How to ride a skateboard: first steps for beginners

If you have no idea how to ride a skateboard, but want to learn this, you will have to learn a lot of the intricacies of this business, starting with the right choice of board. It should be noted that almost everyone can master this sport, despite their age.

how to ride a skateboard
So, for starters, you should choose the right skateboard itself. Pay attention to its size (for the first lessons, choose a narrow product). Also see if there are side bends on the deck (board), thanks to which you can make stops and turns, as well as various tricks. On a quality product, there must be a lower plastic layer, thanks to which you can safely slide along the railing. However, such a detail is needed by a more experienced athlete. Before riding on a skateboard, glue sandpaper on its surface on a self-adhesive basis. Thanks to this, even the most slippery sole will not move off the board.

how to ride a skateboard
Naturally, you need to pay attention to the wheels (if their diameter is small, then the maneuverability of the device becomes higher). Also look at the material for manufacturing these elements. Stiffer wheels give high speed, but their depreciation is not as good as we would like.

So, if you still do not understand how to ride a skateboard, put on a helmet, knee pads and elbow pieces, put the board on a flat surface (preferably asphalt) and just try to stand on it. You need to learn to balance, so as not to fall while moving. At this stage, try to stand on one and two legs, rearrange them alternately. Choose the most comfortable body position for yourself.

Pay attention to the supporting leg, which should be the first to stand. If everything works out well, then you can slowly start moving along one trajectory and work out stops. Naturally, you will fall, but as without it. Since you need to learn hard to ride a skateboard, you will need a little time. For each athlete, the first stage is different.

skateboard for beginners how to ride
To slow down and stop, the supporting leg should be moved to the end of the board and pressed on it. This movement will be a kind of brake, after which the skate will not go so fast. Next, the leg standing behind, you need to remove and stop. You can slow down in a different way. To do this, you need to strongly press the supporting foot on the back edge of the board so that the front is in the air. It must be manageable. If you feel that you will fall, immediately jump off the board.

Before you can ride a skateboard more professionally, you need to master the turns. To do this, the supporting leg must be moved to the edge of the board so that its front part is raised at a certain angle. After that, the housing should be turned in the necessary direction. Naturally, this trick should be tried first on the spot. In this case, do not forget to change the position. You should also remember that you need to train turns in both directions.

After the basic movements will turn out quite well, you can begin to study other tricks. That's all the highlights. We hope that this small master class called "Skateboard for beginners: how to ride?" help you master this challenging science.


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