Mortgage: what is it? And other relevant issues

To begin with, I would like to say a few words about when and how the mortgage appeared. What this operation is, they knew already in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. In those days, this word was called a pillar, which was installed on the land of the debtor for any obligation. The names of the borrower and the lender, as well as the dates when the debts should be paid, were indicated on the post. From the territory marked in this way, it was impossible for a person in debt to take out or take out anything.

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In pre-revolutionary Russia, there was also a mortgage. What is the direction of financial activity exists, has been almost forgotten during the years of Soviet power. Therefore, many modern people who used such a financial service often found themselves in a difficult position because they did not calculate their strength. From 13-14 centuries in Russia they knew what a mortgage (real estate) was, according to the rules of which, one who could not pay off debt obligations, lost his property, giving it to merchants, usurers or sometimes even monasteries. The mortgage, similar to the modern one, appeared in the Russian Empire in 1881.

In which countries is the mortgage best developed? What is it to take a loan for the purchase of housing for a long period of up to 30 years at a low rate of about 6% per annum, Americans are most aware. Before the last economic crisis, the inhabitants of this country willingly took long-term loans to buy a house. Moreover, at a price of about 1-2 thousand dollars per square meter, many of them had a salary of about 5 thousand dollars per month. Today, loans for housing in the United States are issued for up to 15 years, and many residents of pretty cottages have become homeless due to job loss and the inability to repay the loan. Mortgage without a contribution is not common there. Those. the potential owner of the property should have accumulated about 10-20% of the amount of the apartment he liked.

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In order for Russia to approach the pre-crisis mortgage standards in America, it is necessary that the economy does not experience serious shocks. In this case, organizations and individuals will invest in banks for a long term, which will enable lending institutions to provide long-term loans with minimal interest rates. Today, only the largest financial organizations, such as Sberbank, possess more or less significant financial resources of such a plan.

Mortgages can be calculated using credit calculators offered by banks. To do this, you need to choose the currency and terms of the loan, determine your net income, calculate the existing funds for the purchase of housing (at least 10%), find out what programs are available for a particular category of the population (for example, young families), etc.

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The Russian economy did not experience serious blows during the last world crisis, so a mortgage became available to many families. What is a mortgage for those who used it? First of all, it is the opportunity to live in almost your own housing, giving money to purchase it, and not for rent. For those who took a loan before the rise in housing prices and successfully repaid it, this financial service has become an opportunity to make good money selling apartments at a higher cost. However, there is a fairly large group of people who lost their jobs and were unable to redeem the desired square meters. Therefore, when concluding mortgage agreements, all risks must be carefully considered, especially if in the family only one person has sufficiently high incomes, using which it is supposed to repay the loan.


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