Search advertising: concept, types, basic concepts and recommendations of specialists

Work with content optimization is always very difficult. In addition to some established norms and rules, specialists have to look for an individual approach to the resource and its proposals. Much of a successful promotion depends on advertising. What is it like?


That advertisement, which is placed on pages in social networks, sites and browsers, is called online advertising. It has formed its own special character: it is represented by an external banner, block, video, etc., and also leads to the site of the owner of the product or service.

Now we already know a huge number of species that can be combined and slightly differ from each other. The most popular is contextual advertising.

Contextual Search Ads

The main thing is the content

What is contextual advertising? This message is displayed to the user in accordance with the content, context of the page. This type works quite selectively. Reflected in accordance with the interests of the visitor. Such advertising increases the chance that the user clicks on it.

Contextual advertising mainly works due to correctly selected keywords. It happens search and thematic. The first depends on the user's requests, and the second is the complement of thematic content.

Search Ads

This type can be submitted to search engines. What you see often depends on your search queries. Search advertising is considered the most effective of all, because it most accurately reflects the desire of the user.

For example, you enter the name of the microphone you’ve dreamed about in the search box. The search will yield results: the first few options are search advertising, next to which it is written. She will lead you to a site where you can purchase the device.

Search advertising for promotion

An advertiser pays for this ad in a variety of ways: for clicks, impressions, or keywords.

First appearance

It is hard to deny that the most visited resource at the moment is the search engine. Of course, it depends on the region. For example, in Russia, many people use only Yandex, while in the rest of the world, the Google search engine is considered more popular.

For the first time, search advertising appeared in 1994. Then one of the search engines began to place banners that were formed depending on user requests. Already in 1998, such a technique began to be used at Yandex.

After a couple of years, Google took search advertising as the basis of the browser. Many advertisers began to notice that this model was successful and began to attract their finances in this area.

Google Search Ads

Service Feature

It’s worthwhile to understand that search advertising is at the core of trusted marketing, which opposes traditional marketing. In the first case, the product or service is not imposed on the user, but is involved in the study of goods. In this way, it is easy to gain the confidence of the visitor by offering him relevant advertising.

Traditional marketing is much more aggressive. He imposes the goods on the consumer and makes him distract from why he came to this or that resource. Sometimes this option works effectively, but often still causes irritation.

What is this type of advertising for?

Well, in this case, the question may seem too simple. Like any other ad, this one aims to increase sales. But she still has special tasks that one way or another, search contextual advertising performs:

  • sales
  • demand;
  • branding.

Since this type of offer works directly with the visitor, he is engaged in sales promotion. As mentioned earlier, much still depends on the relevance of the request. The user is looking for, and such advertising immediately helps him find the desired product. In addition, it is clear that since the visitor is trying to find something, it is more likely that he is ready to acquire it.

Search Engine Online Advertising

Thanks to advertising in search engines, you can try to generate demand. Gathering analytics, specialists understand their audience and are ready to work with it. Thanks to targeting, you can begin to form demand before launching new products.

Finally, such advertising forms strong associations in the minds of users. This is how a niche brand works.

Advertising job

The resource can deal with any advertising, but for this you will have to understand a little about its connection. Services that depend on which search engine you are promoting are responsible for working with it.

For example, Google developed the Adwords resource for this, and Yandex - Direct. Both services are slightly different from each other, but have a common task - relevance. It is very important that the requests of visitors coincide with what you offer them. But before you start working with search engine online advertising, experts recommend collecting information.

Jobs at Google Adwords

First you’ll have to determine the portrait of Central Asia (target audience). Usually, specialists work immediately on the formation of five images of buyers of a certain resource. To do this, you need to analyze who visits your site: age, accommodation, interests, etc.

Next, you need to decide on the goods or services that you will promote. It all depends on the resource and its concept. After that, you need to work with the keywords that most successfully describe a particular product. You can use third-party tools or decide yourself which keys you will be promoted for.

Next, create an advertisement. Sometimes it can be the easiest, without any marketing tricks. Almost anyone who works in this area can handle this. If you want to attract and entertain the visitor, then you have to turn to a good copywriter who knows how to work with advertising.

Then it remains, using the above-mentioned resources, to create a campaign and launch it. To do this, you need to replenish the account. It should be prepared for the fact that the first time it is unlikely to be able to launch the most effective advertising. Most likely, in the process you will have to change something, while analyzing user behavior.

Work with google

Promoting search advertising on Google is a time-consuming process. As practice shows, this method is most effective, since there are the largest number of users of this search engine.

The peculiarity is that advertising is shown not only on a PC, but also on other devices. You can specify very precise parameters in the settings. For example, you can display the product for owners of Apple devices or for residents of Moscow. Everything will depend on your goals.

Search Engine Advertising

Advertising in the search network will be displayed depending on three factors, therefore, experts recommend that they be treated carefully so as not to lose the main thing - relevance.

What should I look for? First you need to decide on the rate. This is the amount you are willing to pay for a click on advertising. For example, an ad may work with multiple keywords. Each of them can be assigned the same cost. If any of them stands out over time, you can increase the bid.

It should be understood that the indicated rate may be less. For example, if you set 10 rubles per click, and your competitor 5 rubles, then you will pay 5.01.

Experts recommend paying attention to the quality of ads. Adwords will eventually rank it on a ten-point scale. This will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of advertising, increasing it depending on the indicators of the resource.

Google also allows you to use the advanced ad format. It is recommended to use it, because in this way the visitor receives more information about you, and, accordingly, the chance of sales increases. Do not forget to indicate the phone number, address, link to a specific size, etc.

Remember that search advertising is just a text message, but it can be varied with the help of graphics, videos, etc.


Search advertising is an effective promotion tool. Such ads appear during search results for a relevant query. Blocks can be at the very top of the issue, as well as placed in the warranty module.

The finished ad is moderated, therefore, experts always remind you of three factors that you need to pay attention to: compliance with the Russian language standards, the Federal Law "On Advertising" and the internal requirements of services.


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