Do-it-yourself website promotion: expert advice

Recently, the promotion of a site on its own has become a very popular affair. This lesson, of course, is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. True, not everyone understands this. And they believe that they can easily promote their own website without unnecessary hassle. Unfortunately, not everyone can turn an idea into reality. If you pay specially trained people, then the creation and promotion of the site will cost you quite expensive. So sometimes you just need to know some secrets that will help you do everything yourself, without outside help.

website promotion on their own

Why myself

But before that, you should understand why it is best to do everything yourself. Promotion of the site on its own, as already mentioned, is not an easy task. And besides, paying for this service to third parties will be expensive. So the first reason why it’s best to comprehend the ways of website promotion yourself is to save.

The second point: as they say, if you want to do something well, do it yourself. Indeed, if a person independently unwinds his page, and even skillfully, then he will achieve greater results than in contact with specialists. This means that the effectiveness of actions is increasing.

Website promotion and promotion is not only difficult but also an interesting activity. If you can promote your own page, then over time it will become an additional source of income.

Types of visits

Let's start with what people do not know about the created sites. This is the first problem to be faced. Website promotion and promotion can be carried out in many ways. But they are all divided into three subtypes.

Sorting by visits is an important point that will allow you to choose the right direction when promoting.

Direct access to the site is the first type of visit. When a site is promoted on its own, this feature is usually overlooked. With a direct visit, users will find out about your page with the help of business cards, ads, television, etc. The pages selected in the browser bookmarks are also considered a direct visit.

website promotion and promotion

The second option is via a link from another site. We can say this is a kind of redirected visit. Promotion of a site on its own very often implies the use of this particular method. Usually nothing special is needed for him. For example, you can create banners or just chat and insert links to your page in messages. True, the latter method is not very welcome.

The last type of visit is a search. People find the necessary information on your page, due to which there is a promotion and promotion of sites. This is also a very good scenario. But he may need help. In principle, the ways of website promotion are diverse. And to get the maximum result, you just need to use all types of visits. But how to do it with minimal cost? Let's try to figure it out.


The site promotion system is very difficult to understand. But if you try to express its meaning in simple language, then people just have to quickly find the information they need on your page. And then it will spin up much faster. What helps in this? Of course, specialization. That is, the chosen direction.

website creation and promotion

You need to make a choice at the page development stage. Agree, it will not be very convenient to visit an online clothing store where you can read a book and watch a movie. At first glance, it might seem that this is the best website promotion on its own. But, as practice shows, pages specialized in one direction are more popular. So it is from this that the creation and promotion of the site should begin.


After you have thought about what your page will be about, you need to prepare a small plan. One according to which users are supposed to search your site among others.

In principle, often people are not very serious about this problem, because there is such a thing as SEO-optimization of a site. Just it becomes the most popular activity on the network. And thanks to this step, website promotion itself is very convenient.

What's the point? That you write the so-called keywords, according to which the search and delivery of your site in search engines will occur. After that, you need to conduct SEO copywriting. In other words, in a special way write the text of your page. Usually this is done by specially trained people - copywriters. But you can spend several hours of your time yourself and prepare a quality text for filling. Keep it all and wait. The result will be visible pretty quickly. This site promotion system is extremely popular. After all, as practice shows, it attracts visitors the best.

Social networks

Among other things, social networks can help you. If you are an active user with many friends and acquaintances, then it's time to invite your comrades to visit your page. Of course, this is not the best case scenario. But to get started, he is more than good.

The main thing is not to post announcements and requests openly. You can simply be blocked for advertising and spam. Not the best outcome. So it’s better just to ask different friends a little to evaluate the page you created. So there is the initial promotion and promotion of sites. In addition, you can sometimes mention a page in different communities. But also without unnecessary advertising - it will be followed by a profile blocking.

site promotion system

This option is not suitable for inactive users. Thus, we have to come up with more universal options for the development of events. Especially if a person plans to engage in serious business using the site.


As a matter of fact, very often spam is an effective method of promotion. Or advertising. It is best to register under some specially created mail and with an invented name on a variety of sites and forums with the same specialization as yours. After that, it’s easy enough to compose and send an advertising message that will attract new users.

In principle, an effective, but rather suspicious and dubious approach to solving the problem. Why? Very often people hide viruses in this way. So you have to work hard to attract users and prove that you are not a scammer and not a villain. It usually helps here a long presence on the forum as a real active person. Inspire confidence, and then spam can help you. Promotion of the site on its own in this case will turn out to be a success.

website promotion methods

contextual advertising

Another effective way to solve the problem is to use contextual advertising. True, you will have to pay a little for it. But the money is not so big that you can worry.

Contextual advertising is the very ads that the search engine shows you everywhere. For example, Yandex.Direct or Google. And here you will also have to think a bit about SEO optimization. In addition, it would be nice to study the most frequent requests of users in search engines regarding your direction in order to include phrases in advertising.

This is not the fastest, but legal and cost-effective method. It does not scare away users, because Google, for example, will not advertise a page with viruses. The trust of visitors is what helps you quickly increase the popularity of the site.

For direct visits

If money does not matter to you, then sometimes you can spend money on securing a large number of direct visits to your page. As already mentioned, this happens with the help of seen advertising on TV or in newspapers, on business cards and flyers. All this will help you in promotion.

site promotion yourself

To succeed, it's best to leave your flyers everywhere. Everywhere, wherever you are, at work, at the university, in a cafe, and so on. The main thing is to think carefully about the design of the flyer and the text on it. All this should attract users. And when the job is done, just wait. The method will not bring huge success, but people will learn about the existence of your site and will be able to visit it when it is necessary.


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