Do-it-yourself horizontal bar on the wall

At the present stage, many people monitor their health and try to lead an appropriate lifestyle. They visit stadiums, gyms, swimming pools and other institutions that help to stay in shape. Not everyone, of course, manages to do this regularly. There are those who prefer homework. With this, they save money and time. But for such classes you will need to install at least a horizontal bar at home. Today there is a huge selection of these sports equipment. But they cost a lot. If there is a desire and opportunity, then why not make and install the horizontal bar on the wall yourself?

We select a horizontal bar for your goals

horizontal bar on the wall

It is necessary to correctly assemble the horizontal bar on the wall. Only in such a situation will it be possible to use it to get a significant effect from home training. Through regular training, you will develop a variety of muscle groups, forming a beautiful posture. A positive effect will be exerted on the spine. Choose your horizontal bar, guided by those goals that have been set. What equipment can be collected at home?

Wall model

The horizontal bar on the wall, if you use anchor bolts for this , can be fixed on any vertical surface. What are the advantages of the model?

  1. Relatively small size. This horizontal bar can even fit in a small room. And he will take a place at the same time very, very little.
  2. It can be positioned at any height. The only limitation in this situation is the ceiling.
  3. The model has a reliable mounting system.

Not only the positive aspects of the inventory. Having decided to attach the horizontal bar to the wall, you need to find out about its shortcomings.

  1. The set of exercises that can be performed is limited. You can not do coups and a variety of tricks.
  2. There are restrictions on the weight that he can withstand.

Door model

do-it-yourself horizontal bar on the wall

You can install the horizontal bar on the wall, or in the doorway. This type of shell is known and popular. In appearance, it resembles a barbell. It can be mounted between two walls that are located next to each other, or in a doorway. What are the advantages of this model?

  1. Installation is not very difficult.
  2. The bar is characterized by small dimensions, which allows you to install it in the doors or in the corridor.
  3. The design is highly safe, since the horizontal bar is able to withstand significant weight.
  4. It can be equipped with additional devices (swings, rings for gymnastics, punching bag).

Mounting the horizontal bar on the wall with your own hands (or in the doorway), you need to remember about the shortcomings.

  1. Mounting is limited by the height of the opening.
  2. The walls of the corridor impede movement.
  3. You can perform only basic types of exercises. You can’t even dream of tricks.

We make inventory

In order to make and install the horizontal bar on the wall in the corridor, you will need to purchase some additional details. Required:

  • a piece of pipe of a certain size;
  • drill with drills for metal;
  • vise;
  • Bulgarian.

When performing work, be very careful. You also need to be very careful. Otherwise, the probability of injury increases significantly. In addition, tools can be damaged. Accordingly, you can not make and install a home horizontal bar on the wall without being guided by safety regulations.

The wall must be strong

home horizontal bar on the wall

First of all, decide where exactly the horizontal bar will be located, between which walls. Attachment points must be characterized by high strength. This is required in order to withstand the relatively large weight of the inventory. Installing the horizontal bar on the wall should be done thoroughly so that the fasteners do not fall out when doing the exercises.

Schematic designation

To reduce the likelihood of making a mistake, you should draw a horizontal bar drawing. It must be mounted on the wall, taking into account even the smallest details. Accordingly, it is necessary to carefully consider the schematic drawing, indicating the height at which the equipment will be installed, places and depth of attachment. You must also specify the distance between the walls. This will help subsequently cut the pipe to the correct size. Are you planning to combine the horizontal bar with the bars? Indicate this in your drawing.

horizontal bar drawing on the wall

Creating Sports Equipment

Take the pipe. At its ends, 4 not too deep incisions should be made. They should be placed at equal distances from each other. After completing all the actions, you get a kind of petals. Two of them, which are located opposite each other, must be cut off. On the other petals, make holes with a diameter of 4 mm. Then you need to bend them to the sides of the pipe so that a right angle is formed. After completing all the above steps, you will receive fasteners with which you can install a home horizontal bar on the wall. A photo of how it will look as a result can be seen in the course of reading the review.

The same steps are repeated for the second end of the pipe. Then we take a file and we clean the future horizontal bar until it starts to shine. When everything is done, install the bar in the opening. This must be done by screwing into the previously obtained holes of the screws.

Another mounting option

If you are interested in how horizontal bars are created on a wall for a house, then you need to know about the existence of another method of fastening. You will need to use two steel corners. The ends of the pipe must be welded to them. After that, in the wall, using a punch, make holes for fasteners. This matter must be approached responsibly using the level. The horizontal bar should hang directly, but not at an angle.

horizontal bar bars for home wall

The pipe will be screwed to the wall with the help of corners. In this case, it is worth using self-tapping screws or dowels.

Using rods

You can use another type of mount. Take a steel rod with a thread at the ends and bend it into an arc. After this, the pipe must be hung on corners already attached to the wall with holes drilled in them. Then we throw the bent rod over the bar so that its ends fall into the holes in the corner. After that, we finally fix the structure with the help of nuts.

You can always make bars

You can make not only the horizontal bar. Bars for the house on the wall can also be made and installed. The procedure is practically no different. Making sports equipment is a troublesome task, but it cannot be called difficult. If there is a desire, then certain results will be achieved. Training on such a projectile will be beneficial and enjoyable.


installation of the horizontal bar on the wall

In this review, we examined the procedure for creating a horizontal bar and installing it on the wall. It should be understood that this is only one option from a huge variety. You yourself can choose the inventory for yourself, guided by your preferences and making a preliminary drawing. If there is a desire and perseverance, then as a result, you can get an original design aimed at the development of a variety of muscles. Why not try and make a horizontal bar on the wall with your own hands with additional simulators? The result will please any athlete, both beginner and experienced.


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