Short Nail Design

When communicating, people often pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their hands, grooming and the quality of manicure. Modern designers have long ceased to consider meek nails ugly. Some women simply cannot afford to have long nails. In addition, the small length is very convenient in everyday terms. Also often the choice of this size is based on the insufficiently good condition of the nails. They constantly break, exfoliate, which does not allow them to grow longer than a certain length. Extension of short nails does not always save the situation. After all, the compounds that are usually used for such a procedure adversely affect their health. The design of short nails requires strict adherence to certain rules. By breaking them, you can greatly ruin the appearance of your hands.

Design rules

Experienced manicurists do not recommend cutting nails under the root. It’s best to leave at least a millimeter. This will prevent the nail from getting infections. There is no universal length for all types. It all depends on the specific situation. The length of the fingers and nails should be in perfect harmony.

Design for short nails does not tolerate extreme measures. Most of all, minimalism is suitable here. Do not use too large elements that can overlap the nail. Do not draw too large elements or attach large rhinestones to the little finger. Likewise, it is not recommended to use a small drawing. On a small size, it will be too illegible and slurred. The design of short nails in no case does not tolerate the use of more than three colors. This is one of the basic rules of composition - do not create congestion.

Volumetric elements and acrylic modeling are not suitable for short nails, they do not tolerate this well.

The form requires great accuracy. It is better to refrain from experimenting and associate it with the shape of the cuticle. In terms of graphics, bright floral arrangements are more suitable for oval and oblong. The design of short nails, made in dark color with a minimum number of graphic elements, will look good on square and straight lines.

Manicure Options

One of the most profitable options for short lengths is French manicure and its varieties. The design of short nails allows you to use a variety of color options, from classic to the most daring combinations.

Nails can be decorated with graphic drawings of reasonable parameters. You can also use abstract patterns. At the same time, it is recommended to choose shades of one gamma. A light floral pattern will add romance to the image. It is worth considering that for the base it is best to take a light varnish. The flower should be placed on the side of the nail plate, it should not overlap it. Since a small size does not like a small picture, you should not get carried away with details when creating graphic elements. Rhinestones, sparkles, beads and other large volumetric jewelry are best avoided if possible. If necessary, it is preferable to place them closer to the root.

There is not always time and opportunity to create graphic drawings on nails. Therefore, the use of conventional plain coating is allowed. It is possible to apply varnish with cracking effect or magnetic. Also, do not forget that even short nails need careful care. Before applying varnish, it is necessary to make a nourishing bath for nails, and then apply the cream to dry hands. You also need to pay attention to the cuticle and, if necessary, use oil. It not only improves her health, but also strengthens with frequent use. Regular care and care for the beauty and health of nails will allow them to delight you with their appearance longer.


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