Biography of the Romanian tennis player Simone Halep

Simone Halep is a famous Romanian tennis player. “Forever Second” tennis player is known to fans as the winner of Roland Garros in 2018 and the first racket of the world to date.

In the article, we consider in detail the biography of Simone Halep.


The future first racket of the world was born in the small town of Konstanz on September 27, 1991. The girl lived in the most ordinary and unremarkable family. My father held a managerial position in a dairy, and my mother was a housewife and looked after the growing children. The girl was the youngest child in the family. It was the older brother who helped Simone fall in love with tennis at the age of four.

The first mentor quickly discerned the outstanding potential in the little girl and informed his parents that they were growing a future world star. Parents, in turn, decided to give up all their strength to help their daughter achieve tennis heights. For this, the family sold their house, and also collected loans from the bank.

The little girl realized that her parents were trying in every possible way to help her in her endeavors. Proper motivation helped the girl give all her best in every workout.


Already at the age of 16, the Romanian tennis player demonstrated her amazing talents. At the age of 17, the girl reached the semifinals of the prestigious Australia Open tournament, simultaneously winning two international tournaments and the youthful Roland Garros. By the age of 19, the Romanian tennis player was able to get into the adult net. The young and ambitious athlete had no competitors among her peers.

Simone Halep

In April of that year, the Romanian reached her first finale in her professional career. In the very first season in adult tennis, the Romanian was able to add points to herself from prestigious tournaments and TBS.

The following year, the girl made her debut in the top 40 of the world ranking. At the age of 20, the Romanian showed an unstable game, beating skillful rivals during the season and losing to less powerful opponents.

A year later, Simone was not able to really move from a position in the ranking. At the beginning of the season, Simone lost in the first rounds to rather weak opponents.

And already in 2013, the Romanian tennis player was able to get to the first 20 rating, taking 11th place. The following season, Simone made her debut in the top ten ranking, where she is to this day. In the history of tennis, not a single athlete can boast of such a long stay in the top ten ranking.

Performances at & quot; Rolland Garos & quot;

The following year, the Romanian was able to get to the significant rounds at the TBS, but to win one of the coveted tournaments was not destined. Romanian was only content with minor tournaments, where they beat not the strongest opponents.

In 2015, the Romanian tennis player was also able to win several minor tournaments in Shenzhen and Dubai. At the Grand Slam tournaments, the tennis player reached the decisive rounds, but again she failed to win one of the tournaments. Romanian tennis player finished the season on the second line of the rating.

Starting next year, Simone was able to achieve great success in her professional career, winning several significant tournaments along the way.

In 2017, the Romanian was able to win the first line of the world ranking, having won the coveted line from the Spanish tennis player Garbinier Mugurusi. Due to the constant changes of leaders, Simon could not stay long on the first line, because she could not become the owner of the Grand Slam tournament.

Photos of Simone Halep are presented in the article.

Tournament winner

This season has become for Simone one of the most outstanding in her career. The Romanian tennis player was able for the first time in her long career to win the coveted trophy in the Grand Slam tournament, beating the American Sloan Stevens in the final.

To date, the Romanian tennis player continues to lead the world ranking. Even problems from behind in the middle of the season will not allow the Romanian to leave first place in the ranking.

Personal life

Simone Halep is famous for her breasts. At the beginning of her career, big breasts were enormous problems, since it was difficult for her to move around the court. As a result, the Romanian tennis player decided on a breast reduction surgery at the age of 18 years. The photos of Simone Halep presented in the article demonstrate how the figure of the athlete changed before and after the operation.

Simone Halep

In her spare time from tennis, the Romanian spends watching atypical comedies. Romanian is also a huge fan of Julia Roberts' talent.

Awards and Achievements

During her long career, the Romanian tennis player has won 10 trophies. The victory in 2018 at Rolan Garros is considered to be the most significant, where the Romanian was able to get rid of the “forever second” stigma.


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