How to make a vibrator for concrete with your own hands?

Such a device as a deep vibrator for concrete is used at almost every construction site. Using this tool, you can quickly remove excess moisture and air from the concrete solution. As a result of this, the obtained liquid becomes more homogeneous, and due to the fact that there are no pores in its composition, it can be used in the construction of any object. You can buy such a device in any specialized store, but it is quite possible to make a vibrator for concrete with your own hands. This is the issue we will consider in more detail today.

DIY vibrator for concrete

Core tools

As the main movable mechanism, you can use the usual household drill.

construction vibrator
But you should use only those devices in which there is the possibility of working as a hammer drill. As a rule, the power of such an electric drill is about 1 kilowatt. When making a vibrator for concrete with your own hands, do not forget to purchase additional special nozzles with an eccentric and a stainless steel tip. With these devices, you can safely get to work.

Do it yourself vibrator for concrete

To begin with, we need to pick up a stainless steel tube with diameters of 30-40 millimeters. At the same time, its length should be no more than 60 millimeters. For the inner shaft of the vibrator, you can use a metal pin with a width of 1.2 ... 1.5 centimeters. It is also necessary to weld a 15-mm pipe with a rectangular cross-section to it. Thus, at the exit, we get a ready-made motor mechanism, which will further shift the devices to the side and at the same time maintain constant vibration.

After we have a finished central element and a steel tube, we need to combine these two devices with each other by welding. Do not forget about the wire. For him, it is necessary to drill a through hole at each of the ends of the rod. And in order to ensure normal rotation of the cores, ordinary bearings can be used and put on the rounded end of the rod with their inner part. Bearings are installed at both ends of the mechanism.

In the next step, prepare a rubber or plastic tube and inner core. Using these two mechanisms, you need to make an eccentric shaft connecting the drill with the nozzle. In this way, constant vibration will be ensured; accordingly, concrete will not have excess formation of water and air. When making a vibrator for concrete with your own hands, put the tube on the device so that 4-4.5 centimeters remain on both sides. Why is this done? This is necessary so that the building vibrator, namely its core, rotates normally, thereby ensuring the effective removal of air and other impurities from liquid concrete. Put the sleeve on the rod, press it into the core and connect it together. In this case, the first element must be mounted so that it reliably hides unnecessary connections.

immersion vibrator for concrete


Everything, at this stage, our vibrator is successfully made. It remains only to pull the hose onto the sleeve and come up with a protective cover for the tip.


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