Hoods for barbecue and barbecue. How to make a cooker hood with your own hands? Cooker hood in a gazebo made of metal with your own hands: drawing

Many are interested in how to make a hood for a barbecue with your own hands. Before proceeding with the manufacture of devices, experts advise you to decide what type of oven you will use. Each type has its own chimney configuration.

cooker hood

The brazier, made by hand, has a unified rectangular design, the lower part of which is equipped with holes. When cooking food, the heat comes not only to the bottom of the device, but also to its walls. The air that enters through the holes is not enough to fry food, so you have to fan the coals. This causes smoke to spread in all directions. Therefore, a cooker hood should have a size twice that of the product itself.

cooker hoods for barbecue and barbecue

What can you make a homemade hood?

A cooker hood made by yourself can be metal or brick.

The brick construction is suitable for stationary type installation. Metal chimneys are more widespread. They are domed and mounted directly above the grill. Both hoods for barbecue and barbecue facilities have their pros and cons.

  • Metal devices have a higher level of functionality. But such devices require constant care, as they are susceptible to corrosion. Particles of rusty metal can get into food.
  • Brick chimneys are durable, but it is quite difficult to build them. In addition, such a construction is inherent in bulkiness.

When choosing a hood, consider the type of grill used and the area of ​​the room in which it is located.

cooker hood in the gazebo do it yourself

Making hoods from brick

The basis of this design is a frame made of corners. It is mounted on the back of the grill. The first row of bricks is laid perpendicular to the wall, and the rest in parallel.

Typically, a brick hood contains ten rows. The last row should be exactly the same size as the smoke hole. The diameter is regulated by a special valve. A visor is mounted above the pipe outlet.

What tools will be needed?

To make a brick hood, you need to cook:

  • level;
  • a rope;
  • plumb line;
  • Master OK;
  • container for mixing the solution.

When constructing a chimney for a stationary type barbecue, attention should be paid to the quality of the brick. This material will heat up, so it must have sufficient strength to abrupt temperature changes. Accordingly, for a chimney, it is better to purchase a special brick for furnaces, which is designed for specific temperature conditions.

Proper mixing of masonry mortar

When preparing a mortar for laying bricks, you must adhere to the correct proportion of sand and clay. The ratio should be 3: 7. So that the chimney laid out by you is distinguished by durability, it is better to use a solution based on clay, which has a refractory property. But if it is problematic to acquire such material, then ordinary clay soaked in water can be used. Care must be taken to ensure that sand and clay mix thoroughly. The mass should lie well on the smooth surface of the brick and not slide.

Production of metal hoods

A hood for a barbecue in the gazebo is mounted on your own , provided that the roof of the structure in the area of ​​docking with the pipe is made of refractory material.

drawing hoods for barbecue

Typically, the chimney has a truncated cone shape or looks like a canopy in the shape of a dome. In the center, it is equipped with an opening into which air contaminated by cooking enters. The edges of the hole are connected to a vertical pipe, the height of which is 3 m. The pipe for the hood extends from the center of the roof.

A hood for a barbecue in the shape of a dome has a diameter of 1.5 m. The umbrella is mounted on racks or suspended from the ceiling of the gazebo on chains. The back of the chimney should be equipped with a small bend. Professional craftsmen call it "tooth." This design contributes to better smoke removal. Above the hood, a special protective visor should be mounted to prevent precipitation from entering the pipe.

Do-it-yourself metal cooker hood is made of 2 mm thick sheet material. If there is none, then you can take another sheet metal. Copper will be a great choice.

cooker hood in a gazebo made of metal

The design of the umbrella should be smooth. Any irregularity helps reduce traction due to the accumulation of fat and soot in it. These elements are able to clog the chimney.

Remember that the hole in the fixture should fit snugly against the pipe. Asbestos is unsuitable for such a design.

The shape of the chimney does not have to be domed. A cooker hood in a gazebo made of metal can take the form of a cone, rectangle or square.

For manufacturing, a skill in working with sheet material is required, as well as mastery of riveting skills.

What do you need for work?

In order to make such a device, you need to prepare:

  • grinder;
  • meter;
  • hammer;
  • apparatus for welding;
  • riveting tools.

If you do not have experience working with metal, then it is better to resort to performing the simplest configuration in the form of a truncated pyramid. During installation, the device should not be allowed to come into contact with a gas pipe or electrical wiring.

The advantages of metal products

A metal hood has its advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the ability to use with different products;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • reasonable price for material.

Manufacturing steps

The following algorithm must be observed:

  • selected drawing hoods for barbecue;
  • material is selected;
  • parts are prepared;
  • blanks are joined by welding and riveting;
  • the chimney is mounted on special racks or attached to the ceiling through chains;
  • the device is coated with a special anti-rust material;
  • trial use of the device is carried out.

do-it-yourself metal cooker hood

Portable cooker hood

Cooking barbecue on the street is often problematic. For example, bad weather may not allow you to do this. The solution is to place the barbecue in the courtyard of a private house or a gazebo. Many cannot build the hoods described above. In this case, it is advised to resort to the assembly of the simplest design, designed for a portable type of barbecue.

What do you need?

In order to make a device such as a hood with your own hands made of metal, you will need:

  • steel corners with a thickness of 3 mm;
  • steel sheets 0.7 mm thick;
  • drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • rivets.
    do-it-yourself cooker hood


Using a grinder, sheets of metal are cut.

A steel frame of the future design is made of steel corners. In its form, it looks like a fireplace hood, which is sold in stores. Its size should be larger than the surface of the furnace both in length and in width. As a rule, the height of the fixture is 80 cm. A hole is installed in the upper part of the chimney for the pipe that is led out.

Sliced ​​steel sheets are drilled along with corners and secured with rivets. The height of the hood is selected in accordance with the height of the ceilings of the room in which it is located. Often the pipe is equipped with a removable deflector. It enhances traction. The chimney is installed on a skeleton of steel corners or suspended on a chain.

Helpful information

If you decide to make a hood for the brazier with your own hands, then you should certainly know what problems you may encounter when using it.

  • When the stove is ignited, smoke is collected in the room and does not enter the device. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the smoke that appears has a low temperature. Its density is the same as that of air, which causes a lack of traction. The problem will be solved by itself when the fire flares up and the temperature rises.
  • A cooker hood cannot pull smoke out of the room after the flame has flared up well. If you are faced with this situation, then this means that the chimney does not have the desired cross-section. For a do-it-yourself brick fixture, the optimal indicator is 26X26 cm. A metal pipe directed vertically can be made narrower. Its diameter should be at least 15 cm. This will ensure good aerodynamics.
  • Smoke drawn from the chimney does not rise high enough. To avoid this problem, the device’s pipe is mounted so that its upper edge is 3 m above the ground. This provides a high level of traction and good dispersion of smoke in the air.


It is well known that smoke generated during the combustion of coal or firewood emits toxic substances. Therefore, being close to the barbecue, which is not equipped with a hood, is dangerous to health. A person may begin to feel dizzy. In addition, clothing is inevitably saturated with the smell of burning.

To avoid problems, the furnace should be supplemented with a chimney. As a rule, it is made of metal. Cooker hood must be heat-resistant and not corroded.

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