How to clean a sheepskin coat yourself?

In winter, many people prefer to wear sheepskin coats. Indeed, such warm clothes look quite stylish and attractive. But all kinds of stains and spots spoil the appearance of sheepskin coats. Many people have the opinion that, in addition to dry cleaning, there is no other way. You should not think so, because you can reanimate a thing at home. How exactly - we will tell in our today's article.

What do you need to know?

How to clean a sheepskin coat at home? Before you begin, you need to learn that this thing is expensive and we have no right to make a mistake (this thing is very easy to spoil). And at the first stage - the selection of cleaning products. After that you need to test - find the invisible area and apply the product to it. Then the sheepskin coat is laid out on a flat surface to take into account all the contamination.

Suede should be cleaned with special tools, but with genuine leather you can cope with improvised substances. Often, sheepskin coats are sewn from other materials, all this must be taken into account. An individual approach is absolutely necessary for fur so as not to ruin anything.

clean the sheepskin coat

It is clear that after any cleaning, outer clothing will need to be dried well. To do this, do not use improvised tools - hair dryers and other heating appliances. Hanged on a coat hanger in a well-ventilated area. Everyone chooses his own approach, but do not risk it. It is better to be safe again and come to a good result than just throwing away an expensive thing.

Cleaning Methods

How to clean a natural sheepskin coat? It is necessary to exclude the process of washing things in a typewriter or manually. Most often, two methods are used. This is a dry or wet treatment. How to clean your sheepskin coat yourself in the first way? This method is suitable if there is a coating on the sheepskin coat. If the places are not very dirty, then the napkin is wetted, and problem areas are erased with it. If there are stubborn stains, you will have to prepare a special composition. To do this, take:

  • 200 grams of water.
  • Any shampoo or gel (one teaspoon).
  • Ammonia - half a teaspoon.

Everything mixes well, after which you need to wait until the appeared foam settles. Then we carefully process each stain. Since the composition is slightly soapy, you need to then wipe the thing well with damp gauze. After this, the sheepskin coat is hung on its shoulders and ventilated. Do not use drying heaters.

how to clean your sheepskin coat yourself

How to clean a sheepskin coat at home using the dry method? If there are spots on outerwear, then you can apply this method. There are special components for this, they include:

  • Salt.
  • Manku.
  • Soda, etc.

What next?

Then everything is simple: after choosing the material, you need to pour it on all the available spots. But first, if there is dirt, shake it off. Leave on for at least 30 minutes so that all dirt is absorbed. After the selected cleaning agent is thoroughly shaken out. To completely remove everything, you have to walk several times on the surface of the sheepskin coat with a brush. The most problematic areas are the sleeves and the collar. They should be treated with a special rubber comb.

Features of cleaning suede

Products from this material are very moody. They need a delicate and correct approach. How to clean a sheepskin coat yourself? Make it easy. But remember that if you start to rub heavily, then the stain may become larger or deepen. This will only add to our problems. In this case, it is difficult to return the sheepskin coat to its normal state.

how to clean a natural sheepskin coat at home

The first thing you need is a special brush for cleaning suede. It is sold in many stores, it will not be difficult to find. It can be of different types:

  • Rubber
  • Brass.
  • From hard hair.

If there is nothing like this, then you can apply an emery sheet with a fine embankment. In order not to spoil the thing, you have to use special tools.

How to clean a suede sheepskin coat?

We list several fixed assets:

  • Aerosols and sprays. These substances are suitable if there are large spots. But before you start using it is better to study the instructions in detail.
  • Salt or sea salt. It is such a tool that helps remove dust and dirt from the surface of many things. If there is a large stubborn stain, slightly moisten and rub with salt, but so as not to spoil the surface. Then carefully clean the suede with a brush.
  • The use of gasoline. For this, the right fabric is selected, best of all burlap. The method is suitable for chronic spots. The method is very effective, so the question of how to clean a natural sheepskin coat at home is not so complicated. A small amount of the proposed liquid is taken and applied to the stain. You need to slightly grind and rinse with water.
  • Acid. For this, oxalis is suitable. Preparing a solution: 1 tablespoon per 200 grams of warm water is enough. Then a small amount of soda is added to the resulting mass.

The most problematic sheepskin coat is made of white materials. Stains quickly appear on it, and it is difficult to constantly send it to dry cleaners. How to clean a natural white sheepskin coat at home? You can apply milk with soda, taken in equal proportions. After that, apply the resulting liquid using any tissue to the stain. The clothes are left for twenty minutes and then washed.

Alternative method

Another way is to use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. To avoid additional problems, you need to brush the entire sheepskin coat and remove dust from it. Have to take:

  • 200 grams of water;
  • 1 teaspoon of three percent peroxide;
  • 1 teaspoon of ammonia.
to clean a sheepskin coat at home

Mix everything well and use a cotton pad or any other material to apply the product on a stain. Next, wipe everything well and treat it with a cloth moistened with plain water. Then dry on the shoulders at room temperature. So everyone can clean a sheepskin coat without going to dry cleaning.

We restore the skin

How to clean a sheepskin coat from leather with your own hands? Such things usually get because they are not only beautiful, but also reliable, last a long time and look stylish.

how to clean a natural sheepskin coat

To clean stains and other impurities on natural skin, you can apply:

  • Soap solution. It will be a wet cleaning, but do not wet the surface too much. You can choose any shampoo or simple soap. However, cheap funds will not work. The exception is only laundry soap. It very well washes things, while its cost is quite affordable.
  • Starch. It is not diluted with water, but simply applied to the surface and rubbed lightly, shaking off the residues. Do not be afraid that traces will appear on dark fabrics. This is completely ruled out.
  • Semolina. This product works by absorbing an unnecessary stain. To do this, a small amount of semolina is applied to the stain and rubs. But you should be careful so as not to damage the coating. Further residues are removed with a damp cloth or brush. You can use semolina in relation to any sheepskin coat.
  • Kerosene. This substance copes well with old spots. To do this, take a cotton pad or stick, wetted in kerosene and carried out at the right place. But there is one drawback. After application, the smell remains. Therefore, a sheepskin coat will need to be well ventilated.
  • Ammonia and tooth powder. Sometimes there are no big spots and dirt, but I want to give the sheepskin coat freshness. Make it possible. When some places are wiped, ammonia and tooth powder are mixed in equal amounts. But do not add water. The resulting composition is applied to the desired areas. This tool well restores the surface.
how to clean a sheepskin coat at home

If the sheepskin coat is light, then do not use kerosene or other alcohol-based substances. All methods must be initially tested on a small and inconspicuous area of โ€‹โ€‹outerwear. It will be more difficult with an artificial top, because it requires a delicate approach.

How to restore fur?

Now itโ€™s clear how to clean a sheepskin coat. But what to do with fur?

how to clean a natural sheepskin coat

It needs to be processed separately. There are simple ways:

  • The use of shampoo for animal hair. The foam is whipped from any means, after which it is gently applied with a sponge to the ends of the fur and washed off.
  • Lemon is taken, juice is squeezed, and the tips are processed with it. After complete drying, the surface is combed with a comb with small cloves.
  • Wheat bran. You will have to heat the substance and apply it to the fur trim. Next you need to take a good brush and remove all unnecessary.


So, we figured out how to clean our sheepskin coat with our own hands. These simple ways help bring any clothes back to life. If a spot is detected, do not throw the garbage in the trash. There are many ways to restore it, and with improvised means.


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