Do-it-yourself spring cleaning at home: where to start?

Cleanliness is the key to health! It is with this motto that most people on our planet live. So, the general cleaning of an apartment or house, which is carried out regularly, helps to maintain order and feel comfortable and protected. Of course, many housewives already have a so-called plan for cleaning the room. Don't have instructions yet? This article details how to do a spring cleaning at home.

general cleaning in the house

What is room cleaning?

Surely many people know what the expression "restore order" means. To do the cleaning is to put all things in their places, throw out the garbage and unnecessary trash. Also, during cleaning, all surfaces are processed and cleaned of dust.

What is spring cleaning in the house? This is an even more thorough cleaning and step-by-step processing of each residential and non-residential premises. General cleaning of the apartment can be carried out faster than in a large house.

How to do everything right and put things in order?

Currently, there are many companies that offer their services to restore order. However, every housewife will find something to complain about after such a treatment at home or apartment. Surely the family living in this room will want to fix something or remove it again. Also, not everyone will want to let strangers into their housing, who will also delve into his things. That is why many people prefer to put their own house or apartment in order.

general cleaning of the apartment

Do-it-yourself spring cleaning

So, you have decided that it is worth putting order in your home. Decide which of the households will take part in the operation called "General cleaning of the apartment." Where to start is also worth considering. There is a certain instruction, following which you will succeed and put things in order correctly. Consider a step-by-step description of such a procedure as a general cleaning of the house, and find out some secrets leading to success.

First step: make a plan

Many housewives simply do not know what to grab when they are faced with the task of putting things in order in a large room. Also, if there are several rooms in your home, then cleaning them up at the same time will be quite difficult. So, before you goal: general cleaning of the apartment. Where to start the procedure? First, plan your actions. Be sure to include the number of family members who volunteered to help you. Distributing responsibilities between them, it will be much easier to work. If you clean up alone, then this item can be skipped.

Second step: start

Before you start cleaning, you need to prepare all the equipment. Surely you will need a few rags, a bucket of water, a mop, a vacuum cleaner or a broom, as well as various chemicals: polish, floor cleaner, glass cleaner and so on. Prepare everything you see fit. It will be very convenient to put your assistants in a small cart that can be moved around the house.

how to do spring cleaning

Third step: collect garbage

General cleaning in a house or apartment should always begin with the throwing of unnecessary things. Go through all the rooms with the garbage bag and put in it everything that you are ready to refuse. This needs to be done at this stage, since unnecessary things will simply interfere with the further processing of the room. Take a peek into all corners of the house. Perhaps, somewhere, the children arranged a warehouse of candy wrappers. You need to throw away everything that can interfere in the future.

Fourth step: wash clothes

Remove dusty curtains and blinds. You can also include sofa covers and armchairs in this list. Remove bedding and bedspreads in the bedroom. All things must be taken to the laundry room or washed by yourself. This is currently not difficult to do. You can put the products in the washing machine and continue processing the house further.

Fifth step: put everything in its place

General cleaning in the house involves the initial cleaning up among the scattered things. Go through all the rooms and put everything in the right places. So, children's toys must be assembled. Remove the items that family members left on the bed or in the chair in a closet. Randomly lying cosmetics should also be collected in a special organizer for storage. In this way, eliminate the chaos in each room.

spring cleaning in the apartment where to start

Sixth step: process the flooring

If your house has a carpet or rug, at this stage you need to clean it. The best assistant in this procedure will be a washing vacuum cleaner. However, if you do not have such a machine, then simply sweep the debris from the carpet and clean it with a sponge and a special tool. In this case, for example, “Vanish” or “Mr. Proper” will be an ideal option. Foam is quickly absorbed without leaving wet traces and streaks.

Seventh step: wash the floor

General cleaning in the house should include the obligatory washing of floors. In this case, you need to consider what the coating is made of. Linoleum can be washed with ordinary water, while parquet or laminate should be protected from excessive moisture and cleaned gently. When all coatings are clean, let them dry well. Better to organize a little draft. To do this, open all the windows in the rooms of the home.

do-it-yourself apartment cleaning

The eighth step: move on to other surfaces

Next, you need to clean all the surfaces in the house from dust. This can be done using an ordinary lint-free cloth and a special tool. Wipe off all nightstands, tables, and window sills. Also process vases and other items that are in the room. Do the same in all rooms.

After that, take the glass cleaner and clean them. All mirrors must also be thoroughly washed.

Ninth Step: Put All Things Into Their Place

At this stage, you can hang back the dried curtains and lay the linen on the bed and chair covers. Put decorative pillows and other accessories in their places. Lay the small doormats that were removed before cleaning.

how to do your own house cleaning

Tenth step: cleaning the kitchen

At a separate stage, we put things in order in the kitchen. To start, wash the dishes and clean the hob. After that, process the oven and microwave. This can be done using a special tool. Next, wash the cooking area thoroughly. Wipe the tables and chairs. Wash the floor to finish processing this room. Remember that there are many microorganisms in the kitchen. That is why you need to wipe the floor thoroughly, using a special tool. If necessary, wash the refrigerator by first defrosting it and sorting through all food products.

Clear-out in the living room: finishing touches

In conclusion, you need to clean the air. This can be done thanks to the usual ventilation of rooms. Also, a special air freshener will come to your aid, which destroys all unpleasant odors. Treat each room in the house in the same way.

It is worth paying some attention to the bathroom. Clean the toilet, sink and shower. Be sure to use chlorinated products. Change towels for all family members and wipe the floor.

general cleaning of the apartment where to start


Now you know how to do a general cleaning of the house and where to start. If there is no time for such procedures, use the services of a special company, but be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay a certain amount of money for this.

Plan cleaning only on free days. Never start putting things in order if you need to rush somewhere, otherwise you just won’t succeed as planned. There is a risk of being late for a meeting and staying with an uncleaned room. Enjoy your cleaning and have a good result!


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