How to play Coin before Blood: rules, features, variations

Violent games in childhood are a way of forming a hierarchy, a technique for manifesting physical and mental strength, as well as the right way to acquire several scars. Unfortunately, it is impossible to move away from such barbaric entertainments, since the number of adherents of just such a psychological definition of a leader, albeit at a subconscious level, is still large. Bloody "Coin" refers precisely to the mentioned category of games. Party members often remained completely broken with their fists, since it is impossible to win constantly in the game. Over time, several variations appeared, including less violent ones.

Target audience and followers

a coin game up blood rules

First of all, it is worth noting that the modern generation, fortunately, for the most part passed by Coins and similar entertainments. Previously, students of grades 8–11 were the key audience subject to the general influence of the game. It was among them that cruel games were encouraged as one of the ways to identify one's own or to brand a person who refused the party. There is an opinion that entertainment has prison roots, however, it is unknown whether this is true or not. Among those ways to play the “Coin” before the blood, adolescents chose the most cruel. For example, instead of the prescribed punishment, a party member received much more dangerous things that were not regulated by the rules. Given the fact that “Coin” is popular throughout the CIS, the number of adherents of such entertainment was extremely large.

Classic Coin

how to play a coin until blood

In this case, we are talking about a simple game of fine motor skills and mindfulness. The number of participants in the round is 2, less often more. When one of the players unwound a coin of small denomination, the task of each was to use a click to force the shell to continue its movement. The one who did not succeed, as a result of which the coin simply fell, received a punishment, which could be as follows:

  • hit a coin on the table. To do this, the shell was sent along the surface with the thumb between the middle and the index finger, like a cue in billiards. The greater the acceleration, the greater the damage to the opponent’s fist. Among those options for playing Coin Up to Blood, this is one of the simplest and easiest punishments;
  • coin strike. A much tougher spectacle is when one teenager, holding a coin like brass knuckles, strikes a fist pressed to the table;
  • knuckles. Also, a rather painful punishment, the most cruel and strong scrapings in the palm of the opponent were encouraged, so as to guarantee tear off the skin.

It's easy to identify an avid player in Coin - knuckles of a fist knocked down in blood. Often, traces from the edge of the "shell" are visible on them. For some reason, the game was extremely popular, although it has no prize besides the lack of painful punishment.

Variations of the classic rules

cruel games

Like most street games, Coin got a lot of variations. One of the most striking, also called Trusilochka, is an analogue of entertainment for winning real money. When the player had nothing to pay, he was forced to put up his fist. In other cases, individual rules changed, for example, the number of participants. In this case, the unsuccessful completion of the round threatened the player with several blows at once, often in the same place. To pull away a hand meant to forever take a shameful place in the teenage hierarchy.

There were other variations in which the referee, a third-party representative, flipped a coin. At one point, the judge instead of the shell sent his own spit on the table, and the one who covered him with his palm received punishment. It is noteworthy that not one version of the rules, except for the aforementioned game for money, brought the winner any prizes other than the opportunity to hurt the opponent, which, in general, is significant.

A similar punishment was faced by the player in “Cams”, where the speed of the reaction was checked. Both opponents put their clenched palms opposite each other. Further fists came close. The opponents task is to hit the knuckles flat, the opponent at this time is trying to pull his hand away. Accordingly, the one who did not have time to do this, and receives his punishment.

Psychological effect

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Analyzing the effect of such cruel games on the development of society, it is easy to see that “Coin” immediately had two key vectors of influence on adolescents. The first and simplest is the definition of a leader from a position of strength, the only understandable criterion. Among those who learned how to play Coin before the Blood, and won, leaders of public cells were born. On the other hand, this method made it possible to remove anger secretly, without provoking adults to intervene.

Health threat

The rules of the game “Coin” to the blood are extremely cruel. At a certain point, the “shell” could simply be stuck in the knuckle, since the initial acceleration made it possible to dissect soft tissue in the palm of the hand. Naturally, the healing process after this lasted for months, leaving scars. There were cases when adolescents lost hand motility due to the fact that as a result of the next punishment, the tendon structure was disturbed. All together, this led to the fact that the game gradually became the property of the public and the alert attention of adults. Fortunately, now this entertainment is almost forgotten.


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