Do-it-yourself carousel!

Children need a space where they can run and frolic. But not in every village there are platforms near houses. In order for the guys to have a place to play, tenants often have to invent something themselves. Some craftsmen can try to make a carousel with their own hands. It will be an indispensable attraction for kids. How to make a carousel with your own hands? And what is needed for this? All useful information can be found in this article.


To make a carousel with your own hands for a playground, you must first decide on its design. There are not so many species, namely two. Just other types of structures, where the seats are made in the form of various animals, rising and lowering when moving, it will not work in their garage.

DIY carousel

The first type is disk. These are one of the most common designs found in courtyards. They consist of a large disk (this is the name), to which are attached seats and handrails. That is, they are located, as it were, on the platform. Therefore, it is convenient for children to stand on it, and falling out of it will be difficult.

The second type is radiation. It's a little different here. In such designs, the seats go as if from the base - the center. Smaller ones depart from the main pipe, on which the seats are bolted. But it has its advantages. If you make such a carousel with your own hands, then you can ride it on your own. Just kick off the ground. You can’t do this on a disk. There you need a second person who will twist.


how to make a do-it-yourself carousel

It is very important to think over initially what exactly the future attraction will be. It is necessary to take into account the material, especially the fastening and coating. The latter is also important. High-quality painting not only makes the carousel beautiful and bright, but also saves subsequently from rust.

Too heavy construction will be cumbersome, so for children it is inconvenient, as for riding it will have to put a lot of effort. At first, it can go a little tight, but that's okay. If you constantly lubricate, then after a while the mechanism will develop a little and will move as it should.

DIY carousel drawings

How to make a do-it-yourself carousel: design

The task is quite doable. The main thing is to have the necessary tools and materials. Help you do DIY carousels are drawings presented in the article, but you can create your own original design.

For the base, a strong and large pipe is taken. It should be thick enough to support the weight of children and the load that they create when riding. In order for it to hold firmly, it must be well fixed. Therefore, it is buried to a depth of about a meter. Then the surface is poured with concrete to provide maximum immobility.

DIY carousel for the playground

After everything has dried, you can install a cylindrical ball bearing, having previously lubricated it well. 4 pipes must be welded to the inner walls of this part to make a cross. Each of them forms a circle radius of the carousel. In order for them to form a strong structure together, a hoop tube must be welded. That is, the crosspiece will be welded at one end to the bearing and the other to the rim.

Do-it-yourself carousels: assembly

Next, you need to make a foundation on which the children will stand. It is usually made of plywood or thick plastic. It is necessary to take into account the density of the material so that children do not accidentally push it. Therefore, it should be tough enough.

Corners are welded to each part of the cross. Then 4 parts are cut from plywood. The base is screwed to the corners with bolts. The main thing here is to accurately guess the size. Therefore, before you cut it, you must accurately measure everything.

DIY carousel drawings

A foundation is already ready on which to stand and turn. But this is not enough. For children, you also need to install seats and handrails. To do this, you need a pipe of slightly larger diameter than the bearing itself. She puts on over him. Such a pipe must be welded all to the same crosses. Handrails are then installed on it - curved pipes in the form of the letter β€œG”.

It remains only to do the seats. There is also nothing complicated. Just welded two small iron pipes in the form of the same letter "G". And with the help of screws or bolts, the plywood back and seat are fixed to them. And only then they are welded to the handrails. Each rail can be fixed 2 seats: on one side and the other.


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