How to rinse your ears at home? Useful Tips

How to wash your ears at home and why do you need this procedure? Any otolaryngologist will answer the last question with confidence: to get rid of sulfur plugs. Accumulation of sulfur in the ear does not cause a person any particular discomfort, however, it may complicate the perception of sounds. Of course, ideally, the procedure should be carried out by a doctor - with special tools, in conditions of complete sterility. However, information on how to rinse your ears at home can also be useful, because it is not always possible to get to the hospital. In addition, if you do everything carefully, removing the plug will be quick and safe.

how to wash your ears at home

Where does sulfur come from?

Before you learn how to flush your ears from sulfur, you should understand where it comes from. As the most common reason, experts call non-compliance with hygiene rules. Most people are confident that they need to clean their ears with cotton buds, but it is strictly forbidden to do this: the deeper you put the stick in the ear canal, the more sulfur gets clogged. In addition, using this method, you risk damage to the eardrum. Accumulation of sulfur is typical for people using hearing aids, as well as for those who work among dust and dirt.

how to wash your ear

How to rinse your ears at home?

First, try to soften the sulfur cork so that it comes out by itself. To do this, you can take petroleum jelly or vegetable oil, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Before dripping the product into the ear canal, slightly warm it so as not to provoke the development of otitis media. In this case, the liquid should not be too hot - otherwise a burn may remain. For five days, instill five to six drops twice a day. It should be noted that at first you may experience hearing impairment, but you should not be afraid - this only means that everything is going right: the sulfur cork swells and increases in size. When it is removed, rinse your ear thoroughly with clean running water.

how to wash your ears from sulfur


Want to know how to rinse your ears at home? This can be done through compresses. It is very simple to cook them: mash one clove of garlic, mix it with a small amount of camphor oil and heat in a frying pan. Then twist a small gauze flagellum, soak it in the solution, place it in the ear canal and hold there for 20 minutes. You may experience a slight burning sensation associated with the action of garlic. After the compress is removed, do not forget to additionally use warm water.

Onion juice

How can I wash my ear? Ordinary onion juice or peroxide - there is practically no difference between the two. However, first you need to make sure that there are no wounds and cuts on the auricle so as not to burn the skin. Three to four drops will be enough to bring the ear canal to perfect condition. But it’s better not to use a syringe at the same time - there is a risk of damaging the eardrum and driving the sulfur so far that you will need emergency medical intervention.


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