How to swing wings at home?

The back is one of the largest and most basic muscle groups. She should pay great attention to strength training, because in terms of scale it can be compared only with legs and buttocks. Without sufficient muscle mass in this part of the body, you will not be able to achieve a beautiful and courageous silhouette, and you will not be able to swing the smaller accompanying muscles to the desired size. That is why you need to train your back for a long time, hard, and most importantly, correctly.

A bit of anatomy

wing anatomy - latissimus dorsi

The widest muscles are in the shape of a triangle and are the most difficult parts of the back to work out. It is they who participate in breathing, lifting our lower ribs up. Their function also lies in holding the forearm and providing mobility in the shoulder joint. It is important to note that this group of muscles has a close relationship with other anatomical groups, namely: the pectoral muscles, forearms, trapezes, deltas and lower back. That is why strength training should combine the alternation of loads on the main and secondary muscle groups. Since you need to swing wings in combination with other parts of the back, your exercises should include variable exercises that will more or less involve this anatomical group.

General principles of training with a focus on wings

How to swing wings and keep up with other muscle groups? When answering this question, it is important to consider several features of back training:

  • The lats are only part of a large muscle group, namely the back. It is almost impossible to work out this area precisely, which is why it is necessary to focus on comprehensive training to engage all the working areas of this anatomical group.
  • Like many other muscles, the wings have their own antagonists, namely the muscles that must grow and develop at the same pace and volume. In this case, it’s breast. If your chest muscles are not well developed, then you can’t even count on the productive growth of the broadest. Be sure to consider this fact when drawing up your training schedule.
  • In order to protect the skeleton from point overloads, it is important to pay attention not only to the muscles, the volume of which you would like to increase, but also to the general muscle corset. Do not neglect the exercises for the abs and lower back, because these muscles form your posture and properly distribute the load on the joints. Before exercises on working out the wings, be sure to take a few minutes to twist and hyperextension.

We swing wings on a horizontal bar

pull-ups - good exercise for wings

What exercises swing wings? The first thing that immediately comes to mind is the horizontal bar. And it is no coincidence, because this is the basic and most effective exercise for working out this muscle group. But do not rush to rejoice, despite the apparent simplicity, this exercise has a number of technical features and subtleties:

  • When doing the pull-ups, the shoulders should be relaxed and not be included in the work, so you will focus the entire load on the widest.
  • Watch your back: bends can cause injury or pinching.
  • Do not swing, do the exercise in an incomplete amplitude and keep the body in constant tension. Otherwise, you, of course, make your work easier, but the effect of such pull-ups will be very meager.
  • Warm up required! Work out your joints well and warm up, this will increase the effectiveness of the exercise and avoid injuries.

In fact, the horizontal bar is a great way out for those who do not have the opportunity to go to the gym. Since you can swing wings at the nearest stadium or even a playground, you just need to find a suitable crossbar. The most effective types of pull-ups when working out the widest are considered pull-ups for the head, as well as wide and reverse grip.

Home Exercise Dumbbell Exercises

dumbbell deadlift

How to swing wings at home? The answer is simple: dumbbells to help you. You need to purchase or borrow from a friend a set of good collapsible dumbbells and you can safely begin training. In addition, these exercises can be perfectly combined with training on the horizontal bar and used as a “finishing” of the widest. Since you can swing wings with dumbbells both at home and in the gym, it is first of all worth familiarizing yourself with the most effective exercises for pumping the widest:

  • Tilt in the slope. This exercise can be performed both with dumbbells and with a barbell. To do this, tilt the case forward, the back can be slightly bent. Hands should be held close to the body - parallel to each other. On inspiration, we pull the dumbbells to the press, on the exhale, slowly release down. The elbows should always be held tightly pressed to the body, the back should be tense, the stomach drawn in.
  • The pull of one dumbbell. This exercise is best done using a bench, sofa, or chairs. To do this, put your knee and arm on a support, while keeping your back as even and taut as possible, only a slight deflection in the lower back is allowed. The movements will be performed by analogy with the first exercise, but with one hand. At the top point at the peak of the load, you should make a small delay, this will significantly increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

Push-ups - a classic for working out wings

obsolescence for leveling wings at home

How to swing wings at home if pull-ups are not yet given, and there is no way to get dumbbells? Good old push-ups will come to your aid! No exercise is simpler and more effective for working out this particular area of ​​the back. The main thing is to strictly follow the technique. The fact is that in order to maximize the use of the broadest muscles, your body should push a few centimeters below the line of the elbows when push-ups. Solving the problem is quite simple, for this, use the additional support for arms and legs, it can even be ordinary stacks of books. It is also worth considering that the setting of the hands should be quite wide, try to choose the position that is most possible for you. Over time, you can complicate this exercise and perform push-ups with extra weight. To do this, use any weights or even ask your younger brother or sister to lie on your back during push-ups.

Kettlebell Exercises

Inexperienced and novice athletes who are not able to attend the simulator often worry that they have a great desire to build certain muscles, but do not always know how. You can also swing wings at home with the help of a kettlebell. Most often, this shell is in every family with a father, grandfather, or uncle. Exercise with a weight is performed by analogy with the pull of one dumbbell from a support. The main thing is to do everything very carefully and monitor your breathing. It is worth noting that this type of exercise not only works out the wings well, but also uses the trapezium.

The right technique is the key to success

wing training exercise

Even if we swing the wings of the house with dumbbells or on the playground on the horizontal bar, in any case, do not forget about the technique. For those who go to the simulator, it is much easier, because the coach or roommates can always correct or give practical advice. If you are doing it yourself, then you need to follow the technique yourself:

  • Pay great attention to breathing. The peak load should fall on inhalation, attenuation - on exhalation.
  • The setting of the arms for push-ups or pull-ups should be wide. This is the only way you can isolate the widest and give them maximum load.
  • It is better to give preference to reverse grip. This applies to exercises with weight, dumbbells and exercises on the horizontal bar. So you will not use triceps, and accordingly, more load will go to the key muscle for study.
  • Work inside the amplitude. The body should always be in tension. Do not relax after the peak load.
  • Choose the optimal weight for the exercises. Since we are working on the increase and growth of the broadest muscles, the optimal number of repetitions should not exceed 12.

Training program for leveling wings

Even if you know how to swing wings, this does not mean that you need to do all the exercises in a row. It is important to evenly distribute the load and draw up a clear training program. This will allow you to use all muscle groups and ensure their uniform and proportional growth.

1st day:

  • Pullups: reverse or wide grip - 4x10.
  • Pullups: grip medium or narrow - 4x10.
  • The draft of dumbbells or barbell in a slope is 4x10.
  • A set of exercises on the uneven bars: push-ups and sinking - 4x10.

2nd day:

  • Push-ups from the support - 4x10.
  • Dumbbell deadlift from the support - 4x10.
  • Pullups: reverse or wide grip - 4x10.
  • Push-ups from the wall - 4x10.
  • A set of exercises on the uneven bars: push-ups and sinking - 4x10.

3rd day:

  • Pulling the head: normal or wide grip - 4x10.
  • Pullups: grip medium or narrow - 4x10.
  • Pulling the head: normal or narrow grip - 4x10.
  • A set of exercises on the uneven bars: push-ups and sinking - 4x10.

These sets of exercises must be added to your usual workouts with a frequency of 1-2 days, as swinging wings at home or in the gym every day simply does not make sense.

Do girls swing wings?

tilt rod pull

It is believed that girls do not have a broad back at all, but to neglect this part of the body is still not worth it. If you add a small volume with the widest, then the waist will visually appear smaller, and this will give an additional visual effect. In addition, it is simply impossible for a woman to swing her wings to hypertrophied sizes without resorting to pharmacology. Therefore, ladies can safely work with large weights, not afraid to disfigure their beautiful back.

Expected results

latitude training

When doing any sports, it is important to remember that training is only 20% of success, everything else is based on proper nutrition and genetics. Your diet should correspond to the loads, namely, there must be a surplus of calories due to proteins and healthy fats. You need to soberly assess your capabilities and understand that achieving results such as that of athletes from the covers will not work. But to have a beautiful, pumped up and proportional back is quite possible. Since swinging wings is not so difficult compared to other, smaller muscle groups, you only need to follow all the recommendations for training and nutrition. The regularity of classes, nutrition, healthy sleep and work for constant progress - these are your main helpers in the pursuit of an ideal body.


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