From point to point, or How to write an article

Still, this is an absurd tautology - an article on how to write an article. But no matter which side you look at, and this topic has been raised more than once since school, so you should pay a little attention to it. The first thing you should ask yourself is: which article will be interesting - and only then - how to write an article.

Writing skills

Paradoxically, good text is written text. The article should look like a solid chain: consist of interconnected elements and keep the reader from the headline to the last point.

how to write an article for publication

The ability to write articles is a useful skill that will help to earn some money, and even to ensure a comfortable old age. Texts can be sold directly to magazines and websites or displayed on copywriter exchanges. True, first you need to write them. Not everyone is given the chance to be born with the talent of a writer, but the one who owns the word can write an article. How to do this - we will consider further.

What is an article? Text structure

An article is a genre of journalism in which the author analyzes the problem and offers its solution. The author should open the topic, draw the right conclusions and provide his own view of the written.

First you need to understand what the article consists of. Its structure is quite simple:

  1. Heading.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Content.
  4. Conclusion

How to write an article? First you need to decide on the topic. It is better to choose the one with which the author is familiar firsthand. If the situation does not allow this, then it’s okay - you can analyze already written articles on a specific topic in order to understand what is at stake.


After the author has figured out the topic, he needs to come up with a headline. It should be a capacious and exciting phrase, fully revealing the essence of the problem under consideration.

how to write an article

Maybe this will sound cynical, but the headline should look like the inscription on the fence: if you get into the field of view, then you want it to not want to, but read it to the end. Masters of their craft say that the headings that contain the question work better. True, this advice is more suitable for those who are wondering how to write an article for publication on social networks. The scientific community has slightly different laws: the essence of the article is reflected in the affirmative sentence.


So, we study further how to write an article correctly . After the author has decided on the title, he needs to start writing an introduction. The laws of the genre under the introduction mean one paragraph, which reveals in detail the problem and indicates its importance. The purpose of the title is to attract attention, the purpose of the introduction is to get the reader to read the article to the end.

how to write a scientific article

For example, the author writes an article on website promotion with the headline “Should I use black optimization?”. The introduction for such a text may look like this: “There are many ways to promote a site on the Internet. Some take less time, others take longer, but all of them at some point achieve their goal. How the fate of the resource will turn out after it enters the top depends on what methods were used to promote it. Black optimization will quickly bring the resource to the leading position, but they can be punished for it. Is it worth risking a reputation for temporary glory or will the resource bring the expected profit in this short time? ”


To write a scientific article as best as possible, it is necessary to analyze the problem from the point of view of the author. The opinions of other scientists have already been expressed, so you need to give the public a fresh look. This rule applies to simple informational articles and publications for social networks. However, with one difference: the author should talk about how other specialists look at this problem, and choose what is more suitable for solving the problem. Ideally, it is better to propose a new idea, but for this you need to know the topic well.

The text should be live, with examples, quotes, comments. If the text turned out to be large in volume, it must be broken by subtitles. The writing language should be clear and simple for the reader. It is not necessary to use complex terms, they are permissible only if you need to write a scientific article. As already mentioned: the text should cling. They say that it is better to limit yourself to short sentences. Many take this advice literally and write text with simple sentences of approximately the same length. Such an article is very hard to read and after a couple of paragraphs bothers the reader.

Conclusion and helpful recommendations

The article must be concluded with conclusions. One paragraph will be enough.

To make writing easier, you can plan ahead. It should be noted in those moments that will be stipulated in the text. When preparing a plan, the main attention should be paid to the content of the article.

article writing process

For example, if we consider a publication about black optimization, then the plan may have the following structure:

  1. What is black optimization? Not all readers interested in this issue are specialists, many of them are novice webmasters - self-taught. It is necessary to take into account the interests of as many target audiences as possible.
  2. Types of black optimization (better displayed with a bullet list).
  3. Sanctions of search engines.
  4. Benefit and harm. Simply put, weigh the pros and cons.

Before submitting an article, it must be subtracted for errors. If the text is intended for the site, add thematic pictures to it.

As can be seen from all of the above, writing an article - how to transmit two bytes is not so difficult. Following the recommendations and having an inquiring mind, everyone can create a worthy text.


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