem exceptional, interesting and stand out from the neighboring ones, you can add additional decorative elements. Curling plants along the fence will add romanticism and tenderness to the garden design. To make the fence seem heavier and stronger, put massive stones at its base. Small plastic flowers can be inserted into the fixing points of the plastic clamps. From the remaining plastic lattice, you can build flower beds and arrange them side by side. This combination will not leave indifferent every visitor to the site and give the territory a finished look.


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