Modern public buildings

public buildings
The appearance of the city depends not only on the proper planning of residential areas and their rational development, but also on how public buildings are located in it, how convenient, functional and beautiful they are. What are these buildings, how to properly design them, how to use outdated rooms - all this is necessary for architectural specialists to know to create truly modern, elegant and at the same time practical structures for people.

Classification of public buildings

The main function of these facilities is to provide convenience and comfort to residents of megacities and small towns, satisfying all the needs and requirements. Conventionally, they can be divided into functional, commercial and cultural centers. Public buildings are as follows:

  • Objects of health care, sports and physical training. These are primarily hospitals and special sanatoriums, treatment centers, rest homes, and boarding houses. Also in this category are a variety of stadiums for sports games and training centers, sports palaces, etc.
  • Scientific and educational centers (schools, kindergartens, universities, research institutes).
  • Trading public buildings and structures. A variety of shops, department stores, covered markets and similar buildings.
  • Cultural centers: museums, theaters and cinemas, exhibition halls, palaces of culture, etc.
  • Hotels and motels, hostels, campsites, etc.
  • Transport public buildings - bus and train stations, airports and river stations.
  • Construction organizations, design centers.
  • Created to meet financial needs - banks, savings banks, insurance companies.

public buildings and structures
The list can be added and extended; this list is far from complete. Such structures need to be designed with great care and thoughtfulness, because in most cases we are talking about buildings in which the human stream is constantly passing, and the requirements for safety and the rational organization of space are extremely high.

The construction of modern public buildings - the most daring and interesting ideas

First of all, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations on which public buildings are erected - SNiP (building codes and rules) for them were developed by specialists. They are quite rigid and limited, so we are used to their standard architectural solutions and simple appearance.

But modern technologies do not stand still, and in the field of construction and architecture there is an active development of new interesting projects, not only functional, but also unusual and impressive. Given the fact that compliance with norms and rules is necessary very strictly, such creativity borders on genius. Architects of our century are real talented masters of their craft.

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The most popular and original projects on which modern public buildings are being built include unusual architectural forms, a creative solution to the internal space, as well as environmental friendliness and safety. β€œGreen” houses, semicircular stadiums, crazy-shaped theaters and museums - the appearance of cities is changing more and more, delighting and surprising their residents.


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