How to make a Christmas toy with your own hands.

It is customary to decorate a house for the holiday and many of us do it with great pleasure. After all, the creative process is able to completely capture the imagination, distract from the bustle of everyday life. Agree, already at the stage of reflection on the topic of how to make a Christmas toy or decorate a table, a wonderful mood and anticipation of the holiday are born. Today we will share some ideas with readers. Perhaps they will come in handy when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree.
New Year's design has its own trends, which quite often overlap with the general directions in interior design. Thus, the fashion for the avant-garde, modern, high-tech, is reflected in the design styles of Christmas trees. It should be noted that every year, stylists present to our attention a lot of colorful ideas, among which everyone can find something of their own.

How to make a Christmas toy in oriental style?

The atmosphere of the fairy tale matches the magic of the festive night in the best way possible, and the bright, rich purple, violet, pink and golden hues look great in the interior. In addition, making a toy in the spirit of a thousand and one nights is easy. You will need ordinary plastic balls (the ones that in any hypermarket before the holiday sell thirty rubles for a huge package), shiny braid, medium-sized beads, thin wire, pieces of brocade.
The simplest way to β€œdress up” a Christmas ball is to wrap it with a cross-on-cross. The ends can be hidden or assembled at the bottom with a brush. No less elegant toy will turn out from a ball and a scrap of shiny fabric.
Some more time will have to be spent on creating jewelry from beads. To do this, first build a kind of basket of eight identical pieces of wire. Twist their tips together. String the beads and beads one by one. Place the ball inside the β€œbasket” and evenly distribute the wire, grasping the sphere. Fasten the ends of the wire on top.

How to make a Christmas toy from paper or foil?

Funny decorations for the Christmas tree are taught to make in kindergarten. Therefore, most of us know very well how to make lanterns or balls of paper. But the possibilities of this material are not limited to such a minimal set. Let's try to expand this list.
Miniature gift wrapping on a Christmas tree looks more than appropriate. You can make them yourself from wrapping paper, polystyrene foam and braid. To keep the wrapper better, use a stapler to fasten. To hang a toy is best on an eyelet from a braid.
The mysterious flicker of silver foil gives the tree a special solemnity. It is difficult to imagine the New Year's decoration without the traditional "rain". But what if you add it with foil colors? Making them is very easy. It is enough to cut several patterns of different diameters, fasten them in pairs so that the finished flower looks voluminous. Attach a ribbon loop to one of the petals
From several of these elements you can build a Christmas wreath. Use thin wire as its base.

How to make a Christmas toy from improvised means?

Decoration for the Christmas tree can easily be built from all sorts of little things that are lying around in your home. Take, for example, plastic containers from Kinder Surprise. They will make wonderful animal figures, funny balls. Use trimming fabrics, paper, braid. If you know how to weave from beads or crochet, the container will fit as a base.

Advice on how to make a great Christmas toy is useful to those who are used to not just putting a Christmas tree, but also decorating every corner in the apartment. To make a cute snowman, you will need several skeins of white synthetic thread, a pair of balloons, velvet paper and PVA glue. To protect the rubber surface, it is lubricated with petroleum jelly.
We inflate the ball to the desired size and wrap it with threads randomly, like an ordinary ball. After that, we impregnate the structure with glue using a sponge or brush and leave it to dry for a couple of days. We make two balls of different sizes, connect them to each other. We glue the cylinder hat out of paper and put it on a snowman. For greater authenticity, attach a nose in the form of a carrot and button eyes. The toy is ready.

Sewing lovers will be pleased with ideas on how to make a Christmas toy from scraps of fabric.
Cute Christmas balls are made of polystyrene covered with fabric. To do this, first make the base in the form of a sphere. Then, with a sharp knife, make deep grooves in it, dividing the ball into equal parts. From the fabric, cut out blanks similar in shape to the segments of the sphere, but with a small margin. Put them on the ball and use the knife to tuck the edges of the fabric into the cut holes. Close the joints.


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