How to achieve a goal, turning a dream into an intention

How to succeed? Such a question necessarily arises before any purposeful person. The pursuit of achievement, the setting of new tasks, are the features that are inherent in nature in both men and women. How to achieve your goal? This process resembles the realization of a dream , the fulfillment of desires. A lot of books and articles have been written on this subject. Some of them write that a dream that has become a goal is often realized without the active actions of a person, the authors of other publications claim that it is necessary to work hard and make titanic efforts.

And what is the difference between the fulfillment of desires and the achievement of goals? Likely that desires and dreams are sometimes unattainable, and sometimes even in the realm of fantasy. On the other hand, if a dream lies not only in the plane of the spiritual world, but is potentially feasible in the material world, the following question becomes relevant: "How to achieve the goal?". The plans are very different. Someone seeks to enter a higher educational institution or to get a good and profitable job. Other people dream of starting a family, while others try to defeat a serious illness.

The above goals are theoretically achievable, right? But, if, for example, a person dreams of becoming a pilot-cosmonaut or a surgeon, but at the same time is in retirement age, weak in health, illiterate, how to achieve the goal in such cases? Probably nothing! Such dreams are called barren, and they are not in the material plane or even in the spiritual, but in the realm of fantasy.

Such people can only be advised - to devote more time to raising children. Perhaps it is the descendants who will accomplish such goals. You can call the above principle fundamental and formulate it this way: "Your dreams should be realizable, at least theoretically!". If this is so, then how to achieve the goal? A truly fulfilled dream is accompanied by desires associated with its realization. Desires, in turn, turn into goals. Then the time comes to stop dreaming and begin to act.

Empty dreams and desires can be voiced as follows: "It would be nice to be a rich person! That would become healthy!". Realistically achievable goals are formulated differently: "I will become rich! I will be healthy! To fulfill my intentions, starting from this minute, I will take certain steps!" With this approach, a person not only wonders how to achieve a goal, but also develops a detailed plan for achieving it. Recommended your dreams, methods for achieving them and a step-by-step implementation plan to write on paper. This is done in an extremely clear form, without the use of the “not” particle.

The point is that instead of writing "I do not want to be sick", I should write - "I want and intend to become healthy." It will be better if goals are set for all areas of your life: health, family, career, financial stability and so on. Over time, you may notice that some intentions merge into one. For example: parenting is most directly related to the family, right? The authors of books writing on the subject under consideration recommend concretizing all the details that your goal contains, as if it had already been realized.

For example, you want to have a house. Which one, in which place? You strive to get a car. What is its color, brand? Well and so on, as detailed as possible. There is really great literature to help you achieve your goals. Some of the statements can be called characteristic of such books and a few should be given in this article:

  • Thought is material, so you should study and try to think in a positive way.
  • Your intention must be clearly and clearly stated and written down.
  • Be attentive to what intuition prompts. When you see a prompt - act!
  • By all available methods, develop in yourself the thinking of a successful person. This will help reading the relevant literature, communication with successful people.
  • Do not look for excuses if something does not work out, but continue moving towards your goal.

Also be flexible when deviations from a previously developed plan occur. Higher forces know better which way to the realization of your dreams is most favorable.


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