Choose a tennis court in St. Petersburg

If in former times tennis was a game of aristocrats, today everything has changed. Everyone can play tennis. Even if you want to practice for the soul or to keep fit, you can rent some time on the sports court for a small fee. It’s even better to join a tennis club, because there the subscription fee is much lower.

It will not be difficult to attach your child to tennis courts in the Moscow region of St. Petersburg for amateur tennis, and then professional. You only need to decide on what surface you want to train on.

What are the tennis clubs in the Moscow region

Fans of tennis and a healthy lifestyle have the opportunity to practice this sport near their home. But the tennis courts of St. Petersburg in the Moscow region are available not only to local residents. If you are a resident of another area, but some tennis court is close to you, you can also use its services.

Most popular tennis courts:

  • "Recreation Center" in Victory Park.
  • "Gloria".
  • "Falcon".
  • "Wave".
  • "Power".
  • "Tin".

This choice will allow you to choose a club closer to home or the necessary coverage for you.

Summer Tennis Complex "Recreation Center"

Tennis courts in the complex "Recreation Center" in Victory Park were built during the Soviet Union for mass and free recreation of working people. In the open air, 9 sites with asphalt pavement were loved by the local people. Good placement of courts in the very center of Victory Park attracts companies of vacationers of different ages and entire families.

Victory Park

Today there is nothing free, but the lowest cost for using tennis courts in Victory Park in St. Petersburg was left behind this complex, thereby winning popular love and recognition for him. From morning until late in the evening, asphalt pads are not empty, and there is a full house on weekends and holidays.

This is not surprising, because the new owners maintain the coverage in good condition. The markings are always clearly visible, and between the courts there is a protective net. If the ball flies into the water, it can be easily reached with a long ball.

But this tennis idyll is not alone in the Moscow region. There are courts, they are much more expensive, because their coverage is professional.

"Gloria" - a club of rich traditions

Club "Gloria" - a tennis brand of the Moscow region. At his disposal there are 8 tennis courts (SPb) unpaved. 4 of them are open type, 3 - indoor winter, 1 - indoor summer. They are equipped with spacious dressing rooms, showers and a good minibar.

A team of professional trainers from scratch will teach tennis to adults and children in individual lessons or in a group. For the growth of the athlete, a whole system of intra-club competitions has been organized.


Tennis and football club "Wave"

Those who wish to play tennis professionally can contact the tennis and football club "Volna". Here you can offer 4 indoor areas with professional coverage Play It, 4 courts of the category "ground" in the open. There are comfortable men's, women's and children's locker rooms, a chic sauna with a hairdryer and towels.

A good location (just 5 minutes from the Moskovskaya metro station) facilitates training in the children's group, which has been admitted since 4 years. Trial lessons in the group are free. A professional can rent a specific court time to choose from, at any time of the year.

Indoor Court Wave

Center of modern youth sports "TIN"

The Tin Center can provide 4 courts with a high-quality American Hard coating. The rental price is quite big, so professionals or parents with "fat wallets" can pay for the training.

If you nevertheless used the services of these chic tennis courts in St. Petersburg, you will receive, in addition to the sites:

  • comfortable locker rooms;
  • clean showers;
  • good cafe;
  • guarded parking lot;
  • professional security.

The coating itself holds grip on the sneakers perfectly. Modern translucent sloping roof makes it possible to play in natural light.

Tennis Club Tin

Sports and fitness complex "Sokol"

The only indoor tennis court in St. Petersburg with standard-sized parquet flooring. In it, specialists maintain the court in good condition. Group lessons for adults and children are held on its site.

The court is equipped with female and male locker rooms. You can use the shower and sauna for a fee.

Tennis complex "Electrosila"

In this complex on Cosmonauts Avenue, 47 you can offer 2 unpaved areas. The coating is in good condition. Night lighting allows you to rent tennis courts in St. Petersburg at this address until 24.00.

The territory of the complex is fenced and vigilantly guarded. There is a car park with night lighting.

If you are a resident of the Moscow region, you have a good opportunity to choose a normal tennis section for your child. In it, he will be able to understand the basics of tennis and achieve a professional level of the game. The choice is yours.

Of course, this is not enough, but with so many tennis courts you can do your favorite sport.


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