Do-it-yourself treadmill at home - how realistic is it? Tips for craftsmen

Exercise machines that improve heart function are extremely important. We are talking about a treadmill, stepper, rowing and exercise bikes. In addition to regulating cardiac activity, their help is also in the "killing" of excess fat.

Some commonplace truths

At the same time, not everyone "shines" classes in the gym. One does not have enough time, the other does not have enough money, the third does not force himself to get out of the house. Now, if the simulator stood near the sofa ...

It’s now fashionable to buy sports equipment for various purposes home. Especially when finances and square meters allow. But what to do for those who have a small apartment and there is absolutely no way to allocate a separate room for a home gym?

There is only one way out - to determine which shells are most important to you, reserve a corner for them (for example, in the bedroom) and start classes. But what exactly to choose?

In addition to the classic horizontal bar and a set of weights, we advise you to purchase a treadmill and start jogging at home.

DIY treadmill

Why exactly the track?

Running is a universal activity suitable for almost everyone. So much has been written about its benefits that it makes no sense to repeat itself. Meanwhile, organizing an elementary run in the fresh air is sometimes difficult - either snow and rain, then ice, dust and exhaust fumes from cars, then a cramped yard and no stadium nearby.

If you have a treadmill at home, the lion's share of the problems will automatically go away. Neither the weather outside, nor the lack of suitable equipment or time to get to the stadium is no longer an excuse. Is that lazy mother ...

So, we decided - we are going to the store for this miracle simulator. We are coming. And we are experiencing some shock from prices. And immediately I recall that in the yard, in general, a crisis. And to spend money already is where.

But is it really possible to spit on the dream of a strong, beautiful body? No, we don’t give up so easily. Craftsmen of our vast Motherland have found and are finding a way out of any situation! Or almost from any.

how to make a treadmill do it yourself

How to make a treadmill with your own hands in your own apartment?

Yes, after visiting a “cool” sports store, thoughts take just that direction. Do-it-yourself treadmill - is this possible? Especially if you want to have a model that will move by itself - that is, equipped with an electric motor? Let's see what can be done here.

Just remember - a lot of space will still be required. But for cramped apartments (for example, one-room apartments), this problem also exists in the case of the purchase of a branded simulator. Another thing is when you have a country house - sometimes you manage to allocate a whole basement for a mini-gym.

However, owners of spacious suburban real estate are rarely puzzled by questions of how to make a treadmill with their own hands or the like. Either they get expensive simulators, or they run outdoors in a picturesque area.

A couple of warnings

Even if you are a recognized craftsman, a treadmill with your own hands at home can be "too tough". Why?

Firstly, you are unlikely to find sensible instructions for work. Having dug up the Internet, you will receive a mountain of information about the device of the sports ground (with a track!) For studying on the street or with advertising sites offering equipment for halls. It’s good if you don’t catch viruses by traveling through dubious resources.

Secondly, there will almost inevitably be problems with the acquisition of the right materials, as discussed below. As a result, you still decide to act at your own risk. Well, try to share a little instruction.

DIY home treadmill

Moving on to process technology

A treadmill for a home with a mechanical type of craftsmanship in general is not so difficult. Its schematic diagram can be represented in the form of a support or frame (small runners or just legs plus a deck for the canvas). All parts are made of wood (at worst), although it still makes sense to make the legs metal - for reliability.

The frame should be connected to a pair of horizontal axle shafts, and they should be at different heights to create a slight tilt. Then a dense elastic web (like a bulldozer or tank caterpillar) is pulled tightly onto the shafts. And in fact, the work on creating a simulator is completed.

If you need a simulator without fail of an electric type - “like a real one” - you have to be puzzled by connecting one of the axes to an electric engine that will rotate it. Perhaps the most creative craftsmen will be able to use a gasoline engine.

About difficulties and problems

At first glance, everything is simple. But in fact, few bring their plans to the end. From what? Having taken up the job, you begin to understand what difficulties were mentioned above.

The main problem is in finding the right material from which you can craft the canvas. After all, considerable strength is required in combination with elasticity. Industrial options for single craftsmen are usually not available. And what to take as a replacement is unclear.

DIY do-it-yourself treadmill

Another point - a self-made treadmill, made by oneself, is often cumbersome and takes up more space than planned. To build a compact treadmill is a task for a very experienced craftsman. The rest, upon completion of work, may be visited by the thought of getting rid of the resulting monster and going to run into the yard.

An electric motor is a separate headache. It is expensive, complicated and unreliable. At home, it is also unsafe. So think it over. Maybe it is more profitable to invest in a simple budget option (for 5-7 thousand rubles) at a time and forget about the problems? Moreover, in the kit you are likely to get both heart rate sensors with computer tracking of the effectiveness of training, and a set of options for their mode.

Dedicated to the most persistent

Suppose we did not convince you. Well, we take the calculator and calculate what the treadmill will cost you with your own hands. That is, we find out the cost of materials for its independent manufacture. The frame is best made nevertheless not wooden, but metal - stainless steel. The footage depends on the selected sizes (we don’t even talk about the need to have a preliminary drawing diagram - this is already clear).

DIY treadmill at home

In addition to the metal pipes themselves, you will need skills in cutting and welding together with the corresponding equipment. The ideal option is when both are already available. The tool, however, can be borrowed.

Another necessary material is the thickest rubber band that you will run on. And yet - plastic rollers.

Do-it-yourself treadmill is going in this order. Pipes are cut into pieces of a predetermined size, part of the segments will go to the frame, part to the crossbars. The rollers are put on the last (if you could not get the finished ones, you will have to cut the rollers from pieces of plastic). Then the whole frame is welded according to the scheme, the crossbars with the put on rollers are welded inside it. Pulling the canvas on the frame, as already mentioned, completes the procedure.

So the simplest treadmill (self-made) of the mechanical type is ready. Good luck in your endeavors!


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