How to log in to Avito: complete instructions for working with the site

Novice users are often interested in how to log in to Avito. But not everyone understands what the site wants from them. After all, authorization is an incomprehensible word for beginners. Especially for those who have just begun their acquaintance with the computer and the Internet. What to do if, when working on Avito, he writes: "Log in"? And why do you need to go through this process?

how to log in to avito


For starters, it’s worth knowing what we’ll be dealing with. It's no secret that Avito is a large ad hosting. It has gained immense popularity among users. And to work with it, you need the so-called authorization. You can see all the ads without this. But for full work, you will have to go through this process.

What does it mean to “log in to Avito? The user must confirm that he is a real person, not a bot or a scammer. Authorization is the entrance to the site with your username and password. In other words, visiting the resource from a personal profile. It allows you to work with the site to the full and use all its features.


How to log in to Avito? For this, as already mentioned, you will have to log in to the site with your username and password. You should go through a small registration process that will allow you to implement the idea.

To get started, visit the Avito website. Now look in the upper right corner. There you will find the inscription "Login and Registration". Click on it, and then select "Registration" in the window that appears. It is under the authorization field. Nothing complicated yet, right?

what does it mean log in to avito

How to log in to Avito? Fill in the registration fields. Please note: you can be registered as an individual (personally) or as a company. For private ads, you should choose the first option. If you plan to give messages on behalf of the company, you will have to choose the second. Fill in all the fields, and then click on the "Register" button. It is located at the very bottom of the registration window, green.

Share of doubt

True, there is one point that confuses users. It refers to registration. If you look closely at the fields to fill in, you will notice that you should enter a mobile phone number there. Many users are afraid of such registration. Maybe after that they will start debiting funds from your SIM card or will they even steal a number?

Not at all. Remember: Avito is a proven and completely secure site. A mobile phone number is needed for two reasons. The first is confirmation of the authenticity of the account and you as an individual. That you are not a scammer, but a real person. The second is user convenience. The phone number indicated during registration, you can specify in the announcement for communication. Or hide it altogether. In addition, the cellular helps to restore access to your account with some incidents. So you can safely enter your number, starting with nine, in the appropriate field. There will be nothing wrong. But remember: only one account can be linked to one number.

Log in to Avito

Account Verification

Are you asked to log in to Avito? Basically, we already have an account that will work with the site. Only it needs to be confirmed. Without this, the process cannot be considered complete. Indeed, in which case you may be considered a deceiver and a fraudster.

Account confirmation is an important point during registration and for authorization in general. To do this, go to your e-mail, which was specified during registration, and find the letter from Avito there. Warning: it may be located in the "Spam" section. Inside the message is a link. Follow it - the account is verified. You can use it.


How to log in to Avito to submit an ad? Now that you already have your own profile, and even confirmed, this task will not cause any inconvenience.

You just need to visit the Avito website and click on the "Login and Registration" button in the upper right corner. In the upper field, enter your email address specified when you received the profile, in the lower field - the password you created. Next, click on the yellow "Login" button.

on avito ask to log in

You will be taken to the "My Account". There you can place your own ad, make adjustments to existing posts, correspond with users, and also delete irrelevant offers (your own). There is nothing complicated about it. In addition, here you can confirm your mobile number. This process is important if you really need the trust of potential customers. In principle, working in the "My Account" does not require any knowledge from the user. Just click on the desired menu item, fill in the fields, if necessary, upload a photo / select the function necessary for the implementation and confirm your actions. During any manipulation, a message about the changes will be sent to your email address. In addition, if you indicated in the ad the item “Receive questions by e-mail”, this is where messages from users will come to you. But they will be labeled as Avito. Do not be surprised at this.

Social networks

But there is another option, how to log in to Avito. Social networks will help here. You can simply link your profile to the site, and then log in without registering.

how to log in to avito to submit an ad

To do this, click on the "Login and Registration" button on the Avito main page. Under the login window, you will see several vivid pictures illustrating social networks. For example: "VKontakte", "Twitter", "Facebook", "". In addition, you have the right to authenticate with Google + or Odnoklassniki. Click on the desired picture of the social network, then allow access to the account (check the box next to the corresponding inscription), then click "OK." That's all. Now you can log in to Avito using your social network profile. Not the most popular option, but it does.


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