Academy of Repair LLC: customer and employee reviews, addresses, quality of services provided, management

Today, various houses are actively being built throughout the country - from private houses to multi-apartment residential complexes. This excitement is due to the fact that more and more families and citizens choose their own real estate and are looking for favorable conditions for living. All this contributes to the expansion of infrastructure and has a positive effect on the economy. However, when moving to new housing, especially to one that just surrendered from the developer, the tenants in the person of the owners are faced with such a problem that it is necessary to carry out repairs.

It is quite difficult to perform actions independently without the necessary skills. In addition to the knowledge and experience required to properly plaster walls or align ceilings, it is also necessary to have equipment to perform such actions. A company with extensive experience in the Academy of Repair will help to solve such problems. It has been carrying out repairs for many years and helps owners make the housing the way they want to see it.

Reviews about the "Repair Academy" can be read on various construction portals and forums that are dedicated to decoration, interior design, as well as various types of construction. The company has many branches throughout the country and offers its services to perform a wide range of works related to the repair, decoration and creation of an exclusive design inside any type of premises.

Company Description

Reviews about the “Repair Academy” are constantly found on the Web due to its popularity and the annual implementation of hundreds of various construction and repair services throughout the country. The company staff includes only experienced professionals. They use only high-quality consumables for any type of work. The company was founded in 2004. At the beginning of its activities, the organization focused on the search and selection of professional personnel of various narrow areas. Formed staff allows everyone to do their own thing.

The company has its own concept. It lies in the fact that all types of work that are performed must be performed perfectly, regardless of what external factors were. All employees should give all the best at work and conscientiously fulfill their direct duties.

Using quality materials

This allows the organization to successfully repair and maintain buildings. She receives various awards for her work. The company is distinguished as the best enterprise providing repair services. Employees are required to have the highest level of qualification, integrity, as well as an understanding of the company’s concept to suit its spirit. For all the years of the organization’s activity, it was possible to assemble successful teams in all departments that work smoothly and quickly.

According to company statistics, about 78 percent of customers re-apply here in order to carry out repairs, or advise the company to their relatives and friends. At the moment, about 2 thousand complex projects have been completed. This repair of apartments or mansions, and decoration of hotels and other facilities. The company also differs from its competitors in that it offers an extended warranty, which is 2 years for all types of work and services. There is an individual work scheme and payment procedure with each client.

Features and Benefits

In reviews of the Repair Academy, satisfied customers emphasize a certain number of advantages and features that distinguish the company from the total number of organizations performing repair work indoors. The main thing that all satisfied consumers are talking about is the high quality of all work performed by specialists. The management of the organization and its representatives are closely following this. All employees are assigned individual plans, which they must fulfill. An additional advantage is the fact that, depending on the type of apartment repair service needed, the cost of finishing a square meter starts at 1,500 rubles. The organization works without intermediaries, using only its own teams to carry out the necessary contract for the customer.

Exclusive Offers

On the company's website you can choose a wide range of services and get acquainted with the finished projects that have already been implemented. It is noteworthy that qualified specialists are ready to perform any work of complexity, not only in standard apartments, but also in individually planned houses, hotels and office premises. Before starting all work, an engineer and a site designer come to draw up an estimate and a complete estimate of all the necessary actions. The company employs experienced designers who, if desired, will draw up an individual project according to the personal preferences of the client for further implementation in a particular room. Repair can be performed both throughout the house or apartment, and partially in a specific room. The staff provides the opportunity to carry out any kind of work within the deadlines set by the customer.

Many other contractors use the services of third-party teams during the implementation of the project, especially when they do not meet the deadlines. The policy of the Repair Academy is based on the fact that all orders are fulfilled only on their own without the involvement of third-party craftsmen and workers. Employees on staff have more than 20 years of experience, which indicates their professionalism and high quality of each contract. The agreed deadlines are always respected. In case of unforeseen circumstances, compensation is made, as well as individual calculations with the client when changing the deadlines for the delivery of the object. The company seeks to expand its market of services and uses modern technology in various options and solutions in the planning and decoration of premises.

Jobs and Directions

The company is very demanding on its employees. Testimonials from the Repair Academy employees themselves indicate that they are subject to stringent selection requirements. Potential candidates should understand that in order to receive high salaries and be part of a successful developing company, it is necessary to show a high level of their professionalism in a particular construction or repair industry. Only in this case they will be able to become employees and carry out various, even the most complex and innovative projects for customers.

Repair Academy in Moscow is in great demand among customers. Therefore, it is in the capital and its region that a large number of workers are required to carry out the necessary contracts at any time. Basically, all the necessary specialties and vacancies are posted on the official website of the company. For the most part, plumbers are required for the installation of various pipes and heating systems, as well as the installation of sewer canals and the connection of water supply. For such specialists, wage rates are determined by qualifications, after the candidate has passed an interview with specialists and company management. The schedule is floating. The experience at which employees can get a job in this direction should be at least 4 years, and it is also necessary to have a specialized education not lower than secondary technical.

Creating Exclusive Solutions

Additionally, specialists in the installation of suspended ceilings are required to work in the entire field. These candidates are required to have at least 3 years of experience and reside in the Moscow region. Due to the mobile mode of operation, a prerequisite for employees is the availability of their own transport.

Work requires specialists who are engaged in the sale of finishing materials. The company has its own network engaged in the supply of all consumables for repairs. Therefore, we need certain categories of specialists involved in the sale of these products when concluding contracts and contracts with various customers.

Employee Reviews

Employee reviews about the Repair Academy can be found on the official website, as well as on the portals dedicated to the review of various companies represented by the employer. Experts say that working conditions are not easy, as the company carries out a large number of orders in various regions of the country, so there is practically no time for rest. Difficult working conditions are well compensated by wages and additional bonus payments. It is worth noting that wages do not have a fixed level. This is due to the fact that individual conditions are set on the basis of an assessment of the personal qualities of the employee and his professional skills.

In their reviews of Repair Academy LLC, employees also say that strict requirements are put forward in terms of performing any type of work. Various penalties also apply in the form of fines due to failure to meet contract deadlines or damage to repairs or damage to various materials. Many former employees say that only qualified employees with a high level of professionalism and long work experience can cope with such tasks. It will be difficult for inexperienced, young and novice installers, repairmen and finishers to do all the work, knowing that they are subject to requirements at the level of specialists and high-class professionals.


In their reviews of the Repair Academy, employees indicate that a large staff of specialists in each unit on the territory of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is able to carry out any type of work and services, as well as repair and decoration of the interior. You can find ready-made projects that have been successfully completed, not only on the official website of the company, but also in their own groups on social networks. The company offers repair of both the entire apartment or house, as well as individual parts of the room. In addition to the design of living rooms, company specialists can perform work in various non-residential buildings.

High quality of work

Often, customers and organizations are representatives and owners of various offices. Exclusive options are offered for them for an interesting design of the workspace using modern technologies. Additionally, the company can provide services for the selection of the necessary building materials to perform any type of work, not only internal but also external. The catalog, located on the company’s website in the services section, provides a complete list of works that can be performed at a high professional level by company employees. Before carrying out all finishing work, specialists are engaged in the dismantling and disposal of old materials, if necessary.

The main types of services

The Repair Academy also provides various forms of finishing work. As noted by customers who have repeatedly used the services of this company, specialists are ready to offer even the most daring solutions in the field of interior. For this, the organization has its own managers and developers who are ready to submit a plan and a project for the decorated premises in a short time and at the same time completely free. Specialists take into account all the wishes of the customer, as well as evaluate the room and offer the most profitable options for repairs.

Employee reviews about Repair Academy LLC in Moscow also highlight a number of features when carrying out various types of finishing repairs. To perform complex types of work, all employees can undergo additional training. This allows us to further implement projects related to the design or renovation of the interior in any type of premises. The company collaborates with various design studios, as well as manufacturers of modern materials at the international level. This gives them the opportunity to introduce new systems for repair, as well as technologies and solutions in the field of design, creating the interior of the room.

Current promotions and discounts

Repair Academy LLC, in order to attract new customers, constantly organizes and conducts various promotions and discounts. On the site in a special section you can find information that is relevant and valid. For example, representatives of the organization can carry out a complete redecoration in the combined bathroom for only 28 thousand rubles on an area of ​​4 square meters. This takes into account not only the cost of the work, but also the materials that will be expended to perform such actions. It is worth noting that the visit of a consultant and specialists to assess the implementation of all necessary actions is completely free.

Design solutions for every room

Additionally, Academy of Repair LLC offers various new bonus and discount systems for new customers. The company does not forget about its old customers. With constant appeal, in case of readiness to make an advance payment of 40 to 100%, regular customers receive a significant discount on all necessary types of work in the amount of up to 7%. When first signing a contract for the repair of premises, new customers also receive a favorable offer in the form of a 10% discount. All conditions are negotiated in detail with the company representative when drawing up the estimate.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of the “Repair Academy” can be found on all major venues, forums, as well as on social networks. This is due to the fact that the company is very widespread in Russia. First of all, customers emphasize the fact that all work is carried out efficiently. To this end, all employees who travel to the facility to carry out work are monitored by a representative of the organization and monitors the proper execution of all the services indicated in the list. If necessary, objects can be rented out in stages if they have a large area. As for prepayments, individual and flexible conditions also apply here, according to which customers can pay in installments.

Additionally, customers talk about the timing of all contracts. The company strictly ensures that employees carry out all the necessary work on time and without delay. If it is necessary to develop an individual design or design of a room, specialists are allocated who will be engaged in creating a virtual space for its preliminary assessment and coordination of all the nuances with the customer. On the official website of the company you can also find information about ready-made solutions that the company offers for any type of premises and rooms. There is an opportunity to verify the quality of work and services. To do this, the site should visit the section where company representatives post already completed projects.

Suggestions for cooperation

In order to expand its network and attract new customers, the organization offers beneficial cooperation and exchange of customer base. Reviews about the “Repair Academy” in Moscow indicate that the company, in addition to offering services for internal construction work, as well as creating an individual design, also offers partner services that work in the form of landscaping and designing the exterior design of the premises, as well as cleaning territory.

Quick work

To do this, you must send a business proposal or contact the manager at the specified mobile phone numbers on the site. It is also worth noting that affiliate programs may differ depending on the organization’s representation in various regions of the country. Manufacturers and suppliers of various materials can also enter into an agreement. The management of the organization sends experienced specialists to check the quality of the products for the further conclusion of the contract for the supply of materials.

Information on the site

Reviews about Repair Academy LLC can also be found in large numbers on the official website. It provides in detail all the information about projects completed by the customer, as well as current promotions and discounts on all types of repairs. All works, as well as price lists, have an average cost. Therefore, to obtain an accurate calculation, the client will need to contact the representative of the organization for his further visit to the facility and the assessment of the premises.

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Customers leave positive reviews about Academy of Repair LLC in Moscow because the company’s policy and the high professionalism of its employees allow us to fulfill all orders and contracts at a high level. Clients are satisfied with the quality of service and at the same time emphasize the fact that the objects are delivered on time, an additional discount or participation in the action is offered for many types of work.

Home decoration

Reviews about the company "Repair Academy" employees are also in most cases positive. This is due to the fact that the company is ready to pay high salaries to those specialists who are highly qualified and have extensive experience. All that is required of these employees is the quality performance of all work, as well as meeting the deadlines for their completion.


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