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When there is a need for real estate, the necessary amount for its purchase is not always found. In addition, not all borrowers are willing to spend time looking for banks and reviewing loan programs. Everything rests on desire and time. But there is an organization that can solve all these problems for you. It is the first Russian Internet bank Tinkoff. Mortgages, reviews and features of its design in this company have become one of the most popular requests today. Therefore, we decided to analyze existing reviews and understand the profitability of offers from this bank. What are the features of such treatment? How much can I expect? And how is the registration procedure different from other credit organizations?

tinkoff mortgage reviews

Brief information about the bank

Tinkoff is one of the most unusual banks in Russia, specializing in customer service via the Internet. It was originally called Khimmashbank and was established in 1994. After 11 years, it was bought out by the well-known businessman Oleg Tinkov, who managed to radically not only change the name of the financial institution, but also revise the principle of its work.

What services does Tinkoff offer?

Since its appearance on the financial market of the Russian Federation, Tinkoff (mortgage - a service that has appeared here recently) has completely abandoned universally accepted work standards. His task was to maximize the light version of the service with minimal effort. For example, all services provided by this loan guarantee were performed remotely. And the only office of the company was the real branch of the bank, located at: Moscow, 1st Volokolamskiy proezd, 10, building 1.

As it progressed in the domestic credit services market, the bank created and offered various products. One of the most famous among them was credit cards issued online. They are still a kind of business card for the company. Not stopping there, the representatives of the guarantor periodically introduce new services and services. So, from a recent moment, tempting deposit programs have appeared in their financial menu, providing for quick processing of debit cards.

Later, the bank began to offer the services of a professional credit broker. This time, housing loans appeared in the banking product portfolio, becoming Tinkoff’s new flagship. The mortgage, the conditions of which were selected individually, very quickly won the hearts of new and old guarantor customers.

tinkoff bank mortgage

Brief summary of mortgages at Tinkoff Bank

Unlike other financial organizations, the bank itself does not issue housing loans. In this case, he acts as a credit intermediary and offers mortgage products to his partners. His responsibilities include accepting online applications from customers who wish to obtain a housing loan, as well as their full advice on lending. Then he collects the necessary package of documents from potential borrowers and submits response requests to other partner banks. After that, the loaned person can familiarize themselves with the possible options and choose the appropriate mortgage program. So, in fact, Tinkoff (bank) works. A mortgage is not registered here, but professional help is provided in its selection and design.

Mortgage loans at Tinkoff Bank - is it profitable?

Mortgage loans is a very sensitive and serious matter. Therefore, it is so important to choose not only a bank, but also a loan expert who will help you in word and deed. In response to your appeal, Tinkoff Bank (a mortgage in this organization will help solve existing housing problems) will offer you a number of privileges. For example, if you have the appropriate documents, you can get a loan in the amount of up to 100 million rubles.

In addition, you will find not just a one-time free consultation, but long-term communication with a personal manager. It is he who will be able to dispel doubts and mistaken opinions about bank loans, calculate the amount of overpayment and draw up an approximate loan schedule.

In addition, the mortgage at Tinkoff Bank (reviews of the service provided can be found below) involves a down payment of up to 15%. In addition, if you take a housing loan through the Tinkoff institution, you can save a whole percentage of the bank rate. And this is much more profitable than contacting the lender directly. For comparison: with loans in domestic currency, the rate starts at 10.5%.

Finally, contacting this financial institution will help increase the chances of approving a loan. This is due to the fact that the client's application is sent to several banks at once. Which will significantly reduce the time spent searching and narrow the circle of potential lenders.

mortgage in tinkoff bank reviews

Tinkoff: mortgage, reviews (Petrozavodsk)

Despite the fact that the bank offers brokerage services more recently, many people have already managed to use them. For example, real odes to a financial institution can be heard from the inhabitants of Petrozavodsk. Some of them are inspired by the qualified service and courtesy of Tinkoff Bank employees, who advise and answer questions by telephone without any problems.

Other users who were interested in the Tinkoff mortgage (reviews of the program can be heard from people with different income levels) liked the simplicity of the procedure. According to them, they only sent an application, and the company employees did the rest for them: they agreed with the bank, with insurance and appraisal companies. In a word, ol inclusive, or all inclusive.

Still others liked the ease of payments. According to them, monthly payments can be transferred without problems through the terminals in Euroset, as well as in Svyaznoy. Fourth are satisfied with the fact that the intermediary services of the bank are absolutely free for their customers.

As you can see, many people are happy to ask questions to those who took a mortgage at Tinkoff Bank. The feedback from these experienced borrowers helps you assess potential risks and get a ton of good tips for yourself.

tinkoff mortgage

How is the service provided by the bank?

To receive the services of the bank you must send an application. It should indicate the following data:

  • your full name;
  • contact phone number;
  • contact email.

A few minutes after sending the appropriate application form, a representative of the bank contacts the potential borrower. During a telephone conversation, he answers questions and asks his own regarding the loan amount and other nuances. The guarantor manager also informs the client about the package of documents that he will need. This is how the mortgage in the Tinkoff Bank works. Reviews about the company’s service allow you to learn more about the service.

What documents are needed for registration?

According to the employees of Tinkoff Bank, in order to receive a long-awaited housing loan, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • application form;
  • a copy of the work book (must be certified by the employer);
  • a copy of the passport of the Russian Federation (including blank and filled pages);
  • original certificate in the form of 2-personal income tax or another bank template.

Suppose you applied to Tinkoff Bank (mortgage, service reviews - all this often interests potential borrowers). But how to transfer the above package of documents if all the services are performed online?

mortgage tinkoff reviews

How are documents for loan processing transferred?

According to the rules of the bank, for sending documents, it is enough to scan them or photograph them. Here are just such visual copies should be made with high resolution, contain clear labels and numbers. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the entire forwarding process.

Alternatively, you can scan documents and print them. However, in this case, you will have to put your signature and date of dispatch on each of them. After that, the printed scans can be sent by fax: +7 (495) 645-59-09. Or there is an opportunity to forward them by mail of the Russian Federation.

Is a visit to the bank office necessary?

If you contacted Tinkoff, the mortgage in this case is only partially processed remotely. You still have to come to the office. But only for the final signing of the loan agreement.

Which lenders cooperate with Tinkoff Bank?

Currently, the following credit organizations are cooperating with the bank:

  • Uralsib Bank;
  • "Absolut Bank";
  • "DeltaCredit Bank";
  • AK BARS Bank;
  • Housing Finance Bank;
  • TransCapital Bank;
  • "InvestTorgBank".

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What do residents of various regions say about the mortgage at Tinkoff Bank?

As practice has shown, Tinkoff Bank (mortgage, reviews and the conditions for its provision raise a lot of questions from potential borrowers) are contacted by people from different regions of Russia. For example, among user reviews you can find residents of Moscow and the region, Rostov, Sochi, Novocherkassk, Kirov, Vladivostok, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation.

Among these reviews, there are both positive and negative. For example, some of the borrowers who repaid the loan write that they managed to arrange a mortgage at 10.45% per annum with the help of Tinkoff Bank. Despite the fact that everywhere they were refused and demanded additional guarantees in the form of a second co-borrower.

Tinkoff mortgage reviews Petrozavodsk

Others talk about the speed of making a decision on a loan. According to them, Tinkoff Bank helped them a lot. Mortgage (reviews about it recreate the real picture of the registration procedure) with the assistance of the company's managers was approved in just 25-30 minutes. Still others are grateful for the professional advice and assistance in finding a credit organization for specific Tinkoff employees. They mention their names and surnames, as well as give flattering compliments to them.

And of course, there are those who were dissatisfied with the quality of service. According to them, the system for submitting scanned documents is not perfect. It crashes and does not allow to complete the sending. They claim that due to problems with their personal account, their scans sagged "suspended" for three weeks. As a result, representatives of Tinkoff Bank removed them and asked to be sent again. Clients lost time and had to personally go to banks in search of a suitable lender. However, such comments are more likely an exception than a natural disruption of the system.

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