DIY gas burner. How to make a homemade gas burner?

A home-made gas burner is a device that has a number of advantages compared to its other counterparts running on gasoline and other fuels. The main advantages of gas burners are as follows: they are easy to use, do not emit harmful and unpleasant odors during use and do not smoke, such as gasoline. In addition, the gas burner is very compact, which means that it can be used in almost any sector of the economy. What are its features and how to make it with your own hands?

do-it-yourself gas burner

Gas burner device

The design of this tool requires the following main parts:

  1. Gearbox.
  2. Nozzles
  3. Fuel supply regulator (in this case, gas).
  4. Heads.
  5. The node where the gas cylinder is fixed .

What does she work on?

As for fuel, the gas burner often runs on propane (or propane-butane mixtures). It fills a separate container (cylinder), which, as we noted above, is attached to a special unit.

Is it difficult to do it yourself?

It is worth noting that in its design this device does not have any complex elements and parts. Therefore, an infrared gas burner is made with one's own hands very quickly (as practice shows, it takes no more than 30-40 minutes to work), and even a novice master can figure out its design. In the case of gasoline devices, things will not be so positive.

homemade gas burner

Scope and design elements

It is used mainly for heating and drying materials, for cutting metal products, including pipes, and for firing old paint. The burner structure includes a metal case (it also includes a special glass that prevents the wind from blowing out the flame), a nozzle (for igniting fuel), a handle that is attached to the case (by the way, its length should be no more than 100 centimeters), holder ( mounted on the handle and made of wood or heat-resistant plastic), as well as a gas hose. In addition, there is a gearbox and a supply pipe with a valve. The latter regulates the gas supply level and, accordingly, the flame length, too.

How to make a mini-gas burner with your own hands?

You can start with the simplest - with the handle. It can be made of wood, and it is best to take a finished one from some blown soldering iron. The inlet pipe should be made of steel. Pay particular attention to dimensions. The optimum diameter of the tube should be approximately 1 centimeter. Moreover, the thickness is not more than 2-2.5 millimeters. This tube must be inserted into the handle and locked. This can be done using ordinary glue.

DIY gas burner


We also make it from steel, namely from a brass bar 2 cm wide. You can also make a divider from it. Next, you need to make several holes. This is necessary in order to ensure a normal supply of oxygen. Otherwise, with the slightest draft, the flame of the burner goes out or the gas from the nozzle simply does not ignite. How many holes do you need to make? There are 4 in total, each of which has a diameter of 1 millimeter. These holes must be made in the divider rod. In addition, drill 2 radical holes of 5 millimeters directly into the body. All this will contribute to the normal combustion of fuel in the device, which will positively affect the speed and quality of work performed.

DIY infrared gas burner

How do you make a homemade gas burner? Next, you will need to press the divider into the housing. In this case, the inner flange should be installed with a small gap (at least 0.6 mm). This gap will serve to inhibit the flow of gas leading to the pilot hole.

How to make a nozzle?

It will be drawn from a metal bar. In order to make a hole in the nozzle, you will need to use a 2-millimeter drill and make a blind hole for it. In this case, the distance to the exit should be at least one and a half millimeters. For a jumper we try on a drill with a diameter of 4 mm. The hole made is hammered with a hammer, then the end face of the device is ground with sandpaper. It must be processed until the nozzle can be screwed onto the threaded end of the tube.

Now a hose is put on the end of the tube (it comes from the gas cylinder reducer ), made of special rubber-fabric material. It is fixed with an ordinary clamp using a Phillips or minus screwdriver. When the working pressure is set, supply gas and inject the nozzle into the flame of the gas burner. This should only be done after the substance has completely displaced air from the hose. The upper part of the part should be sanded. It must be processed until the torch torch length is about 50 millimeters.

How to put all these elements together?

The housing together with the divider should be screwed onto the external thread of the nozzle. At the same time, a gas burner, made with all the recommendations in one's own hands, must supply an even flame. It is important to ensure that the fuel does not emit soot during combustion.

What if the burner smokes and gives an uneven flame? In this case, you need to gradually rotate the body on the thread of the nozzle. This must be done until the gas gives such a characteristic smoke. If the threaded connection is very loose, seal it with FUM tape. Everything, at this stage, a gas burner with their own hands has been successfully designed. Now you can safely use it on the farm.

gas burner device

A few words about the procedure for working with the tool

To make a self-made gas burner safe to use, before the first start-up, be sure to check its parts for leaks, namely solder joints, places where the connectors and sleeves are aligned. After that, open the valve half a turn and wait until the device gives out a flame. Here, the ignition process occurs automatically, so no further action should be taken. Now adjust the level and length of the supplied flame (this is done using a gearbox or the same valve) and get to work.

So, we found out how to make a gas burner with our own hands, we learned its design and the rules for using this device.


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