Insomnia after alcohol: causes, treatment methods, tips

A person who is constantly in a drinking bout does not suspect the danger of this condition. It is not just about rash acts and inappropriate behavior. Alcoholism destroys the body and causes great harm. Some believe that in order to get out of a drunken state, it is enough to stop drinking. But alas, even having retrained as a teetotaler, many are faced with serious problems. For example, insomnia after alcohol is very common. Because of this, a person simply can’t return to a normal lifestyle, since he can no longer relax without a dose of alcohol.

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In order to decide how to act in such a situation, you first need to understand the intricacies of the problem. Why is alcohol insomnia common? What to do in this situation?

Features of sleep after binge

First of all, it is worth noting that insomnia after alcohol can have many varieties. However, everyone is confused by the fact that after abandoning addiction, the body does not “rejoice” in this event, but, on the contrary, starts to malfunction.

You need to understand that alcohol-containing products, taken in large quantities over time, have a fairly strong effect on the human brain. The nervous system is also overexcited, so it’s not so easy to calm it down.

According to reviews of insomnia after a long binge, the first four days are the most difficult. A person can not only fall asleep, but also faces additional problems. For example, nightmares can torment you at first. A person begins night tantrums. Former alcoholics are very aggressive or, conversely, fall into apathy. There is a feeling that literally the whole world is up against one person who just wants to relax. However, with all the desire to sleep, he suffers from insomnia after alcohol. Many see the reasons for this phenomenon as “refusing a bottle”. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. There are a lot of nuances that are worth considering.

Insomnia after alcohol. Why does it arise?

When the use of alcoholic products exerts an excessive influence on the body, the functioning of most vital systems is disrupted. The liver and nervous system cease to function normally. Circadian rhythms go astray. In order for the body of the alcoholic to fully recover, during the night he must 3-4 times go from the slow phase of sleep to fast. In the first period of rest, a person gradually returns the ability to function normally. With a slow phase of sleep, melatonin is actively produced, cerebrospinal fluid is synthesized.

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If we are talking about lovers of strong foods, then their insomnia after alcohol appears primarily because the slow phase of sleep in such people is much shorter. Accordingly, the body does not receive enough time to replenish its strength and fully recover.

As a rule, in such situations, a person is able to wake up from a barely audible rustle or other sound. Against the background of intoxication and poisoning, processes begin that also prevent full sleep. These include frequent headaches, bouts of hypertension, hallucinations, and a constant feeling of overwork.

If against this background, a person also suffers from chronic pathologies, then this only exacerbates the situation. In this case, insomnia after alcohol becomes even more painful. To solve this problem, first of all it is worth deciding on its type.

Varieties of insomnia

First of all, it is worth determining the degree of poisoning of the body of an alcoholic. It is customary to distinguish several types of conditions when a person can not fully relax at night:

  • Problems in falling asleep. This condition can be called mild insomnia. As a rule, during prolonged retiring to sleep, a person begins to show signs of tachycardia, hypertension, anxiety and myalgia. If an alcoholic suffers from such problems for a long time, then very soon his behavior will begin to change. Such people become too excited and fearful. If during this period the alcoholic continues to consume alcohol-containing drinks, since he believes that this is the best “sleeping pill”, then he only worsens the situation.
  • Restless sleep. In this case, we are talking about the fact that a person begins to wake up constantly for no apparent reason. He becomes more irritable and nervously reacts to any little things.
  • Complete insomnia after binge is the most serious condition. If a person does not get enough sleep, then there is a risk that he will develop mental disorders. In this position, the alcoholic suffers from hallucinations, which provoke the destruction of his emotional state. If this condition lasts for too long a period of time, then there is every chance of getting a severe disorder of the nervous system.

What to do to restore sleep

First of all, it is worth noting that it is very rare to independently solve the problem. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist. As a rule, primary therapy does not include sleeping pills, as many believe, but the complete cleansing of the human body of the accumulated toxins of alcoholic products. This usually takes up to several days. Sleeping pills are used only in extreme cases, and also exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.

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You can try to normalize sleep in the home. However, do not heed the advice of "experienced" who argue that there is nothing better for a night's rest than a small amount of alcoholic beverages. This can do even more harm. Therefore, you have to overpower yourself.

With the occurrence of insomnia after refusing alcohol, a contrast shower before bedtime helps a lot. Also, experts recommend drinking as much water as possible. It will speed up the process of removing toxins and cleansing the body. Kvass and dairy products are also suitable. A small amount of honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice can be added to the water. To relieve the symptoms of poisoning, it is worth drinking about 8-10 (at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of patient weight) tablets of activated carbon. It also speeds up the elimination of toxins.

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What medications can I use

To fall asleep, you need to remove not the symptoms of insomnia, but the hangover itself. In this case, no specific medications are required. For example, if a person has a headache, he may take Aspirin, Zorex, or Mexidol. To get rid of a hangover syndrome, do not drink Citramon or Paracetamol. These drugs have a pretty strong negative effect on the liver, which is already forced to cope with heavy loads due to a hangover syndrome.

You need to understand that the choice of medicine should be approached very carefully. If we are talking about sedatives or sleeping pills, then you can not pick up the drug yourself in any case.

Medication Tips

First of all, it is worth remembering that under no circumstances should you take sedative and sleeping pills at the same time. In this case, there is a greater risk of poisoning or more serious consequences.

It is important to strictly observe the dosage of the drug. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions or calculate the dose together with the doctor.

A lot of pills

If a person takes activated charcoal, then you should not assume that this tool is completely harmless. This drug is able to remove not only toxins, but also beneficial substances.

What drugs are not worth drinking

If a person suffers from insomnia against the background of prolonged use of alcohol-containing products, then he should in no case be taken:

  • "Phenazepam." This tool is a fairly powerful tranquilizer. Even if a person is healthy, such a drug can cause psychosis, prolonged depression, problems with intelligence and memory. If an alcoholic already has similar conditions, then taking this remedy can lead to dangerous consequences. This also applies to other drugs that belong to the group of tranquilizers.
  • Corvalol and other drugs of this type, which include phenobarbital. If you take such funds after prolonged binge, there is a big risk of causing serious damage to the nervous system. This can lead to coma and death.


Some people decide to overcome insomnia using this method. In some situations, hypnosis really becomes the least dangerous measure. However, this treatment is not worth neglecting. Even before conducting a session of mild hypnosis from insomnia, the therapist must talk with the patient. You need to understand that even with a completely identical diagnosis, each person can respond to manipulations with his mind in different ways.

According to a long history, this method really helps to overcome problems with sleep. Nevertheless, this does not prevent many from believing that after such procedures the consciousness of a person completely changes. In reality, this does not happen.

Also, many fear that if you perform the hypnosis procedure for sleep (from insomnia and problems with falling asleep), then there is a big risk of not waking up after the manipulation of a specialist. In fact, no evidence of such an assumption exists. You need to understand that even in a state of hypnosis, the patient independently decides whether to allow the doctor to his consciousness or not. If at this moment the specialist asks him to execute one or another command, then the person will not necessarily follow the instructions. Even with the deepest trance, it is impossible to completely control the patient. Therefore, even the most powerful hypnotist cannot afford to enter him into a lethargic dream. However, this does not mean that this procedure is completely harmless.

The harm of hypnosis

Not every person is recommended to participate in such procedures. First of all, the specialist must assess whether the patient’s psychological state is stable.

watch for hyptosis

In addition, there are statistics according to which every 15th hypnotist patient exacerbates serious pathologies. It also depends on what happens in a person’s head. Accordingly, after prolonged binge, almost everyone has confused consciousness. In such a border state it is dangerous to carry out such procedures.

Traditional medicine

Natural herbs and other components will help get rid of sleep problems. For example, instead of tea (especially in the evening), it is worth preparing decoctions from plants that have a calming effect. For example, chamomile or motherwort is suitable. Melissa and mint have the same effect. You can use these herbs both individually and in fees.


If you make a drink with this vegetable, you can quickly fall asleep. To do this, grind the pumpkin and boil it. After this, the product is ground and passed through a sieve. It is enough to add a small amount of warm water and honey to the resulting liquid. Such a drink perfectly normalizes sleep.

Two pumpkins

Hop cones and oats

To prepare the therapeutic composition, it is necessary to fill in two tablespoons of inflorescences with water. Drink the resulting infusion three times a day, some time before eating.

Oat broth also has excellent properties. For cooking, you need to prepare a large pan and pour 100 g of unrefined grains into it (you can buy them at any pet store). After that, 1 liter of water is poured into the oats and cooked for about 20 minutes. The liquid is consumed twice a day.


Now you know what to do with insomnia after alcohol. In order not to bring to sleep problems, it is worth drinking carefully, in small quantities. After a stormy party, it is recommended to drink 0.5 liters of warm milk. It helps to calm down and fall asleep. You can also prepare a glass of kefir and add a spoonful of honey to it. If all else fails, then it’s best not to delay and visit a doctor. The specialist will quickly identify the problem and help you choose the best treatment. It is not worth taking medications yourself.


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