Sugar mash: proportions, recipe. Wheat moonshine without yeast

Braga for moonshine, made on the basis of sugar and yeast, can be made independently, since the whole process does not cause any special difficulties. Follow a few simple rules, and you get a very high-quality sugar mash. The proportions can be very different, it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the manufacturer.

Features of making sugar mash

To get good quality moonshine from sugar and yeast, be sure to keep it clean during its manufacture, as well as choose the right yeast. In addition, the room where the mash will be located must have a temperature below 36 degrees, because otherwise the yeast, which is a living culture, will simply die.

sugar mash proportions
If you want the final product to be obtained within a few days, you can slightly change the sugar mash recipe and take the components in other proportions. To make 10 liters of high-quality moonshine, the strength of which is 40-45 degrees, you need to take such components as:

  • sugar - 8 kg;
  • water - 20-25 liters;
  • yeast - 0.5 kg;
  • raw potatoes - 8 pcs.

However, sugar mash in proportions of 10 liters may have others, and at the same time, the strength of the resulting product and its taste characteristics do not change at all. You can take 800 grams of yeast and 8 kg of sugar per 32 liters of water. The only drawback may be that overtaking moonshine at a time will be impossible.

Often the next sugar mash is prepared. Proportions for 20 liters: you need to take 16 liters of distilled water, 400 grams of yeast and 3.4 kg of sugar. Water should be taken not boiled, but it should be clean, without impurities. When adding sugar, you need to thoroughly mix the resulting solution to avoid its crystallization. Then you need to add the yeast. The container with the resulting mixture must be closed loosely with a lid and left in a warm room for 7-10 days. The first few days the mash is very foaming, but you do not need to remove this foam, since it itself will go away literally for 3-4 days.

During preparation, the drink gradually brightens. And the lighter and more transparent it becomes, the more ready it is. After about a week, you can taste the mash, if it has a sweetish taste, then you need to leave it for a few more days, since the drink should turn out to be quite bitter.

How can I replace sugar

sugar mash recipe
The recipe for sugar mash can be completely different, and it may not even contain sugar itself, since for the production of wort you can take other components that can perfectly replace it. In particular, it is worth highlighting such products as:

  • apples
  • sugar beets;
  • wheat;
  • grapes;
  • rice and many others.

When cooking mash, you need to take a container, the volume of which will be 20-25 percent more than the volume of the wort. This stock of space is simply necessary, since quite intensive processes take place in the fermentation process.

Preparation for moonshine

Before making moonshine from sugar and yeast, you need to prepare all the required ingredients and take care of the cleanliness of the inventory. That is why the fermentation tank must be washed well with enough hot water and dried. This is a very important process, since even the smallest impurities can spoil the taste of the resulting product.

As a container for fermentation, you can use absolutely any dish except galvanized, as it oxidizes, which can cause significant harm to health. Plastic milk cans with a volume of 25-38 liters are best suited. Also, absolutely any glassware, enameled metal, aluminum or stainless steel is suitable.

How to make sugar mash

To get a good sugar mash, it is absolutely not necessary to strictly observe the proportions, however, it is important that there is a sufficient amount of yeast so that the fermentation process can be started. Initially, you need to calculate the ingredients. To get a good enough mash and strong moonshine, it is recommended to take 4 liters of water and 100 grams of alcoholic pressed yeast for every kilogram of sugar .

moonshine made from sugar and yeast
Initially, you need to prepare sugar syrup for mash, since sugar can have many microbes, which are extremely undesirable to get into the final product. To prepare it, you need to take distilled water and sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, mix all this and bring to a boil. You need to boil the syrup at a temperature of 90 degrees for half an hour, constantly removing the resulting foam. Then you need to add citric acid to the resulting liquid. This must be done so that the fermentation process is much faster.

Water for cooking mash must be clean. It is better to take a purified spring, which must be given at least a couple of days so that it settles down, and then filter it. Boiling water is strictly prohibited, as this reduces the amount of oxygen, which is simply necessary for normal fermentation.

You can take Belarusian yeast for making mash, as they are great for baking, and alcohol is obtained in high quality. Before adding to the mash, the yeast must be diluted with warm water and part of the sugar syrup.

The remaining sugar syrup for the mash must be filled with purified water, and then add the diluted yeast. Additionally, you can add potatoes grated on a fine grater and crumbled rye bread to the bowl. The wort will need to be transferred to a warm place so that the temperature throughout the entire fermentation time is 28-31 degrees. To do this, the container containing the must must be wrapped with a blanket or use special heat-insulating materials.

Mash should roam for 48-80 hours, and all this time you need to control the temperature of the wort, since the yeast also generates heat, and if it is above 35 degrees, then you need to cool the mixture a little. Every 12 hours, the mash should be mixed for 1 minute to remove carbon dioxide.

Lightening and degassing mash

Before proceeding with the distillation of mash, it is necessary to determine its readiness, as well as to carry out degassing and clarification. There are certain indicators of product readiness, namely:

  • carbon dioxide ceases to be released;
  • the top layer began to lighten;
  • yeast precipitates;
  • the taste of mash became bitter acid and sugar ceased to be felt;
  • alcohol is felt in the wort.

The process of degassing mash must be carried out in order for the moonshine made from sugar and yeast to have very good taste. Initially, you need to remove the insulation and let the braga stand for 24 hours in the cold. Yeast during this time will precipitate, after which the clarified mash must be drained through a rubber tube. White clay is suitable for clarification, but it must be cleaned and free from odors. It must be mixed with water until a mushy state and add to the mash. Lightening occurs within 15-30 hours, after which the product becomes completely transparent, and there is no unpleasant yeast smell. You need to drain the mash through a tube to separate the precipitate, and immediately you can start distillation.

Distillation of sugar mash

If sugar mash was properly prepared, the proportions were all observed, then the result should be a good natural product without a sweetish aftertaste. When everything is ready, you can begin to distill. To do this, put the mash on a small fire and wait until the first drops of the finished product flow. The collected first 100-200 grams are better to pour, as they can be hazardous to health.

20 g sugar mash
After that, you need to collect the middle fraction of moonshine. This should be done until the strength of the product drops below 40%. Then you need to collect the remaining moonshine. You can’t drink it, since this product contains a lot of fusel oils, but you can use it in the preparation of the next batch of mash to increase strength and improve taste.

Moonshine from sugar and dry yeast

To get a good sugar mash, the proportions on dry yeast must be observed very accurately. To make moonshine, you will need simple and affordable ingredients for everyone. The classic proportions for the preparation of this drink are:

  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • dry baking yeast - 50 g;
  • prepared water - 3 l.

Many people with significant experience in moonshining recommend additionally adding 10 grams of citric acid to this composition. The process of making moonshine mash consists of several stages. The yield of the final product depends on several different factors. In particular, this process is largely influenced by:

  • moonshine design;
  • quality and composition of ingredients;
  • temperature at which fermentation took place.

As a basis, you can take the average yield of the finished product. In particular, to get a very high-quality sugar mash, the proportions should be as follows:

  • sugar - 3 kg;
  • dry yeast - 150 g;
  • pure water - 9 l.

To make the mash, you must first prepare the sugar syrup, and dilute the yeast with water to pass the quenching process. Then you need to mix everything thoroughly and put in a warm place for 1-2 weeks for fermentation. When the sugar mash fermented and gained the required strength, you can immediately begin the distillation process. It is carried out in several stages, namely:

  • first distillation;
  • alcohol purification;
  • second distillation;
  • breeding and sedimentation.

It is very important to follow the sequence of production and distillation of moonshine, so that you can get a really high-quality product that meets all the requirements.

Features of the preparation of sugar mash

sugar syrup for mash
To make good and high-quality moonshine, sugar mash is widely used. The proportions table will help to calculate in accordance with the number of products produced.

Sugar, kg

Water, l

Yeast, g

Tare volume





























To prepare mash, you can use large containers for food. For greater taste and aroma, raisins can be added. 5 liters of water need about a handful of product. To make the mash of good quality and provide continuous fermentation, it is best to use alcoholic yeast or you can replace them with dry ones.

Wheat moonshine with yeast

Many are interested in how to make moonshine from wheat and what tastes the final product will have. Wheat moonshine is considered one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, as it is different in taste and the cooking process does not take much time.

how to make moonshine from wheat
Mash of wheat is prepared for no more than 2 weeks, and the technology for its preparation is quite simple, and even a novice moonshiner can easily cope with it. Moonshine made from wheat is very simple to prepare, and it is not necessary to sprout grains and prepare sourdough, you can simply add yeast.

To make mash, you will need such ingredients as:

  • wheat grains - 8 kg;
  • water - 35 l;
  • sugar - 10 kg;
  • yeast - 250 g.

Initially, you need to prepare wheat, carefully sorting out the grains. If desired, they can be ground to flour. Prepared wheat should be poured with 5 liters of water, add 2 kg of sugar and 150-200 g of yeast. Close the container tightly and leave for 5 days in a dark place. After 5 days, add all remaining ingredients, mix and leave for another 1 week. After the mash clarifies and the fermentation process stops, you need to drain it so that the sediment turns out at the bottom. Knowing how to make moonshine from wheat, you can get a strong and tasty enough alcoholic drink.

Braga needs to be distilled twice to get pure moonshine, ready for use.

Wheat moonshine without yeast

You can make moonshine from wheat without yeast, the taste of which is particularly soft, despite the fact that this drink takes much longer to prepare. To prepare mash for a volume of 38 liters, you need to use the following ingredients:

  • water - 35 liters;
  • wheat - 10 kg;
  • sugar - 10 kg.

To make moonshine from wheat without yeast turned out to be tasty, soft, without an extraneous smell and taste, you need to take only previously purified water, and wheat should be of high grade and not treated with chemicals.

wheat moonshine without yeast
Before preparing the wort, you need to sort out the wheat grains, removing the husk and foreign objects, then rinse them with running water. To get high-quality mash, wheat needs to be sprouted. As soon as the sprouts appear, add 2 kg of sugar and mix well. Leave the mixture for several days.

When the leaven is ready, you need to transfer it to the container, add the remaining sugar and water. Leave the mash for a week in a warm place. After preparing the product, you need to separate it from the precipitate, as described above, and distill the moonshine.


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