Ideas for nail gel: fashion trends, original ideas, technique, photos

Masters in the field of nail art never doze off. Season after season, they come up with new products that allow women to constantly transform their manicure and make it unique. Those who are tired of classics and standard solutions can always discover modern trends and choose from them the option that seems most attractive. In this article, we will consider ideas for gel polish, which are now at the peak of popularity, and at the same time they remain acceptable for everyday wear.


Such an element of the decor of nails, like rhinestones, has become popular for a long time. The whole secret lies in the versatility and ease of use of this accessory. Plus, the finished manicure looks simply stunning, while stylish and harmonious. This year, the same rhinestones have become a fashionable idea for gel polish, only not in the form of single jewelry, but as a full inlay. With their help, various patterns and figures are recreated. Pebbles of various shapes and colors are used, and as a result, the nails become like jewelry. At the same time, we note that inlay will harmoniously look on any background - be it beige, red or black.

manicure with rhinestones

Process of creation

Inlaid with rhinestones nails almost always attract eyes. It often seems to us that such a manicure is something from the category of “simple and beautiful,” but in fact you need to correctly select accessories, compare their parameters, colors, shapes and arrange in a single composition, which, by the way, can cover more than one nail. For this it is extremely important to have a taste and a sense of beauty, intuition, which will create the very unique design. But the execution technique is really simple. Rhinestones are installed on the first layer of the top coating, and then are fixed using two more.

Rhombuses in trend

If you are looking for supernova ideas for gel polish, then pay attention to this technique. With the help of decorative elements made in the form of rhombuses, certain patterns, ornaments or drawings are laid out on separate nails. You can completely cover one of the nails with small rhombuses, creating a kind of effect of snake skin. And you can come up with a “design loft”, where against the background of a light varnish they will sometimes show through, like bricks through plaster, similar decorative elements. Most often, rhombuses are painted in metallic colors - golden, silver or in a shade of brass. They are fixed on the nails with the help of a thick top, which is superimposed in two layers. By the way, even a beginner can easily perform such a nail design.

manicure with rhombuses

How to work with the material?

The technique of creating a manicure with rhombuses is incredibly simple. A novice can master it in just a few hours, the main thing is to find high-quality accessories. Rhombuses are most often produced in the form of plates, which are very plastic and easily “stick” to the first layer of the top coating. We fix the necessary amount of jewelry on it, dry it in the lamp, and then cover it with two more layers of the top composition.

Deep design

Among the many photos of new gel polish design ideas that are found on the network, you can find a very interesting and non-standard. It resembles a stencil in which the nail is flooded with one color with the exception of individual areas that form a concrete pattern. This is a very original and at the same time modest alternative to the types of nail art that you are used to. The dip design looks very fresh, attracts attention, but remains restrained. By the way, such a technique allows you to create absolutely any pattern on your nails, starting from the legs of animals, ending with more complex ornaments and geometric patterns. All that is needed is to find a suitable stencil in a specialized store.

deep nail design

Volumetric drawings

A truly unique and unique idea for gel polish, which appeared in everyday life quite recently and has not yet managed to become widespread. The catch of this design also lies in the fact that it is extremely difficult to repeat, and not every master copes with the task. So what is this novelty? A trend appeared on the eve of the New Year holidays, so it was mainly based on images of festive drinks in beautiful glasses. This is a martini, and champagne, and wine, and more. If you wish, of course, in this technique you can draw anything, even a kitty, but it was the drinks that first appeared. An important aspect for creating such nail art is a matte top and the dark, mostly black color of the varnish. It is such a substrate that allows you to create the most spectacular drawings that will not look dark despite the blackness. By the way, in this technique you can also create a whole set of Christmas toys on your nails, and then the manicure will become truly festive.

volumetric drawings of dresses

Drawing Features

A similar idea for gel polish is very laborious in its implementation. To begin with, it is worth applying all the colored coatings to the nail as it should, then fix them with a matte top coat. Next, on the finished manicure, create a kind of sketch using translucent varnish and a thin brush. The outline of the drawing is drawn, then its details. Most often, sparkles, shining accessories or glitter are used in this idea for gel polish - a photo is proof of this. They play the role of the main pigment and can be painted in any shade - blue, red, gray, golden, etc. After that, the area on which the drawing is applied is fixed with a glossy top coating, and several times. As a result, the brilliant pattern also becomes voluminous.

volumetric drawings of drinks


More recently, a new device has appeared in the field of nail art, which has received a complex name - airfuffing. It is a semicircular sponge, which is mounted on a special handle. Using it on nails, you can create a gradient effect, an ombre, or transfer a specific pattern that will look very original (see photo). At first glance, the new idea for gel polish seems complicated and "tricked out", but in fact the implementation technique is extremely simple, and even a beginner will cope with it. The most important thing is to purchase high-quality equipment, and then the event will succeed.

airfuff manicure

Create custom nail art

We see on a higher photo the idea of ​​design with gel polish, which looks very complicated. But to translate it into reality, we need:

  • Air puffing.
  • Stencils.
  • The palette for typing.
  • Gel paste.
  • And the varnishes themselves, with which you will do manicure.

The easiest way is to purchase a kit for this type of nail art, which will already contain everything you need. So, on the finished nail, which is painted and fixed with a top, a gradient or a drawing is applied. To achieve the first effect, it is necessary to apply a small amount of white gel paste on the palette and transfer it to the pouf, then pat the movements with patting movements and apply to the edge of the nail as well. When creating drawings, the technique remains the same, only a stencil is glued to the nail.


We examined the most popular ideas for gel polish this season. Each of them has its own characteristics and zest, is set by its uniqueness. There are complex techniques, there are those that even beginners will be able to do, and this does not affect beauty. Choose your own and make your dreams come true.


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