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With the advent of computers and communicators, reading books gradually faded into the background. Evidence of this are half-empty reading rooms and libraries. However, there are books that simply need to be read, no matter what. Such authors include Andrei Burovsky . What kind of writer is this? And what is so special about his works?

Brief information about the author

Andrei Mikhailovich is a bright representative of the media space. He is known for his works written in the popular science and journalistic style. He is a competent philosopher, curious archaeologist, historian and science fiction writer. Add to all of the above a doctorate in philosophical sciences, a defense as a candidate in historical sciences, and a leadership position in his publishing house.

Andrei Burovsky

Moreover, at the moment, Andrei Burovsky is the permanent parliamentary assistant and the “right hand” of the famous political figure Vladimir Rostislavovich Medinsky.

Author Biography

Andrey Burovsky was born in Krasnodar on July 7, 1955. At the moment, this literary genius is 61 years old. He is one of many authors who managed to find the formation and collapse of the USSR, which he often refers to in his works.

Like all children, Andrei went to school, was naughty and got a parental scolding for another “bad” behavior. In general, he was no different from the rest. Unless he loved to compose all sorts of fables, as his classmates claimed. Having received the long-awaited high school diploma, Burovsky went straight to the State Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of History. After passing the exams, he immediately began to study. According to the author himself, he was interested in history. He wanted to learn as much as possible, as well as share this information with others. And although the study was not given to the author too easily, he did not even doubt the correctness of the choice of the intended path.

Graduation and further education

Despite all the ups and downs, Andrei Mikhailovich Burovsky still graduated from the institute. The graduation ceremony, he said, took place in late 1980. It would seem that a higher education has been obtained, it is time to think about earning options. But no. Our author took a slightly different path.

Burovsky Andrew

It took a long time to prepare, and in mid-1987, he successfully defended his Ph.D. Her theme was a study based on the historical and cultural development of the Yenisei during the Paleolithic. At the end of 1996, Andrei Burovsky again defended his thesis, but on the subject of anthropoecology. This time he had to speak to an impressive audience at one of the largest Altai universities.

Achievements and titles

Work on dissertations did not go unnoticed. They started talking about the author. They began to listen to his opinion, and at the beginning of 1998 he was awarded the honorary title of professor.

The next step of the writer was the difficult work on the development of an entertaining concept of the biosphere associated with its transition to the noosphere according to Vernadsky. Later, he became a member of the Ecological Academy, became a member of the Union of Scientists in St. Petersburg and headed the department of the International Academy of Noosphere in Krasnodar.

Scientific and other projects of the writer

Then Andrei Burovsky began to work on his own projects, the purpose of which was to develop such a new direction in philosophy as noospherology. Based on data from other specialists, the author finalized the already existing theory about the concept of noosphere education. Among other topics that at that time were of interest to the writer, the following can be distinguished:

  • theory of development and emergence of culture;
  • metaphysical processes and their problems;
  • relations between society and nature;
  • the history of science;
  • the origin of cross-cultural contacts and others.

Burovsky Andrei Mikhailovich

Thanks to such diverse interests, Andrey managed to establish himself as a comprehensively developed personality.

Author's writing

In addition to scientific activity, Andrei Burovsky often expressed his thoughts on paper. At the moment, he is the author of more than a hundred published and already published works on scientific topics.

He also wrote 4 monographs, over 20 popular science works related to Russian history. In addition, with his participation, a whole cycle of militants was developed that narrated about the pressing problems of modern Siberia.

Burovsky Andrei Mikhailovich: books

Since 2000, with the authorship of Andrei Mikhailovich, a lot of interesting materials have been published. For example, one of his first books was "Russia, which was not." This book provides a chain of studies related to the period of formation of Western and Eastern Russia. Moreover, most of the publication is reduced to the study of opinions and facts that hold back real events.

Andrei Burovsky books

After that there was the “Failed Empire” of 2001, “Siberian Horror”, “Taiga Doesn’t Believe in Tears”, “The Devil’s Ring”, “Don’t Wake the Sleeping Taiga”, “St. Petersburg as a Geographical Phenomenon” of 2003 and much more. All this was written by Andrei Burovsky. Books with his research, undeniable evidence and opinions blew up the capital's elite. According to the author, they fulfilled their mission by completely changing people's opinions about real facts in history.

The most striking works of the writer

Among the author's works there are many interesting books, but the most distinguished among them are those that received positive feedback from readers. For example, the anthology “Inexplicable phenomena. It was really, ”written in 2015. The publication refers to a number of non-standard phenomena that are actually described by archaeologists, historians and scientists. In it one can meet non-fictional stories about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, ghosts and geopathic zones.

Burovsky Andrei Mikhailovich also became the author of the bestselling book Civil History of the Crazy War of 2007. In it, the writer talks about a slightly different view of the civil war. According to many users, in this work they liked the ease of presenting information, honesty and spoken language.

Burovsky Andrei Mikhailovich books

No less informative is a fantastic story called “Hell is closed. Everyone went to the front "2011. In it, the author continues the theme of global world conspiracies, and also describes the real and secret causes of revolutions. The book speaks not only of the "bloody regime of the USSR", but also of the teachings of Shambhala, the Zionists, the Third Reich and much more.

Another bright work on which Alexander Bushkov and Andrei Burovsky worked was Siberian Horror . It deals with unexplained phenomena occurring in Siberia. For example, in the book you can read real stories about ghosts, mermaids, werewolves, the dead and other representatives of the other world.

Criticism and opinions on the books of the writer

Despite his degree, Burovsky is an ambiguous person. He bases all his research on the words of real people, which are difficult for ordinary people to check. Therefore, many readers doubted the veracity of certain facts. According to them, such works more closely resemble one of the possible events, but do not prove the fact of its existence. Even such opinions have a right to exist, users say.

Andrey Burovsky Siberian horror

Others are convinced of the veracity of the information provided by the author. Based on his conclusions, they make their own and even try to impose them on other lovers of historical and philosophical literature.

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