Amphetamine preparation

Amphetamine is practically the most popular drug. He was most in demand among teenagers in the fifties of the last century in Japan.

Initially, amphetamine was synthesized as an appetite suppressant, but after it began to be used as a medicine for relieving headaches and relieving fatigue, amphetamine production increased to an industrial scale. The recipe for amphetamine includes the dopamine formula, which is a chemical analogue, and the action is similar to the effects of adrenaline and norepinephrine.

A distinctive feature of the action of this drug is its ability to include reserves of energy of the human body. A person who has taken amphetamine may not sleep all night, work more productively, and the like. At the same time, it is not a source of energy, it literally sucks this energy from the body, depletes its resources, which then need to be restored. As expected from this type of stimulant, after the active phase, a period of lethargy, lethargy, drowsiness, decreased libido and so on begins.

Every student who has visited biology knows in what situations in our body produces a sharp adrenaline rush: stress and fear. It causes quickness of thought and clarity, an increase in the physical capabilities of the body, and a heart rate. The effect of amphetamine is similar, the body is constantly under stress.

During the sorties, the American pilots regularly used this stimulant to avoid eating and sleeping, and to take off flights without fatigue. In the future, this tool was adopted by other armies of the world, in various branches of the army.

A large number of drug trafficking and drug-related crimes are related to amphetamine. The preparation of amphetamine for a person interested in this is not a secret and quite affordable. The Internet is simply littered with instructions and video tutorials on how to make this potion. But, despite the seeming simplicity, the preparation of amphetamine without knowledge in the fields of chemistry is not an easy task. Take at least the entry C9H13N (the chemical formula of amphetamine), it should say at least something to those who read it, except for a set of numbers and letters.

In any case, the preparation of amphetamine clandestinely almost always produces a dirty product with a various number of harmful, toxic impurities, which is dangerous for use. Well, since the underground are not interested in protecting national health, one can only guess about the cleanliness of the drug production process.

As evidence, you can list the substances that amphetamine production requires: sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, gasoline (technical acetone), mercury salt, and many more similar ingredients. So turn on the imagination, imagining how all this muck is smoked, sniffed, injected into the veins, muscles, and some "wise men" do not disdain to consume through the enema either.

The recipe for amphetamine in clandestine manufacture may include, in principle, incompatible substances. It is necessary to note the ingenuity of clandestine pharmacists, in order to formally circumvent the laws prohibiting the trafficking of narcotic substances, they created many chemical formulas where neutral substances are included in the composition of amphetamine. Since the list of the prohibited drug consists of a definition of the formula, the “black” pharmacist modifies it and evades prosecution.

At present, it cannot be said that amphetamine preparation has been suspended. It is used in medicine, in the fight against excess weight, fatigue, and sexual disorders. Although the society is actively struggling with drug addiction, it is theoretically impossible to buy amphetamine without a doctor’s prescription, in reality unscrupulous pharmacies sell these drugs without any permission. And the addicts themselves admit that you can buy other drugs that have a sufficient content of amphetamines.

For reference: the manufacture, storage and distribution of amphetamine is a criminal offense and involves a term of three to seven years in prison, with the confiscation of property (Article 228 of the Criminal Code).


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