Curved profile: manufacturing features and applications

A bent profile is a metal product that has a certain shape. Material is manufactured using special technological devices. There are a huge number of such profiles: corners, channel and other elements. All of them are used in construction.

bent profile materials

In production, such materials are used for the bent profile: brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, steel, zinc. In principle, such elements do not require additional processing. After manufacturing, the product can be used almost immediately. For the production of such material, two methods are used: piecewise and continuous profiling. In the first case, the feedstock is first cut into certain pieces, and then processed on a machine. The second option involves performing the actions in the reverse order.

Those methods by which a bent profile is made allow one to reduce the cost of its production and save metal. At the same time, the quality of the elements remains high, and the reject rate is significantly reduced. The equipment that is used to manufacture this material has an acceptable cost, especially since it can be manufactured independently. The machines allow you to make very fine settings, thanks to which the profile is obtained in the required size and shape. Since the metal undergoes minimal processing and is almost not damaged, it remains resistant to rust and corrosion.

bent profile

The manufacture of such a material as a bent profile has its advantages:

- it is possible to produce long elements;

- the coating of the workpiece does not matter;

- high performance;

- the ability to combine the bending process with welding, punching holes.

The practical application of the profile today is profitable and economically feasible. In particular, the material finds its application in low-rise construction: to create the frame of a building. At the same time, the design has the required size, is very strong and stable. In addition, the buildings are protected from the effects of temperature changes, biological processes.

practical application of the profile

The bent profile is effectively used for the production of ventilated facades, the construction of attic floors. Thanks to this material, it is possible to significantly reduce the weight of the structure and its pressure on the foundation. In addition, the profile is very affordable: the cost of the elements is quite low, transportation costs are reduced, installation is simple and quick.

The most used profile elements are channels and corners. The former are used in the construction of any buildings, as they are able to strengthen the structure. For example, the presented material can be used in the construction of a garage for the construction of a box for gates or as a supporting beam.

Corners are often used to create fences, gates and other structures. Naturally, there are other types of bent profile, which are widely used in all spheres of human activity.


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