The US Embassy in Kazakhstan is the first step to the American dream!

The United States is a state of immigrants. Every year, the influx of immigrants in the United States is only increasing, and this is not just so. The USA is a developed state with a high standard of living. In pursuit of the American dream, many seek to leave their homes, but it turns out this is not for everyone. Most of the applicants from Kazakhstan are eliminated during the visit to the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. Obtaining an immigrant or tourist visa in the USA is very difficult, and yet this cannot be done remotely. In any case, you have to pay a visit to the embassy. This is an integral part of obtaining a visa and cannot be avoided. Moreover, it is necessary to seriously prepare for it.

U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan


The embassy of the applicants expects a short but very intense interview with the US Consul. He will ask some leading questions and decide on his own. It is impossible to say exactly what criteria the consul has. He is authorized to refuse a visa, even if he simply did not like the dialogue.

In order to visit the US Embassy in Kazakhstan was not stressful, you need to prepare in advance. The consul asks the following questions:

  • How long is the visit to the USA planned?
  • Does the applicant have a place to stay (booking or a private house with friends).
  • Are you planning to return to your homeland.
  • How much cash assets the applicant has.

However, the consul, in addition, may ask anything. Communication takes place in Kazakh or Russian. In some cases in English.

US Embassy in Kazakhstan how to get

It is also necessary to follow the dress code established by the internal routine. Formal costume allowed: neat trousers and shirt. Wearing a jacket is not necessary. Instead of trousers, you can wear jeans, but without design elements. You need to come sober and with ready-made documents. Carrying large bags into the territory of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan or the consulate is prohibited. It’s best to come light. Having a mobile phone is also not advisable. At the checkpoint, all visitors are required to inspect. This is a standard procedure if the visitor does not violate the established requirements.

A mobile phone is the basis for a thorough search. Security guards will need to make sure that the phone can be used at the embassy. In case of uncertainty, they may remove the battery or the device itself. Upon leaving the building, all personal belongings will be returned. It is not recommended to wear a hijab. This will undoubtedly attract the attention of security guards and provoke a more thorough search.

How to find an embassy?

Everyone who wants to visit the United States, regardless of their goals, must go to the embassy. Most people have never come across this. In some cases, the location of the embassy is a problem.

US Embassy in Kazakhstan Address

How to get to the US Embassy in Kazakhstan? Very simple! In general, the embassy is very well located and getting to it will not be a particular problem. Many are embarrassed by the presence of not only the embassy, ​​but also the Consulate General. The embassy is located in the capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Astana.

The Consulate General is located in Almaty. It is not always authorized to consider applications for immigrant visas. You should always check where you need to go. The most objective information is only on the official website of the embassy.

The official address of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan is: Astana, Rakhimzhan Koshkarbayev Avenue, 3. The building is located on the right bank of the beautiful Yesil River. Independence Square acts as a convenient guideline. This is a popular tourist destination, so there should be no problems with the road. You can get by taxi, public transport and even walk from Independence Square.


The Consulate General has a completely different address. It is located at Samal-2, Zholdasbekova Street 97 (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Getting to it is not hard, because the Abaya metro station is within walking distance.

Online registration

You cannot enter the embassy without online registration. Regardless of the type of visa, applicants write an application and schedule an interview with the consul. At the appointed time you need to arrive at the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. To be late is highly discouraged. There is almost always a queue at the embassy. The electronic line is moving fast enough. Waiting is called on the speaker several times.


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