Svyaznoy Travel Company: reviews, description and services

Today it remains to be seen which Svyaznoy Travel receives reviews. The fact is that this organization is gaining popularity every day. What it is? What does she do? What services does it offer? And are customers satisfied with the work of this company? Numerous reviews help to judge all this. So what to look for first?


First you have to figure out what this company is. "Connected Travel" reviews are varied. But before you study them, it is important to understand what kind of organization is in front of us.

Svyaznoy Travel is a new opportunity from Svyaznoy. The department sells a variety of travel tickets. For example, by plane or train. This is a project of the Svyaznoy store selling equipment, in particular gadgets and accessories for them.

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Svyaznoy Travel is, as already mentioned, an opportunity that is being promoted by a well-known retail chain in Russia. Many people wonder where the organization is located.

It's pretty hard to answer. After all, there is no definite answer. Svyaznoy Travel is a project. You can use his services at any office of the Svyaznoy store. The exact addresses must be found in each city separately. There are a lot of them.

True, Svyaznoy Travel often receives reviews as an online project. It can be used through the World Wide Web. To do this, just go to


What kind of contacts does Svyaznoy Travel have? Reviews indicate that in addition to the official page of the project, there should be numbers for telephone communication with the organization. Fortunately, there are no problems in this area.

You can call any phone number of the Svyaznoy trading network. The numbers of this particular company are used to obtain one or another information about the opportunity called "Svyaznoy Travel".

Nevertheless, there are still separate contacts. To communicate on issues of money back and tickets, you can dial the following combinations on your phone:

  • 8 (800) 700-33-88;
  • 8 (499) 951-03-48.

Among other things, it is proposed to return using the "Feedback" on the official page of the project. All this makes the work of the service convenient and simple. Most popular is the online version of the project.

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What specific services does the organization offer? Svyaznoy Travel is an opportunity from Svyaznoy, which was invented for travelers. Now they can get special services. Which ones?

Among the project features, as a rule, there are:

  • sale and booking of train tickets;
  • booking and sale of airline tickets;
  • search and book a hotel room;
  • ordering cruises, taxis and vehicles (e.g. transfer).

In general, everything that a traveler may need. Svyaznoy Travel sells cheap air tickets. And this is one of the reasons why the population is interested in the project. What else should potential buyers pay attention to? What is this offer?

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Svyaznoy Travel receives positive customer reviews for the prices offered. Why?

As already mentioned, the organization offers very humane ticket prices. And it is attractive. No need to overpay a lot of money for a trip or hotel room. Minimum margin on services is always a plus for any company that deals with sales.

Svyaznoy Travel sells cheap air tickets to residents of Russia. The same goes for all other services. Clients indicate that this project makes travel affordable. And without extra spending. Most prices are really budget. Therefore, it is recommended to study offers for those who wish to travel without overpayments. "Svyaznoy Travel" is perfect for translating this idea into reality.

About refund

But not everything is as good as it seems. The fact is that Svyaznoy Travel reviews are not always good. This organization still has some negative aspects. However, like all other companies.

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It is noted that a lot of controversy and negativity are expressed regarding the return of funds. Some customers say that they either do not return the money, or do it with one or another violation. Not always, but there are a lot of complaints of this type.

Some clients advise just to carefully study the conditions for the return of money, as well as to think carefully about their trip. Then the likelihood of negative experiences with the organization can be minimized. Svyaznoy Travel is by no means the worst company. But the service has some negative aspects of work when deciding on the issue of returning funds to customers.

Warranty or not

Among other things, the Svyaznoy Travel air ticket office (a review and reviews are presented to your attention) does not earn the best opinions for its work. In particular, some buyers say that by purchasing a ticket on this service, you will not receive any guarantees for departure at the indicated time.

Sometimes inaccuracies may arise regarding the time of departure, or the flight can be canceled at any time. This must be taken into account. Otherwise, you can suspect the organization of fraud. In fact, he is not. But Svyaznoy Travel sometimes gets reviews that indicate that the project is really a real scam. The company allegedly deceiving their customers and disrupting certain flights.

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Why is it worth a try

Feedback on the company "Svyaznoy Travel" can leave anyone. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure whether the organization is not really honest with its customers. There is no evidence of this. But on the project quite often speak in the best light. Why do people advise each other this service?

The fact is that Svyaznoy Travel receives positive reviews for the fact that you can make reservations and order tickets at affordable prices without leaving your home. Just a few minutes - and a ticket for a particular flight, together with a place in a hotel is booked! It is also suggested that you return online. This is quite common and normal. Mobility, modernity and convenience are what attract customers.

In addition, among the advantages that Svyaznoy Travel is operating under the direction of the Svyaznoy trading network. You can pay for tickets or return them directly to any branch of the same store. It also offers to buy tickets and book rooms. Everything is done specifically for those who do not trust the Internet or do not know how to use it.

For the convenience of service and work, the Svyaznoy Travel website is recognized as one of the best. But some are scared away by the negative voiced at the organization. In fact, if you carefully read the conditions with which the buyer agrees, no problems will arise.

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About service

"Svyaznoy Travel" reviews are not the best received for customer service. It’s easy to book a ticket and get it. And those who did not have any questions remain 100% satisfied with the work and service.

But if the buyer wants to make a refund or just to clarify this or that information, you will have to try. Phones do not always answer the questions asked. Moreover, many simply recommend contacting Svyaznoy for a more detailed consultation.

In stores, employees often don’t even know what to say to the buyer, because their responsibilities do not include working with the Svyaznoy Travel service. Therefore, service problems arise. This should be remembered by each user. Not the most negative moment, but it does occur.


What conclusions can be drawn from the foregoing? The fact is that Svyaznoy Travel is a relatively new project. It works well, in good faith, but some issues related to maintenance cannot be resolved quickly. It turns out that the organization seems to be deceiving its customers.

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In fact, Svyaznoy Travel sells really cheap tickets for travelers. If you familiarize yourself with all the information in advance regarding the refund of money and tickets, as well as the replacement of the flight, no complaints will arise about the project. This is exactly what those who prepared for the flight and buying tickets say in advance.

The good news is that Svyaznoy Travel is not a scam. They really carry out legal ticket sales and room reservations. This is not a hoax. You can trust the service, but it is important to study all the information offered. With the right actions, it will be possible to save a lot of money on traveling on tickets purchased at Svyaznoy Travel.


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