Yoga: morning complex for beginners. Exercises and recommendations

Yoga - a complex of morning, afternoon or evening, which is not just a kind of sport. In fact, it is an ancient Indian philosophy that controls body, spirit, and mind. All these three components contribute to the achievement of harmony and enlightenment, which is difficult to achieve in any other way.

morning yoga complex

The benefits of yoga

Many people think about the question of whether yoga is useful at home. The morning complex has many advantages, the main of which are given below:

  1. The body will become strong, healthy, gain flexibility. After regular classes, each person will feel the flexibility that could not be achieved before. With yoga, the muscles and ligaments become more elastic and make it possible to freeze in a pose that a month ago seemed simply impossible.
  2. Guaranteed relaxation. The mind will calm down, all unnecessary and disturbing thoughts will go away. After a few lessons, the body will become resistant to stress and any external irritations.

Where to start classes

Yoga - a morning set of exercises for which you do not need to spend money on equipment. To perform the exercises, you only need comfortable clothes and a sliding surface. The room should be chosen spacious, with the most suitable temperature. Special music for classes will help to relax and remove from the head all unnecessary thoughts.

yoga morning complex for beginners

Beginner Exercises

Yoga (morning complex for beginners) is necessary for every person. If you perform elementary exercises, the charge of positiveness and vivacity will not leave throughout the day. And even the most unpleasant news will be perceived easier and without aggression.

The simplest yoga, morning or evening complex, consists of 4 exercises, which will be enough to get the first positive results:

  1. Standing straight, legs with the width of the shoulders, feet and body unfold in one direction. Then you should tilt the body parallel to the floor, and arms extended forward.
  2. Again, an upright position, but the legs are spread a little wider. Hands fall to the floor as much as possible. The head should go down, and the tailbone - up.
  3. In the previous position, the feet turn outward, and the arms rise up (you can parallel to each other or connect your palms). Then the legs bend at the knees, not dropping to the formation of a right angle.
  4. The final pose is relaxation. To do this, you just need to lie on the floor, forming a straight horizontal line with your whole body, and relax for at least 3 minutes.

Breathing exercises

Respiratory yoga - a morning complex for beginners, which will help to establish a connection with your own consciousness. After all, having mastered the inner consciousness, each person will be able to control thoughts and remain calm in tense situations.

hatha yoga morning complex

  1. Cleansing. Standing in an even position, you should take a deep breath with your nose, and then, depicting a broad smile on your face, exhale in small portions through your mouth.
  2. For the development of voice. In the same position, a breath is taken through the nose, and then through a wide open mouth - a sharp and quick exhalation.
  3. Morning. Respiratory yoga is a morning complex that contains an exercise that eliminates drowsiness. To do this, it is necessary to stand evenly on the rug, straining all muscles as much as possible. Climbing toes, take a deep breath, and after 3-4 seconds, dropping back to the feet - a complete exhalation.

Evening complex

The usual morning yoga complex for men can be replaced with the evening version. After all, often the representatives of the stronger sex are too lazy to do anything in the early morning. The exercises are quite simple, so everyone can easily perform them.

energy yoga morning complex

  1. Standing straight, with a straight back and arms stretched straight up, you need to slowly bend your legs, as if sitting down on a chair. You need to try to stay in this position for about 30 seconds, then after 10-20 seconds, repeat again.
  2. Sitting on the floor, the feet are joined together, and the knees are bred. With the help of hands you need to lower your back to the floor, without taking your legs off the floor. It is recommended to lie down for a minute, and then repeat another 4-5 times.
  3. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hands are spread apart, the feet are turned in one direction, and one leg is bent until a right angle appears. Then one hand falls to the floor, and the second should be directed clearly up. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Hatha yoga

More and more girls like the morning hatha yoga complex. After all, it is these exercises that develop flexibility, energize for the coming day and give positive emotions.

morning yoga complex for men

Many immediately try to try on themselves difficult exercises, which is a mistake. To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the complex for beginners, as well as find out more information about this type of yoga.

Basic Rules

The first step is to find out at what age classes will benefit:

  • the smallest children need fresh air and regular walks in the park;
  • from the age of 6, you can begin to teach your child proper breathing and try the simplest yoga exercises;
  • from 10 years old it is allowed to relax in the Lotus position;
  • at 17 years old, it is time to begin to master complex static and dynamic exercises, as well as learn to control your own breathing;
  • Up to 40 years, you should regularly practice skills and improve them, but after the transition of this trait, in addition to yoga, it is best to add walks;
  • after 50 years, it is desirable to reduce the pace, but not to stop classes.

yoga morning exercise complex
Women are fans of yoga and consider it the best sport and a way to relax, but there are some limitations for them:

  • during menstruation, it is strictly forbidden to perform exercises upside down, it is better to replace them with breathing exercises;
  • beginners should instead of power elements walk more often in the fresh air or visit a swimming pool;
  • in the first days of pregnancy, it is allowed to perform absolutely all asanas, but before that it is better to consult a doctor;
  • after childbirth (the first couple of months) it is forbidden to engage, and after the time has expired, the exercises should begin with the simplest ones.

In addition to the above precautions, you should also know what common (for men and women) limitations yoga has. The morning complex for harmony and beauty will certainly give a result that will be noticeable quite quickly. But you can not overdo it to quickly achieve the desired goal.

yoga morning complex for harmony and beauty

Simple rules should be followed by everyone:

  • after spending a long time in the heat, it is not recommended to engage;
  • people who have problems with pressure or the cardiovascular system cannot perform exercises without consulting a doctor;
  • combining several sports, performing them at the same time, is prohibited;
  • in the presence of frequent dizziness, exercises with the head tilted down should be replaced with forward bends.


Energy yoga (morning complex) requires special preparation before the start of the lesson. First of all, you should pay attention to clothing (it should be free so as not to hamper movement) and shoes (if possible, it is best to do without shoes). In addition, there are a few simple rules:

  • 20 minutes before the start of the workout, an invigorating contrast shower will not be superfluous;
  • ideal time for yoga is 5-6 hours in the morning;
  • itโ€™s not worth exercising on an empty stomach, but at least 2 hours should pass between eating and training;
  • outdoor exercises will be easier to carry out and a calm outdoor environment will help to concentrate.

Five invigorating asanas

Knowing all the basic rules and recommendations, you can proceed with the exercises. The five best asanas will show what real yoga is. The complex (morning) will not require additional equipment.

yoga at home morning complex

  1. Asana Tarudasana (weaving) . It is performed in a standing position: one leg is intertwined around the other (so that the fingers are on the calf muscle). Hands intertwine at chest level to connect the palms. After 20 seconds in the pose, take a short break and repeat, changing legs and the direction of curl.
  2. Asana Vrikshasana (tree pose) . In an upright position, the foot of one leg is placed on the knee of the other, and the arms are raised up, joining the palms. It is recommended to stay in the tree pose for at least 20 seconds, after which the legs change.
  3. Asana Virabhadrasana (warlike pose) . Standing straight, one leg is lifted back, forming a straight line with the trunk, and with the second leg - perpendicular. Hands reach forward and interlock with each other. The balance must be kept for about 30 seconds, and then change the leg.
  4. Asana Ardha Matsyendrasana (twisting of the spine) . Sitting on the rug, one leg is bent and pulled to the body (the heel and knee on the floor), and the second leg, bent at a right angle, is placed with the foot behind the knee. The body itself is twisted in the lower back. In this position, relaxing is allowed no more than a minute.
  5. Asana Gomukhasana ("the cow's head") . One arm rises straight up and bends at the elbow so that the palm reaches the shoulder blades. The second hand does the same actions, only from below, that is, it goes down, bends at the elbow. Then the fingers of both hands interlock. When performing, you should keep your back straight (without stooping or bending). In total, you can hold out in this position for about 20 seconds, alternately changing hands.


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