How to make a wall newspaper for graduation in several ways

Graduation at school, kindergarten and university is a moment that happens only once in a lifetime. For many years you talked, studied, did petty mischief to each other or gave gifts. Each experienced not only his life, but also individual events in the life of his friend or neighbor on the desk. Everyone can make a wall newspaper for graduation. But it is this sheet of whatman paper with inscriptions and drawings that will become the most expensive gift for the teacher or class teacher. The newspaper will help not only to add a twist to your holiday, but also to remember how you came here all quite crumbs, and now you have become adult graduates.

Ideas for wall newspapers

The last days of spring, which carry the long-awaited graduation, are already ending. However, you need to leave not only the memory of the school, but also something significant that can be put in a frame or glued to a mirror. A bell or heart for memory. To create a wall newspaper for graduation should not be just one, but all together. Let each person from your home class cut out a heart or a bell, draw a picture on it or write a wish to a friend, girlfriend, beloved teacher or the director himself.

graduation wall newspaper

Do not forget to decorate your fakes with some delicate drawings. It can be stars, kittens, cartoon characters. Next, let each student stick his heart with a picture and a wish on a piece of paper, and sign the wall newspaper on the graduation paper and mark that it belongs, for example, to 11 β€œB” class.

What does a standard wall newspaper look like?

Wall newspapers have been produced for many years. Previously, they were drawn by the whole team, today it can be created by one person using a computer. Do-it-yourself wall-paper for graduation is very simple, and it does not matter in what way it will be created.

We will need:

- a large sheet of paper or whatman paper;

- paints and brushes;

- felt-tip pens.

Indicate on a piece of paper who owns the wall newspaper. Do not forget to write a little about everyone who studied with you. Let it be pleasant memories, even if the student was the most inveterate loser at school. Do not forget to draw your class teacher. As well as the teachers you loved the most at school. Glue a few paper pockets on your wall newspaper for your wishes. Let the teacher’s notes be put in one pocket, and the students in the second.

Create a wall newspaper using a computer

Making a wall newspaper for graduation is not so difficult, but it is a long and laborious process.

do-it-yourself wall newspaper
If you have a computer and an Office program, then you can start creating. The advantage of the electronic wall newspaper is that everything can be changed there 10 times, which independent creativity will not allow to do. The electronic version will not let you forget that you live in an age of new technologies, it will be very original, modern and bright. Use your classroom photo to create the background.

Before you begin, think about what will be shown there. Prepare all the inscriptions and wishes. Do not forget to use a graphical editor, add a lot of extraneous pictures, you can build a diagram. When the creation process is completed, save the wall newspaper to the USB flash drive and take it to the copy center, there you can easily print even the largest format.

Goodbye, kindergarten!

If, creating a wall newspaper for graduation at school, the students themselves came up with ideas and embodied them with the help of their skill on a piece of paper, then a 6-year-old child simply will not be able to do this. I want to remember the last evening in kindergarten not only for children, but also for adults, because on this day their baby takes a step towards new knowledge. Carers and parents must decide what the wall newspaper for graduation will be like. At the same time, a kindergarten can participate in this event on its own - to make such a gift for kids. Or the second option is to stick voluminous crafts of children on the wall newspaper.

wall newspaper for graduation kindergarten
In the first case, the wall newspaper will be made by the hands of adults, as a gift for a children's holiday. And not only educators, but also cooks, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a doctor - all who have contributed to the care of the kids, should take part in this work.

The second option is simpler. Every day, children draw something, perform applications and crafts. Let each child choose what he wants to hang on the wall, and the teacher will stick everything to the whatman and sign below where his work is.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try to do new and unexpected things with your own hands!


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